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24 September, 2022

How to Create a Fall Dough Bowl in 3 Easy Steps

Although cooler weather is still far away here in the south, I can pretend that fall has arrived! Fall d├ęcor helps to create that feeling, especially when it comes to decorating a very special favorite of mine…my grandmother’s dough bowl! However, this time I thought I would share my thought process with you, too, including a little secret that is always at the bottom of the bowl!

And here it is…so easy that I am almost embarrassed to call it a decorating secret…start with a layer of dried beans! They serve as an anchor and, in the case of my dough bowl, give me a level surface to work with. That way, nothing gets lost in the deeper part of the bowl.

Next, I layer in the leaves, berries, acorns or whatever element I have chosen as the base. Any stems can be hidden in the beans and are out of the way. If you are opting to add candles, this would also be the point at which you would add them. The beans anchor them and keep them stable.

Finally, add the pumpkins and gourds or other natural elements that you are using, such as pine cones. You can also fill in with a few extra leaves, acorns or berries where needed.

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT How to Create a Fall Dough Bowl And here you have it! I found a wonderful little green pumpkin to be the star of this one!

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Dough BowlThe same tips work for my POTTERY BARN INSPIRED FALL DOUGH BOWL, using birch-look candles and pine cones.

If you look closely, you will see the layer of beans peeking out. Next, layer in the acorns and candles and finish with pine cones and bright fall leaves.

In another simpler version of a POTTERY BARN INSPIRED DOUGH BOWL, I added candles, acorns and then pumpkins...always with a layer of dried beans as my base to anchor it all.

And perhaps one of my favorites is this FALL DOUGH BOWL WITH NATURAL ELEMENTS. I used the same three steps...a layer of dried beans as an anchor, a layer of kale...yes, kale from the grocery store!...and finished it off with a variety of gourds and pumpkins in green and white with a few acorns sprinkled in.

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Simple Fall Dough Bowl 2009But if you like the look of the softer side of fall and don't mind if the beans show, this one is only two steps. Here’s my SIMPLE POTTERY BARN INSPIRED FALL DOUGH BOWL…white candles and pumpkins nestled on a bed of dried beans!

Kitty And Miss Kitty says to stay tuned because there are more tips and easy ideas for decorating your home for fall!

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