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16 November, 2019

Elegant Pottery Barn Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape

I am so excited because Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is less than two weeks away! I love it because it's one of the few times that I get to have my extended family all together around one table. And while I am not hosting this year, I have set a smaller, more intimate but still elegant table for my immediate family since that's who I will actually be with on Thanksgiving Day.

14 November, 2019

4 Elements of a Christmas Mantel and Some Inspiration

Now that November has arrived, my mind is turning to decorating for Christmas! Always first and foremost in my mind is the mantel because, for me, it sets my theme for the holidays and gives me a direction for the rest of my decor. So I thought I would share my thought process with you and also show you a few of my past mantels for a little inspiration!

06 November, 2019

Five Favorite Thanksgiving Tablescapes

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Five Favorite Thanksgiving TablescapesWow! Have you realized that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away? It's time for me to get my mojo on and start planning! Sooo... I decided to take a look at five of my favorite tablescapes for a little turkey day inspiration! And I had a realization...they all have three things in common! Check them out and see if you can spot them!

27 October, 2019

Fall Tablescape with Magnolia Inspired Serving Board

I've had so much fun creating and sharing this year's Halloween decor that I haven't yet shared something very special to fall tablescape! As Halloween is winding down and Thanksgiving is approaching, it's time to focus on prettier things! :-) And just what makes this year's tablescape so special?

22 October, 2019

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Galvanized Jack-o'-Lantern

I'm still enjoying a little Halloween DIY-ing here but this one will be my last for this year. It was inspired by a galvanized Jack-o'-lantern that I spied at Pottery Barn...but theirs was $40. :-( It actually went on sale but with no shipping allowed (?) and was not available anywhere near me. My only choice...create my own. And I have to say that mine cost absolutely nothing since I already had everything in my stash!

17 October, 2019

Halloween Cookie Jar Makeover

I have a fun makeover to share today...but it didn't really start out to be anything along those lines! I'm going to be honest here. I've spent the last few years trying on now-stylish muted colors for fall but I have to confess that I have missed the bright colors. So this year I have been embracing  traditional jack-o'lanterns, black cats, bats and orange and black for Halloween....and loving it!

08 October, 2019

Halloween Mantel with DIY Mantel Scarf

I am always excited to share my projects with you but this one is really special! I have been eyeing Halloween mantel scarves for two years and I have honestly debated about just ordering one. But I knew I wanted one to custom fit my mantel plus I was not sure what the fabric would look like in person. Sooo....I finally bit the bullet and made my own! And...I LOVE it!

29 September, 2019

DIY BOO Marquee Letters

I've got a super-easy DIY to share with you and I am excited because it's going to be part of my Halloween mantel! It's coming together bit by bit and I can't wait to show it to you when it's finished. I know it's going be my favorite Halloween mantel ever! But in the meantime, I am sharing the components as I finish them.