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26 February, 2011

Vintage French Treasures, A New Blog and More!

022 I’ve been exploring uncharted territory...for me, at least! My neighbors and I decided to check out the flea/antique shops in another section of Atlanta and…I hit the jackpot with some fabulous vintage frenchy finds…and more!

page4 We started out at Kudzu in Decatur where I found myself drawn to the things I love…a fabulous bouillotte lamp for $49 (Mine is similar and was $15) and a Victorian castor set for $90 (Mine is nowhere near as elegant, but was only $20). But I wanted to cry when I saw the Victorian ink well painted white! Why? You may remember my post about the one I found that had no lid and my search for something that would work. And this one has a lid! Waaaah!

page2 There were also a few interesting vintage-ish pieces that I checked out and filed away under possible ideas to copy! lol

043 My visit there netted me this little stool for $13. It tugged at my heartstrings and had to come home with me. I had a stool just like this as a little girl and it somehow got lost in the shuffle when I moved to France. Now I have its twin for my grandsons to use!

036 But it wasn’t until we hit Avondale Antiques in Avondale Estates that I found true frenchiness! There was a small collection of vintage French postcards, including this little booklet of 24 cards from  Carcassonne…a place I had visited as a college student. And best of all…it was only $5.00! Woo hoo!

page It is filled with delicately colored cards in pristine condition depicting the medieval walled city…beautiful! There was still tissue paper between some of the cards. The owner told us that it had come from the estate of a couple who had traveled to Europe in the 1920s…interesting! I will add these to the Parisian postcards I found a few weeks ago. It seems that I am beginning to collect vintage French postcards!

page1But my absolute favorite frenchy find is this fabulous vintage Henriot Quimper candle holder! It's in the shape of a leaf and is trimmed with those famous stylized Quimper flowers and the little Breton man...and it was very reasonably priced! I don't have anything like it in my collection.

059 Of course, the staff had to check it out...up close and personal! seems that Baby Kitty has deemed it bor-ing! lol It's easy to get over Quimper-ized at my house! But that's OK with me...I love it!

018 I added the postcards to my  bundle of books from the Yale Shakespeare series and created a little vignette with my Quimper candle holder. As usual, our co-host Baby Kitty had to oversee the shot. Can you see his reflection in the silver tray?

013 And a special frenchy find…a gargoyle (although I am told this is actually a grotesque since it doesn’t serve as a water spout) for my 10 year old grandson’s little collection of mini monuments and buildings! They hang out around his computer along with the snake he made, which you see lurking in the background! I am always on the lookout for more monuments to add to his collection while I am thrifting.

gargoyle The gargoyle is actually a replica of one at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! It is very accessible from the cathedral’s towers and is on his must see list for our trip this summer! (Click here for a panoramic view of Paris from the bell towers plus a close-up look at some of the gargoyles. Just drag your mouse and look around. Be sure to go to full screen!) We are so excited! It won’t be too much longer now until we will be standing there!

DSC00641 And finally, I’d like to invite you to visit the home of my friend Babs through her new blog Upstairs Downstairs! She lives in a beautiful split level home…thus the title…decorated in her lovely English country style! I met her through blogging and discovered that she lives just around the corner! Isn’t Blogland wonderful?

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. What a fun, fun day! Love that candle holder. And the postcards. And...and...and! I'll go check out your friend's blog. Love the title.

    Blessings on your Saturday.

  2. Great post, the vintage postcards from Carcassonne - what an amazing place it is! The stool is a wonderful memory AND usefule, too! And, of course, the Quimper candlestick. Glad it found its way to your home and beautiful collection! Linda

  3. Seems like you had a lot of fun Debbie, with some really cute finds. I don't think I could have walked out without that little stool either ;o)
    I've spotted a Quimper plate in my local charity shop, but as I'm trying REALLY hard to de-clutter some 'stuff' I walked out and left it there - I'm sure it was under £2Hope someone has found it a good home as I'm going to 'pop in' there again in the next half hour!
    Have a great weekend
    Rose H

  4. It is so fun to go "hunting" and finding new place and to bring home treasures! love the postcards, I just picked up one on ebay for 2.99!

  5. Debbie, thanks for scouting out new shops. We should get together and go some day, too. Maybe Linda and Babs, too. I love the stuff you found. That candlestick is perfect. Thanks for telling me Babs started a blog since she hasn't told me. Have a great weekend.

