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21 September, 2019

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Bat Wreath

I've got another fun Halloween project for bat wreath, inspired by Pottery Barn! It was not too hard and, as always... if I did it, you know it was inexpensive! It's the first component of this year's Halloween mantel so you will be seeing more of it when the mantel is finished.

Here is what you will need:
  • Twig wreath ( mine came from Hobby Lobby and was $10 with a coupon)
  • Battery-powered orange lights with a timer ($8 at Target)
  • Black glittered squares (2 @ 50 cents each on sale at Hobby Lobby)
  • Bat cutouts in two sizes...4 or so of each...using the pattern below
  • Florist wire
  • Twine 
  • Hot glue gun

Print the bat pattern above in two sizes. I used 8x10 and 4x6. Cut out each of the patterns and pin them to the felt squares one at a time. Cut out your bats.

Turn the wreath on the back side, add batteries to the lights and position them roughly where you want them to go. Having the lights turned on helps you visualize their best placement. Miss Eudora was very helpful with this step! :-)  Next, push them through to the front side of the wreath so that they show through.

There will be a portion of the strand where there are no lights. Gather this part up by looping it together with a twist tie and secure the battery pack to the back of the wreath with a length of twine.

Turn the wreath over and make sure that the lights are pulled through to the ends of the little bulbs and positioned where you want them. You may have to secure some of them with florist wire. Add the bats in whatever pattern you wish. You don't want it to be too perfect so it looks like bats in flight.

Lift up the bats one by one and add hot glue to the back then carefully push them into place on the wreath. Be careful not to burn yourself! Ouch!

And here's the finished wreath! I love the way it turned out! Wait until the exact time that you want your lights to turn on every night to hang it. Follow the directions to have them turn on and off automatically. You don't want to have to climb up a ladder every night!

You might also want to check out my DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Centerpiece with almost everything from Dollar Tree, including those easy-to-make mugs! ;-)

And Miss Iris says to stay tuned because the mantel reveal is coming soon! I just have to get out my sewing machine and make my best copy-cat version of something I have been eyeing for two years! :-)

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  1. HI debbie, Sharing on the weekend edit. I love a great Pottery Barn knockoff! laura


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