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17 June, 2011

My Favorite Street in Paris: Rue Cler

320 Can it be that it’s over now? My ten-year-old grandson and I are back from the trip to Paris we have been planning for five years! But we did bring back lots of wonderful memories and photographs so we will never forget our time there. I want to share with you my favorite little street in Paris…Rue Cler. It’s a little pedestrian street, only a few blocks long, not far from the Eiffel Tower. It is a wonderful area to use as your headquarters if you ever get a chance to go!

352 It is a French teacher’s dream! If only I could have taken my class here when we did the chapter on the shops in France because it has everything…so very Parisian! Of course, it has the obligatory sidewalk cafés…several of them!

Bread butter jam2 We had the traditional French breakfast of bread, butter and jam at the café every morning and watched the people pass by. My grandson especially enjoyed seeing the parents walking their little children to school, since it was still in session there. As for me, I think I could have a café crème and a croissant every day for the rest of my life and never be tired of it…

313 …but my grandson wanted something else, so he tried the only other breakfast choice on the menu…l’oeuf à la coque…a soft boiled egg…and was not a fan! lol It was pretty, though!

322 After breakfast, we would wander around on Rue Cler for a few moments before heading off for sightseeing. There are several fresh fruit and vegetable stands…

333 …with wonderful displays of beautiful fruit…

334 …and sometimes unusual vegetables, such as this white asparagus.

343 My grandson loved checking out the seafood market with the day’s offerings staring back at us…

345 …as well as an assortment of oddities such as this pile of octopuses…uhmmm…octopi?

338 You will find several flower shops as well, some offering more plants…

321 …and others more fresh cut flowers. Gotta love those sunflowers!

341  We had dinner one evening at this crêperie housed in a former boucherie chevaline…horse meat butcher shop. Although the idea is repulsive to most Americans, you have to admit that the hand-painted sign is a work of art! I am happy that the new owner decided to leave it as is.

325 There is also a traditional butcher shop, offering rotisserie chicken…yummy! Why is theirs so much better than ours?

347 Only in France, where there are over 400 recognized varieties of cheese, could you have a whole shop dedicated to fromage…cheese!

346 I had to stop by and at least visit my favorite every day…roquefort! I can eat it straight! Yum!

351 Of course, a little French street must have a wine shop! I love how they have displayed it in the baskets out front.

315 There was also a candy shop featuring chocolates made on the premises. I love their sign!

317 The display window was filled with chocolate cell phones and golf clubs for la Fête des Pères…Father’s Day…on the same day as ours!

326 This is my favorite sign on Rue Cler…and one of my favorite shops as well! It’s a boulangerie…a bakery specializing in bread.

327 But they also sold pastries! Needless to say, we hit this one several times!

337 The oldest building in Rue Cler houses a deli. Not only is there an offering of wonderful food to go…

335 …but a peek at Paris in the early 1800s with its two garret windows on the roof!

339 Ahhhh! Now you know I lingered in front of this window each day! This shop specializes in table linens from Provence!

340 There was even a table runner version of my favorite yellow and blue table square that I bought in Fontaine de Vaucluse several years ago!

352 Let’s end our walk down Rue Cler where we began…at a sidewalk café! I think I am ready for another café crème before we start our day of visiting Paris and I always enjoy the traditional Parisian pastime of people watching. Won’t you join us?
If you are planning a trip, a good source for information about the Rue Cler area is Rick Steves' guide book Paris 2011. I used it so much that by the end of our stay, my grandson was joking…Does Rick Steves recommend that we sit on this bench? lol

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Thanks so much for stopping by! See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Oh Wow Debbie. You must have had such a wonderful time with your grandson in your favorite city.I am sure he will never forget this trip and of course he will go back one day. And I agree coffee and croissants for breakfast is super.And I love those croissants with chocolate in them.Had to laugh about your grandsons soft boiled egg hihi. You know Paris is so much like our country with the fruitstalls and flowershops on the street. And the terrace café's. We have so many here in every city you can imagine. I loved all your photo's. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a good day.

  2. Hi Debbie, What a wonderful post! And your photographs are beautiful. We stayed in an Apartment just around the corner from Rue Lepic, another wonderful shopping street. I will be searching out your favorite street in Paris this September...the shop with the tablecloths did it.