  6. Lovin' your new candlestick Debbie! The pic is cute with Baby Kitty's reflection too-enjoy:@)

  7. What great finds! have a wonderful day.

  8. Debbie, smiling BIG for you at the moment. Great finds. Your Q candle holder is a super find. It truly is one of my favorite forms. I like most of the pieces with leaves. ;-) So happy for you that it is now among your collection. It makes a perfect vignette with the books and vintage postcards. You have a terrific eye for great finds. Did the bouillotte lamp go home with you too? I've been keeping my eyes open with hopes of finding one. And the gargoyle for Mr. A is perfect for the anticipation of your trip. Love the idea of getting him started on a collection of his own. What better genre than mini monuments and buildings. Tell him I think the snake is amazing. He is very talented! But I already knew that!!!
    Enjoy the day. ~ Sarah

  9. Debbie you find the best things on your junkin hunts! I love the postcards but the candle holder is amazing. Love the vignette you made...the reflection of baby kitty made me smile. Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

  10. Debbie, New places to shop?? Whoo hoo! You DID find some treasures! Love the vintage French postcards and the Quimper candleholder. I get such a kick from Baby Kitty and seeing him checking out your new finds. Great shot with his candle lit reflection in the silver tray.
    Debbie, thanks again, and again for introducing me to the blogging community. And thanks to everyone who left such sweet and welcoming comments. I'm on my way to visit everyone's blogs. Have a great weekend.

  11. Everytime I look at your blog and have the urge to get in my car to go thrifting.. love what you do
    I've just nominated your for the Stylish Blogger Award for such a wonderful blog! If you choose to accept the award, you can read about how to do it at
    Hope you are able to accept this award and pass it along! Have a great weekend.

  12. DEbbie, I love your new treasures. How fun are they. Love your Quimper, that is such a wonderful piece and I know A love the gargoyle. I'm sure he is so excited about your trip this summer. Hope you're having a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

  13. Debbie,
    Oh, dear friend, what fabulous Frenchy finds! I, unlike Baby Kitty, could have looked and drolled all day! Those postcards are absolutely gorgeous! The pastel colors are so rich and elegant for the time peroid of 1920's! Hm~m~m. . .do we see framing in the future? Love that you met a fellow blogger nearby! I'll check out her blog today! Thanks for such an uplifting post. . . today,once again, it's a dreary day on the prairie!

  14. Yay for Decatur (where it's greater) LOL! That's where we plan on moving to if we can sell this house.


  15. What a great find with the candle holder Debbie..It just screams your name for sure..What no GW this week ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gloria

  16. Wow-what great finds! I really like the quimper candlestick holder. Apparently Kramer is interested too as he joined me while I was reading your blog post. However, I do believe he's more interested in Baby Kitty than your treasures:).



  17. You done good. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  18. Everything looks so pretty. Love the candle-holder. Thanks for introducing the new blogger. Have a great wknd. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  19. Debbie, you would such wonderful things! I get excited every time I see a new post of yours, knowing that it will be something wonderful!

  20. Terrific finds, Debbie, just beautiful! Love your grandson's collection, such interesting things!
    and too cool to find a fellow blogger right around the corner!

  21. Sounds and looksw like you had a wonderful time. Now you have new 'haunts' to keep checking on.
    I'll try and email a photo of the gargoyle I ugly it's cute!!

  22. I love your Frenchy finds, Debbie. Funny, we both went to an Avondale Antiques from 2 different states and have posted about it at the same time...Christine

  23. You are the best finder of lovely things Debbie!
    I adore your frenchy postcards and the candle holder and stool!
    And you have the most cooperative Kitty's! They really love having their pics taken!
    Great post!

  24. I LOVE those postcards Deb, what a beautiful find. And that candlestick was meant to come home with you. The staff might be more impressed if you placed some kibble on the plate portion LOL. Yep, yesterday was a horrid day - some people should just NOT own pets. But as Scarlet said, tomorrow (actually today) is another day :) Kat

  25. Hi Debbie, You knew I would love the Quimper candlestick and the postcards! I climbed to the top of Notre Dame on our last visit to France. I am claustophobic and this was not a pleasant experience for me. It did not help that the lady a head of me was crying and wanting to turn around the whole time! I look back and it is funny now.

  26. I hope Laurie and Sarah don't cry when they see your Quimper. It is lovely!
    I keep watching that show with the auctions near you in GA, Auction King. I look for you!

  27. Love your new Quimper candlestick. I didn't even know what Quimper was until I started "visiting" so many homes in blogland! Isn't it wonderful to find unexpected treasures?

