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22 July, 2018

Easy 5 Minute Soap Recipes

I have a confession...homemade scented soaps have become my new obsession! I said good-bye to those expensive bars of French soaps that I had been using and I am having fun creating my own combinations. Once I discovered how easy and inexpensive they are to make, I was spoiled and I always have a seasonal favorite on hand.  I think you'll like them, too, so I'm sharing my favorites!

My FIVE MINUTE LEMON VERBENA SOAP is my summer favorite. It has a fresh, clean citrus-y smell that I love! Like all of the soaps that I have created, it uses a goats milk glycerin base that you simply melt and pour. It has a nice, creamy lather and is a great moisturizer.

As soon as fall rolls around, I switch to my 5 MINUTE PUMPKIN SPICE SOAP. It has that wonderful spicy scent that just says autumn to me!

 In winter, I use my 5 MINUTE SPICED APPLE GOATS MILK SOAP. It's like having the scent of apple pie in a bar of soap...but don't eat it! ;-)

And in the spring, my favorite is my FIVE MINUTE LAVENDER GOATS MILK SOAP. In fact, I think this one is my all-around favorite. I love it so much that I have even made it in little heart shapes and given it as gifts!

Although each of the soaps uses the same base, you will need to visit the separate links to see the additional ingredients that are needed for each scent. I hope you'll try at least one and then I'm betting you'll be hooked! Enjoy!

As with anything that is applied to the skin, start with just a small area first. Please use caution and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Follow the cautions listed in the soap-making process and always be careful as you would anytime heat is used.

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  1. Ive made Lavender can't wait to make Lemon Verbena & Apple Spice

  2. Love your recipes. I've looked everywhere for the rectangle mold with the raised sides that you show. Where can I find this mold?

    1. So glad that you like them! It came from Hobby Lobby. Here's a link:


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