  3. Ah, Debbie, c'est formidable! Hier soir j'ai regardé mes photos et malheureusement, je n'en ai pas pris beaucoup (à rue Cler)....mais j'en ai une avec M.Steves et un autre homme qui j'ai vue en deux occasions (1996 et 1997). Alors à lundi....nous pouvons immaginer que nous cherchons au grand marché aux puces à Clingacourt (sp?) Linda

  4. How I miss Paris!! I haven't been in years, but it is one of my very favorite places. Lovely photos of what looks like an incredible trip.

  5. What a wonderful tour Debbie, it makes me think that if I only get to Paris for an afternoon (someday) I could experience Paris in a nutshell on Rue Cler:)

  6. Sigh...I never met a cheese I didn't like!! Wonderful pics - thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh Debbie, I am just drooling over everything. What a beautiful street full of eye candy. I can not wait to go to Paris and you are being a perfect guide, I can not wait to see more pictures, I love touring with you,Kathysue

  8. I feel like I got to go with you! Thanks for the wonderful photos and commentary! I am so happy for you and your grandson. What a wonderful dream come true trip!

  9. Debbie, next you'll have to plan a trip to France as a guide so we can all go along.What wonderful pictures and I know your grandson will remember this trip as one of the highlights of his young life!

    xoxoxo, Bonnie

  10. Debbie this is my dream trip and now I'm going via your photographs! Gorgeous. Doubt if I ever make it to Paris but I can dream! Looking forward to more photos and descriptions! hugs, Linda

  11. thanks for the tour. This is probably as close to the real thing as I will ever get. I love the pictures of the food, so beautiful and so much passion. We see a little of that in the streets of new York City. I am going to hold onto you're images in my mind and hope some day I can be there for real!!! Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old historic House

  12. Oh wow! I bet they are more healthy than Americans! We have very little fresh fruit and veggie stands around here. Looks like you all had a blast!

  13. Thanks for the stroll along Rue Cler...the marketplace and the fromage shop would have been my favorite to the chickens, they aren't filled with antibiotics and things you can't pronounce! The white tastes even better than it looks...yummy! I am so happy you are taking us on these tours, Debbie.

  14. This looks like so much fun, Debbie!! I felt like I could just step into one of your pictures. It's everything I imagine Paris to be! I'm so glad you had fun with your grandson and look forward to more pictures!


  15. Thanks for taking me along for a tour! I truly enjoy the baked goods!

  16. Debbie, you know I smiled as I scrolled down to read through this post. In fact, I took a couple of strolls down Rue Cler with you today and forwarded this on to my friend who often travels with me to Paris and the little apartment on Rue Cler. Sigh!
    Thank you for sharing these images. My favorite street too! ~ sarah

  17. Pictures 21 & 22 are my favorite. I love to see the windows above stores decorated with flowers. So gorgeous. What a great time you must have had. Good memories I'm sure. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  18. Oh Debbie, such great pictures and what a wonderful time you two had. I would have loved to be there too. Sounds like such fun. I am sure he is talking non stop about this trip. Hugs, marty

  19. Debbie, I am so glad you and your grandson had a wonderful trip and it sounds like the two of you enjoyed the French food! The shop of French linens...oh my. Thanks for the wonderful photos and the tour.

  20. Hi Debbie, I so loved all the pictures of Paris. I have wanted to go there for years, and years. Alas, I am now 64 yrs. old and the prospect of me ever getting to France is nil. However, I truly enjoyed all the wonderful photos and especially the restaurants, and the Provence linens..sigh.....

  21. What a great tour you give, Debbie! So many great shops. One right after the other. Fantastic.

  22. Oh, I want those french pastries!!!!!
    And what beautiful market and cafe' photos too. What a wonderful Grandma you are! Have a great weekend, Mary :O)

  23. Debbie, That was a tour to rival Rick Steves! You should have your own tv program. Great photos and the pastries and white asparagas... yum. We used to get white asparagas (Spargel) in Germany. Delicious. How wonderful to see all the French table linens too. What a tour...thanks again,

  24. It looks like this trip was well worth the 5 year wait. I would want to eat my way down Rue Cler. :o)

  25. Debbie, your photos are wonderful! You really captured the atmosphere of the street with your camera. And oh, I am drooling over those pastries! Of course, I'm also drooling over the table linens! What a wonderful trip for you and your grandson. This will be something he will be talking about for the rest of his life! laurie

  26. Oh Debbie, the whole post is simple delish to look at! I know your had a wonderful trip.

    If you have time, please drop by. My current post is on St Malo.

  27. I just stumbled across your blog - love all the posts on Paris!! I got to go in March and we stayed in the Rue Cler area and loved it. I can't wait to go back - I'm with you, a cafe creme and a croissant for breakfast every day would be heaven.


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