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18 March, 2019

The Final Scoop

Hi everyone and welcome to the final edition of The Scoop! It is with mixed feelings that we make this announcement...bittersweet to see our party end and miss seeing you, our friends, every week but with anticipation of the new ventures that lie ahead. I have enjoyed so much having the opportunity to share this time with Anita, Suzy and Yvonne and to be able to share your creativity, too! So one last us what you've brought to the party!

Welcome to the FINAL Scoop! 

Please read below for an important announcement

The Scoop is the weekly party featuring the scoop on the best from around the web!
 We are
Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court 
Our host this week is Anita @ Cedar Hill Farmhouse
Dear friends, we appreciate you so much and you are the secret ingredient that has made the scoop so very special. The first scoop went live over 7 years ago! Can you believe that? I have loved being a part of the Scoop since the very beginning and I love my co-hosts Debbie, Yvonne and Suzy!!!! But the time has come to end the Scoop. All of the hosts have so much going on in their lives and I'm very busy with our podcast and our online bespoke decor store. We jointly decided that the time has come to bring it to an end. This linky party began in the days before Pinterest and Instagram. Linky parties really were the best place to find new blogs, but now there are so many great places for you to find fabulous content so they aren't as important as they once were. That said, let's enjoy the last scoop party!!!

Do you listen to our podcast? The hottest episodes are

Here is what your hosts are up to this week. 

And now, on to the features for this week... 

Now, one last time, show us what you've got!

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  1. I'm so sad to see the Link Party end...but I do understand that they are a lot of work. I invite your readers to link up at my two link parties on my on Mondays and one on Fridays. Thank you!

  2. Sad to see the end of the party but I do understand the time it takes to host one!! Thanks for hosting all this time!!

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and inspirations from "The Scoop" link parties! We will truly miss you all!

  4. Thanks for hosting each week. I'm sorry to see The Scoop end. While I certainly understand the time commitment needed to host the party each week, I find that the majority of my readers find me through the parties I link to.

  5. Oh how sad to see this great and inspiring go, but I thank you all ladies for hosting it each week for us, I have enjoyed it for many years, you are all so gracious and nice and have put so much effort to make it successful as it is; very hard work indeed.
    I'm sorry I was never featured here so I can keep your button, but joining was terrific.
    Wishing you all many blessings.

  6. GREAT party as always, just sorry it will be the last. Thank you for the inspiring ideas and recipes. Have a WONDERFUL week.

  7. Debbie,
    It is with a heavy heart I link my last blog post to The Scoop. From the days of Cowgirl Up I have loved connecting with all of you each week at your linky party. I will miss this connection. Thank you for hosting all these years and for featuring Botanic Bleu over the years.

    Best wishes to all of you in your other activities. The blogging world is enriched by all four of you with your contributions.


  8. I too have been around since Cowgirl Up:@) Thanks for everything Debbie and best of luck with your new projects!

  9. Well, I am SO sad about this! Maybe some of your Scoopers will come on over to Homestyle Gathering? I can only hope and pray! (I linked an HG post... hope that was okay). Totally understand your changes though. Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess, Debbie! Going to send best wishes to everyone else, too! Hugs!


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