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17 July, 2011

Paris in Seven Days: Art Museum Madness and Play in the Park!

Louvre It’s day five of our adventure in Paris for my ten-year-old grandson and me…and today is art museum day! Armed with my Paris museum pass, which allows us to hit as many as we wish on the list and cut to the front of the line, we head out! I have big plans for today, starting  at the Louvre
 202 …entering through the famous glass pyramid designed by Chinese American architect I.M. Pei. I love the way the French like to juxtapose the ultra modern with the classic and traditional! And yet…somehow, it works!

196 Of course, we head straight for the must-sees and jostle our way to the front to have a peek at the Mona Lisa…then check out Winged Victory and Venus de Milo!
 186 Then off to the Egyptian exhibit, where we spent most of our time and I took lots of photos of…

staff2 …hmmmm…

189 …it seems I was missing my staff! (But don’t tell them about the cat mummies! I don’t think they would understand!)

tuileries The Louvre requires a lot of walking, but fortunately, a wonderful park is located right behind it…the Tuileries Gardens! We found a statue with a funny hat and had a picnic lunch…ham and cheese on a baguette with my grandson’s new favorite drink…Orangina!

Sandwich Andrew style He happily demonstrates his unusual method for eating a French sandwich!

218 - Copy Next stop…the Orangerie…located at the far end of the gardens and just a short walk from the Louvre.  It features a fabulous display of eight of Monet’s huge water lily panels arranged in two oval rooms topped by sky lights, as originally planned by Monet himself!  You have the feeling of actually being at Monet’s water garden…spectacular!

Monet up close It was fun to get a close up look at the water lilies on canvas after seeing them in person!

233 - Copy Next, back to the gardens (see the Louvre in the distance?) to try our hands at something I have always wanted to do…

Sailing …sailing a little boat in the Tuileries fountain! Doesn’t it look like fun? You can rent the boat and the stick to control it for one euro for 20 minutes…although the nice man gave us unlimited use!

238 After having an ice cream cone for dessert, we pass by the Place de la Concorde at the entrance to the gardens. The beauty of the view is not lost on me…

Pierre-Antoine Demachy …since this is how it looked during the French Revolution! Yikes! Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI met their fate here. (We actually saw this painting….but that’s for next time!)

dorsay Our final stop of the day was the Musée d’Orsay, a former train station from 1900 turned art museum, showcasing the masterpieces of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist periods!

orsay collageThis is without doubt my favorite of the museums that we visited! I would take a few steps, gasp and say “They have that?” and then take a few more steps and gasp again…amazing! I have never seen so many wonderful paintings in one place…Monet, Manet, Renoir, Cézanne, Degas, Van Gogh, Gauguin…incredible! My grandson especially loved Monet’s series of paintings of the façade of the cathedral in Rouen, in which he captures the light at different times of day.

bal-au-moulin-de-la-galette-montmartre_pierre-auguste-renoir_78point1mil_msp1 However, I must say that my favorite of all of them was this one… Renoir’s Bal du moulin de la Galette! I only wish that I could take you there to see it in person since no print does it justice…fabulous! No pictures were allowed in the museum, so I stood my grandson in front of it and said…Never forget that you have seen this one in person! A true Impressionist masterpiece!

241We ended the day with a stop by the pâtisserie on Rue Cler for a special treat…French pastries! My grandson chose the croustillant praliné and I got le divorcé…a funny name for a pastry that's half chocolate and half coffee! Yum! This is something I miss…although it’s probably a good thing that these little jewels are not so readily available for me! Ahhhh…another perfect day in our adventure in Paris!

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In case you want to follow along, here is my plan for visiting Paris in seven days! I am linking each of the seven days as I complete the posts.
Day One…All about Eiffel! Eiffel Tower/ Champ de Mars park and play area
Day TwoSightseeing by Subway! Arc de Triomphe/ Montmarte/ Sacré-Coeur
Day ThreeMonsieur Monet, I Presume (and a lot of Louis)! Giverny/ Versailles minibus tour
Day FourThe Cradle of Paris! La Sainte Chapelle/ la Conciergerie/ Notre Dame/ Latin Quarter/ the book stalls/ ice cream on Ile St. Louis/ the bâteau mouche on the Seine
Day FiveArt Museum Madness…Plus Play in the Park! Louvre/ Tuileries Garden/ l’Orangerie/ Musée d’Orsay
Day SixA Phantom, a Fountain and Some History! Opéra Garnier/ Pompidou Center/ Carnavalet Museum
Day Seven…A Tomb, a Tank and a Tower! Napoleon’s Tomb and the Musée de l’Armée at les Invalides/ Eiffel Tower at night
Thanks so much for stopping by! See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. I just love this series. It's been years since I was in Paris and you've helped me to remember some of the things I saw so long ago. Those pastries are something else!

  2. I think this has been a most fantastic day! Just fantastic. I don't think your grandson could ever forget :)

  3. How fun Debbie...I can't believe my sister and I missed the Tuileries and the Orangerie. But one can't do it all, therefore I'll just have to return. I saw that same Renoir yesterday at Home Goods with my sister, and said...just think..we saw the original! Love your post today.

  4. What wonderful memories your grandson will have! Did the staff enjoy the cat statues - not the mummies! So wonderful to visit the museums and see the real deal.

    Have a great Sunday, Debbie!


  5. I have loved this series too. Thanks for taking me to Paris with you and your Grandson!

  6. I am loving your trip Debbie!!

  7. My Rick Steves' Paris book arrived yesterday. After we ride our bicycles across France in September, my husband and I are going to depart at the airport, and I will return to Paris for another eight-day trip, solo. Thanks for reminding me about the museum pass.

  8. I truly dream of going to Paris and visiting the museums and seeing all these wonderful works of art! I wouldn't mind a pastry or two also! I have so enjoyed your series on Paris...thanks Deb!
    hugs, Linda

  9. Your grandson's pastry looks very difficult to eat, but both look delicious ( I tried the French spelling and had NO luck) ;)

  10. I have so enjoyed your posts on Paris! Heaven. I may never have the chance to go there but you have done the best anyone could do in helping those of us who travel on-line. Thank you so much.

  11. Thank you for showing all your Paris photo's . I enjoy them all so much. Your grandson must have a wonderful time and what a great grandmother you are to teach him so much here in France. It is so lovely he can make his own photo's and probably will make a beautiful album. It will make him remember for a very long time.
    Have a great week.

  12. I enjoyed your beautiful photographs and what wonderful memories for you and your grandson!

  13. I have really enjoyed this trip...I am so sorry you were forced to eat those decadent desserts, Debbie!

  14. Oh Debbie! what FUN for you and your grandson! Such memories you are making with him. Those pastries are something else! :)

    Well, it serves me right that I haven't been a good blogger this summer. I see I missed a FABULOUS dish giveaway! You won't believe this (maybe you will) but Char is one of my friends! From one dish lover to another I'm happy she won!

    Love, Donna

  15. Oh, my,'s hard to find my favorite....would it be the Musée d'orsay? or the Louvre? or the park? I must admit I was drooling a lot over the sandwich au jambon et fromage and les patisseries! Yum!

  16. Debbie, love seeing every one of these photos. What wonderful memories you two will share of this experience in the years ahead. The Musée d'Orsay has long been my favorite museum destination. And the patisseries ~ want to share?
    ~ Sarah

  17. What an amazing trip. How lucky for you to go and see such a magnificant city through the eyes of your grandson. What a gift.

    - The Tablescaper


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