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27 April, 2014

Collecting...Country French Style

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Collecting...Country French StyleI am excited to join our Country French design group this month to share my thoughts on collecting…Country French style! You may already know that I love France and all things French, having taught French for many years, and that I love plates. Soooo…I think it is easy to see that a collection of French Quimper pottery was the obvious choice for me!

I have even visited the HB Henriot factory in Quimper in the lovely Breton region of France, an experience that I will never forget! But finding Quimper pottery here in the United States is not always easy, especially since I am a collector by happenstance...a treasure hunter.

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper CollectionI want to discover my treasures in the corner of a little antique shop or hiding among a collection of totally unrelated items at a flea market. I want them to surprise me and make me squeal with delight when I see them! Silly, I know, but that’s how I like to collect…so that each piece has a memory attached to it.

I love seeing my little couples in their traditional Breton costumes all stacked haphazardly on my hutch. I even love the broken pieces that someone lovingly mended. You can read about my biggest Quimper flea market haul here.

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper CollectionBut I realized that I had another tendency when my just barely three-year-old grandson looked up from his lunch and spied my little vintage Breton candlestick couple and casually said “Mom and Dad.” Whaaat? I asked him to repeat it. Yes, I had heard him right. And I realized…not only do I insist on finding my treasures, they must always be in pairs!

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper Collection Well, of course, you must buy a pair for salt and pepper shakers. That just makes sense!

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper CollectionAnd how can you not buy a pair of egg cups? Who can separate the little couple…leave her without her little man? After all, they are looking at each other! Sometimes she’s on the right…

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper Collectionand sometimes she’s on the left…

ICONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper Collection and sometimes he’s ignoring her completely, but they must always be together if at all possible. Why is that a problem? Because you can’t buy just one! (This couple, by the way, occupies my favorite plates...bought at the brocante in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France during my retirement trip to France.)

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper Collection Occasionally, she has already lost her little man and I buy her so she won’t be lonely.

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper Collection Or sometimes he’s the one who has lost his mate, so he comes home with me so he won’t be alone. (You can see how I made those vintage-look French fairy tale book covers here.)

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Vintage Quimper Collection And then they join the little Quimper party on the hutch! Baby Kitty thinks I am totally insane. He says they are just plates and they don’t have feelings! And in my head I know that, but still…I can’t leave one of them behind! Could you? Are you a treasure hunter like me, too?

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT My Favorite Tips  for Adding French Country StyleAnd just in case you missed it…last time I shared some of my favorite tips for creating Country French style in your home. You will find them here.

COUNTRY FRENCH DESIGN BUTTON Be sure to join our design group on the last Sunday of each month. I am so thrilled to have be included with these very talented bloggers! And check out this month’s tips from my fellow francophiles:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed seeing my Quimper collection! Please visit these wonderful bloggers and their beautiful blogs to see what they are up to and to find a list of this week’s participants!
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See you next time! À la prochaine!
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  1. Debbie, you do have a fabulous collection. So glad you got to visit where it's made. I think the candlesticks are so cute.

  2. I love your Quimper, Debbie. I've read every one of the related posts, in binge style, loving your zest for the hunt. I can see why the couple from your retirement trip are your favorites - unique.

  3. I'm reading your post as I sit in your oh-so-lovely home. You have a fabulous collection of Quimper pottery and it is displayed so prettily on your breakfast room hutch. What a treat it has been to spend some time with you!

  4. I know what you mean about collecting by happenstance. I love your "couples" pottery. If I ever see any of it, I'll be sure to see if they are together!

  5. Debbie, I have always admired your beautiful collection of Quimper wonderful it must have been to visit the factory....

  6. Oh, Debbie, what a wonderful post! You have captured my feelings about collecting, perfectly! Your dishes are like pieces of individual art, and each one tells a story. I remember when I found a spoon in an antique store that immediately took me back to my childhood kitchen. I was on the hunt! Every time I'd go antiquing I'd look for the silver pattern. My husband, seeing my happiness at finding my Mom's silver pattern, found an entire set on E-Bay and got it for me as a surprise! But, ironically, I was disappointed (he never knew!). I LOVED "the hunt" and surprise when a knife or fork or spoon would peek out from a silverware bin in a store. So, I do know how the thrill of collecting. Good luck with your hunt for your precious Quimper pottery. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. Debbie, ins't wonderful when we run into pieces that we love to collect?! Your Quimper French pottery is gorgeous and I love what you got in pairs...I too love paired things!

  8. Your collection is wonderful and makes me want to search out other Quimper treasures. My little lug bowl that I found in Paris is one of treasures I am so happy to have! You taught me about Quimper so I even knew what I was looking at!
    hugs, Linda

  9. I love your Quimper collection! And how lucky are you to have visited the factory!

  10. A lovely collection Debbie. I smiled that you brought a suddenly single home so she will not be lonely. She is too lovely to leave alone. :)

  11. Debbie, it goes without saying that I enjoyed this post. It's fun to see your Q collection, and like you, I enjoy the treasure hunt. Most of my pieces were found in France, a few purchased at antique shows or markets here in the states, and then there is always the sale at the Annual QCI Meeting. It will be held in Nice next September. Wish you would go. '-)
    Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying all the posts on Collecting Country French Style.

  12. I love your description of finding a piece and your excitement! The true sign of a serious treasure hunter :) Your collection is beautiful


  13. So darling!! I love the collection, and your commentary was cracking me up. Yes I too talk as if my things have feelings. I totally get that.

  14. Debbie,
    Your amazing Quimper Collection is growing, quite nicely, dear friend!!!
    I agree, if you can find "pairs" why not!
    With some of my collections, I can only find "one". . .but that's what makes the hunt a "thrill"!
    One never knows what another days "hunt" might bring, correct?
    Handome Baby Kitty must be giving his paw of approval!!!
    Just look at his precious face!

  15. Marvelous collection of Quimper pieces. I can appreciate your dedication and zeal in the thrill of the hunt. You never know what you will find next. The only thing a collector knows for sure is if you are not looking, you are not finding. Good luck in the hunt!

  16. I always drool over your lovely Quimper collection!

  17. Great blog post, beautiful Quimper and you express exactly what fun collecting can be!


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie