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My Project Gallery

Welcome to my project gallery! Here you will find photo links to over 150 different projects! Feel free to pin all you like! Any graphics that I have used to create the projects are included in the tutorials and are free for you to use! I have organized them by category to make them more accessible. You will find that some of them are repeated since they fit into more than one. Previous users will find that I have reworked the gallery to make it more accessible and less cumbersome. Just click on the category title to be taken to the photo gallery. Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy!

  • COPY CAT PROJECTS...Love Pottery Barn, Wisteria, Ballard Designs and all of those designers but don't want to pay the big bucks? Then check out my copy cat projects...all the looks without the price tag!  
  • FRENCH-INSPIRED PROJECTS...Lots of easy and inexpensive ways to add a vintage French look to your home!
  • SPRING AND SUMMER PROJECTS...Fun and easy ideas for creating everything from pillows and wreaths to festive holiday touches for Easter and the patriotic holidays!
  • FALL AND HALLOWEEN...Easy and inexpensive ideas for adding seasonal touches to your home including wreaths and no-sew pillows along with fun fabric and no-carve pumpkins
  • CHRISTMAS AND WINTER PROJECTS...Fun and inexpensive ideas for decorating your mantel, including handmade wreaths and stockings, along with pillows, candles and a beautiful easy-to-make snow village for pennies!
  • VALENTINE PROJECTS...As always, easy and inexpensive ideas for that special holiday with a vintage look.