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About My Staff

The staff here at Plate Addict plays a very important role…and they know it! Without their interest and enthusiasm, this blog would not be possible! Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I introduce them to you!

First, of course, is our CEO Ozzie! She is a very special staff member, since she accompanied me during my stay in France and speaks French. How do I know? When I  call Minou, Minou, Minou (French for Kitty, Kitty Kitty), she is the only one who answers! She has been on the staff longer than any of the other members. She is a 17 year old long-haired tortoiseshell of no particular breed, although we suspect she may be part Maine Coon because of her bird-like chirping meow and her special fondness for her beautiful tail. She does not tolerate any nonsense from the rest of the staff and serves as a perfect leader. She is the only member of our staff who did not come in from the streets, which, according to her, makes her very special.

Next is our co-host, Baby Kitty. He was found in the neighbor’s driveway, abandoned at birth by his mom, a feral cat. He was  bottle-fed around the clock by management and grew up to be quite a handsome fellow. He is our only staff member whose birthday we know…July 23rd...and will celebrate his 12th birthday this year. I am often asked how I get him to pose so nicely, as he likes to do in almost every post. The answer is…he is a ham! As soon as he sees that I am setting up a shot and taking out the camera, he jumps into the middle of whatever is being photographed and strikes a pose! He is an avid golfer and is currently working on his Grand DiplĂ´me from Le Cordon Bleu Paris in hopes of starting his own cooking show!

Then there is Isabella, our resident beauty queen and super model! She prefers that this be kept a secret, but she was actually discovered in Lowe’s parking lot at six weeks of age, all alone. She is a 9 year old calico (our youngest staff member) with beautiful green eyes and perhaps the most expressive face I have ever seen on a cat…but don’t tell her I said so! She is an extremely vocal young lady, expressing herself on almost every subject! She is, however, developing…er…a spreading waistline due to her overly enthusiastic interest in food!

And finally, meet Kitty, a rather shy young lady who prefers to remain in the background out of the spotlight. She loves to pose as decor, often sitting perfectly still among the accessories on the table tops. She is, however, the most observant of the staff…noticing the goings-on in the backyard, while the others are busy elsewhere. She alone, for example, knows that a chipmunk lives below the birdfeeder in the garden. She came to live with us 16 years ago after a mysterious injury left her literally at our front door. She loves to sit in my lap. In fact, I can hardly sit down without having her insist on sharing a few moments with me.

And that’s our staff here at Plate Addict! Thanks so much for taking the time to find out a little bit about them! They appreciate your interest and hope that you enjoy the part they play on my blog!