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30 June, 2011

Paris in Seven Days: Monet's Garden and the Palace of Versailles

086 It’s day three of my Parisian adventure with my ten-year-old grandson, in case you are following along…and we will not be in Paris today! This is the most important day of our trip…the whole reason we came to France! Today we head to Giverny…to see Monet’s garden! You may remember that I promised my grandson this visit when he was five and became a big fan of Monet thanks to a wonderful art teacher! I have booked a minibus tour for this special day.

082Even though the skies were overcast, the gardens did not disappoint! My grandson tried out his skills with his new camera…with results I will show you in a moment!

IMG_0532At last we get to see the water lilies! We had seen them on canvas when they made a stop in Atlanta almost exactly two years ago…but nothing compares to seeing Monet’s water garden in person…

IMG_0542 …or seeing the Japanese bridge and its reflection…an impressionist painting even in real life!

090 Next, we head to the flower garden with its wonderful roses in full bloom…

IMG_0508 …and get a little peek beyond those famous arches…

IMG_0549 …at Monet’s wonderful pink house with the green shutters!

121 Then we walk to the other side of the little village to visit Monet’s grave…away from all of the tourists who do not seem to know that he is there, surrounded by his loving family. (Photo by my grandson)

mill We head back to the minibus and stop for lunch along the way…here, at Le Moulin de Fourges! Isn’t it charming? They say it was constructed by the builders of Marie Antoinette’s little hamlet at Versailles! One of the best things about the tour is that the guide/driver takes back roads through the French country side and little villages! I want my grandson to see that side of France, too…not just Paris!

trogchurch We pass through Haute-Isle, where there is a Troglodyte village with homes carved into the rocks...and even a Troglodyte church that has been there since the 1600s!

123 Then we reach our next destination…the Palace of Versailles! The gilded gates, formerly admitting royalty into the courtyard, now admit tourists like us! (Photo by my grandson)
 124 Can you imagine magnificent carriages rolling across these cobblestones? (Photo by my grandson)

DB7E9958-944F-D99B-C472-31E0286602D0File The highlight once inside the palace is, of course, the Hall of Mirrors! I have snitched this photo from the official site of the Palace of Versailles so that you can actually see it instead of a sea of tourists! I know my grandson will read about it in history one day and he can say that the has been there!

142From the windows of the palace, we can see the magnificent gardens with the town of Versailles in the distance. It’s a strange contrast…this fabulous icon of French history sprouting up in the middle of a modern town! (Photo by my grandson)

0005_jardin35 And…we can see from the windows that the fountains are working today…something I have never seen before in my several trips to Versailles! Unfortunately, by the time we got to the gardens, the display was over. :-(  However, classical music was still playing…giving us a feeling that if we looked closely enough, we might see the Sun King himself..Louis XIV...and his entourage disappearing around the corner! What a wonderful day…one I will never forget…but then I seem to say that about each day of our adventure!
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In case you want to follow along, here is my plan for visiting Paris in seven days! I am linking each of the seven days as I complete the posts.
Day One…All about Eiffel! Eiffel Tower/ Champ de Mars park and play area
Day TwoSightseeing by Subway! Arc de Triomphe/ Montmarte/ Sacré-Coeur
Day ThreeMonsieur Monet, I Presume (and a lot of Louis)! Giverny/ Versailles minibus tour
Day FourThe Cradle of Paris! La Sainte Chapelle/ la Conciergerie/ Notre Dame/ Latin Quarter/ the book stalls/ ice cream on Ile St. Louis/ the bâteau mouche on the Seine
Day FiveArt Museum Madness…Plus Play in the Park! Louvre/ Tuileries Garden/ l’Orangerie/ Musée d’Orsay
Day SixA Phantom, a Fountain and Some History! Opéra Garnier/ Pompidou Center/ Carnavalet Museum
Day Seven…A Tomb, a Tank and a Tower! Napoleon’s Tomb and the Musée de l’Armée at les Invalides/ Eiffel Tower at night
Thanks so much for stopping by! See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Great post! And great photos! I really want to go to Monet's gardens, but have yet to get there. Indy would love to go.
    We did Versailles on day 3 of our quick 4 day trip. I'll be posting that day soon. I just posted day 1.

  2. How gorgeous, Debbie and your grandson is quite the photographer. Have a great 4th!

  3. Breathtaking views... thanks for sharing your intimate views of the beauty that is France!

    blessings. Dixie

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with us! Your grandson is quite the photographer. When my daughter was in 6th grade her history teacher kept referring to the Treaty of "Ver Sail EES" until my daughter corrected her!!!

  5. I love this post! What gorgeous photos you and your Grandson took! Love Monet's gardens. Thanks for taking us with you on the tour!

  6. All my trips to France and I have never made it to Giverny! Your pictures are wonderful. Always love seeing the hall of mirrors and walking the gardens.

  7. Another wonderful day Debbie. Your grandson is quite the photographer already, great photo's he made. I love seeing all your photo's of whatever you want to show us of your trip. See you next time.

  8. It' all wonderful...I'd love to se Monet's garden someday! Your grandson took excellent pictures. He is going to have such incredible memories, thanks to you!


  9. Debbie, The day we planned to go to Giverny it was raining so we skipped the trip. Next time it is on my "must see" list. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  10. Deb my mouth is still hanging open in Aaaaaah!!!! mode! Omgosh, the hall of mirrors is like nothing I have ever seen, I can not wait to see it in person. I can tell this is going to be one place among many that I will want to absorb as much of the architecture and amazing details as I can absorb. Thank you so much for taking us along with you and your sweet grandson, xo Kathysue

  11. Fantastic photos, Debbie....even GSon's was good! Especially love Versailles - so beautiful. I'd hate to have to clean all the crystal in the Hall of Mirrors! Linda

  12. You and your grandson captured some great shots. I have been to Giverny 3 times and look forward to someday returning. And Versailles! Love it.
    Just saw Midnight in Paris last night, so your post is very timely. Have you read the Paris Wife? Hemingway's wife and life in Paris during the 20's A great read!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I'm homesick for Paris now! ~Delores

  13. Gorgeous pictures and fantastic information too! We are planning a trip this time next year and my Aunt told me to check out your blog. I love all the information and have bookmarked to come back and study further!

  14. what an awesome trip for you and your grandson...he really takes great photos...

  15. Oh, Be still my heart! What a wonderful garden to share with your grandson. I love Monet. Your grandson is great with his new camera. The pictures are very professional. I would love to visit France!
    Blessing My Friend,

  16. What a wonderful post, it made me tear up...traveling to France with your doesn't get much more special than that. I look forward to reading about your trip.

  17. Debbie -- I've enjoyed "our" trip to France! I know that you must have been thrilled to share this with your grandson. Thanks for your sweet visit to my post with our grandgirls -- isn't being a Grandmother the best?

  18. Hi Debbie! :) I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be to see these sites in person AND to have the pleasure of taking your grandson along this time!! What memories you two are making! Oh it's just wonderful all the way around. I so enjoyed seeing glimpses of France through your pictures and your little guy. Tell him he is doing a GREAT job with photos.

    Enjoy EVERY minute!!


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