  28. Hi Debbie! Oh, that is so interesting about your Confederate soldier. You know how hard those times must have been. I seem to be the only cousin in my family on both side who seem to care about genealogy! Well, I'll pass it on to my children.
    Hope you've had a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Debbie you found some wonderful things! Ooohh I love that quimper candlestick! And the little french postcars are wonderful! Love the tray reflecting Baby Kitty too! *winks* Vanna

  30. Jackpot for sure Deb. WOW
    Can Kitty's mouth get any bigger? lol. CUTE
    We talked about you. Were your ears ringing? Julie was here last week. We had a ball. We talked about our GA. trip and our shopping and wine drinking adventures all over again.
    Coming to say hi.
    I have a new blog.. just started it actually. Testing the waters.
    Hugs Deb
    Love Claudie

  31. What a great day of treasure hunting! I'm you neighbor form Between Naps linky party!

  32. Wonderful finds! Baby kitty is so adorable ~ I am in love!! Thanks for a lovely post and I am off to visit your friend too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  33. Every one of these pictures brought a smile to my face. Love the picture of your kitty checking it all out:)

  34. Well Debbie, I don't what I can add that the others haven't already said....well maybe that I'm pea green with envy :). Thanks for sharing your beautiful new additions.

  35. Deb, your French finds are the best! I love this kind of ceramics. My husband used to have a ceramic factory and I used to design china...I have a last year's Thanksgiving table with one such china.
    I'm your newest follower as I love your things and wish to be friends with so much in common. Come visit me, your welcome to.

  36. What great finds. Isn't it fun to explore antique shops? I love when I find a new one too.

    Great cat shots.

  37. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I love your blue and white plates in the heading of your blog...I asume you have them all. Gorgeous! I'm an addict like you, but, will not go on rehab!

  38. Debbie,
    Happy to see ya at my birthday cool that she lives so close by:)


  39. Always fun to see what you come up with. Lots of treasures. I know your sweet kitties agree. You know everytime I go into GW I look for a bouillotte lamp and of course think of you. I have never seen one at a thrift shop. I won't give up! ;)

    Thanks for introducing us to a new blogger. I've already joined as a follower. I too loved seeing your grandson's collection.

    Enjoy your week.


  40. Lots of great finds but my favorite is the candle holder, one day I'll find a piece of quimper at a good price too.

  41. SCORE!!! I love it all, especially your kitty cats, so cute! I love going to antique shops, getting ideas of what others do and then try as I may to do a little creating when I get home. You really found some fabulous beauties!

  42. I'm just swooning over those French postcards ... and how extra special that you have visited there! Simply wonderful! Thank you for sharing at the French Cupboard today!


  43. Oh, I love your Frenchy finds. Very beautiful. That gargoyle is too fun. My son collects things like that too. You grandson did a wonderful job on that snake. He (the snake) would give me the shivers.

  44. Oh, the postcard book is soooo cool. And I love that wire basket with the burlap lining.

    Thanks for playing along with our first VOILA!

    Blessings... Polly
    Counting Your Blessings & French Cupboard

  45. Great finds. Glad your staff approves of your finds. Wonder if you could strip the paint off the ink well? Well, I'm off to check out your friend's blog.

  46. Such amazing finds. Yes, sometimes just a trip across town yields a truckload of new treasures. Stopping by from Debras Vintage Inspiration party. Love your kitties as well. New follower.

  47. French and those finds...your kitties kill me...cats are so cute...I just love 'em...they have to be in the middle of everything and lo and behold if you bring in anything new....they are the first on the scene :)
    Big hugs,

  48. I'm laughing at the "over Quimperized". Love the staff, they're a great group. mine really help SOOOO much. Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  49. Wow great finds. Enjoy Paris this summer it is amazing. Here in Quebec Canada we have a small replica of Notre Dame basilica in our Vieux Montréal. It is beautiful, but scaled down. I also love gargoyles I have them everywhere. They have them on churches to protect and keep evil spirits at bay. No spirits lurking around my home.

  50. I want ALL your stuff !!!


  51. You made some wonderful finds. I love the Quimper candlestick. My Grandmother collect Quimper and this brought back nice memories. ~~Sherry~~

  52. Looks like you did good there.

  53. That lamp is to die for! I NEED one of those. I think I will be on the search for one for a while!

    I do have a little orange kitty like that one though :)


  54. Debbie, I knew when I saw your thumbnail on my blog that I needed to prepare myself to be extremely envious, and I wasn't wrong! That candleholder is so unique and so pretty! I NEVER see ANYTHING LIKE THAT in stores around here! The book of postcards was a great find too. I enjoyed seeing some of the other Frenchy finds, and I'm sure I will be envious again when you replicate them perfectly! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things, even if you did make me turn green! (Well, I guess if I'm going to be green, this is the month to do it.). laurie

  55. Thank you so much for linking up to the French Obsession party !
    Come back on April 1st for another party !

  56. Debbie, Of course you know I'm always in for anything French. Some great pics! I'll bet you and your grandson are SO excited for your Paris trip...oh my I would love to get packed in your suitcase to trek along. :) You'd be a great guide, for sure. I must visit your friend, Upstairs Downstairs blog. English decor is my shared favorite alongside French. Her opened door into her home is a great and enticing welcome photo! As far as Baby Kitty, she cracks me up - I always love you incorporating her into your posts. :)


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie