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17 February, 2014

Please Join Me for The Scoop #106

What's that cold white stuff? A rare Georgia snowfall had the staff a little confused last week as they ventured out to see! Needless to say, no one lasted long...including me! I usually love winter with cozy evenings by the fire...but I have had enough!  Thanks goodness, it's only a little over a month until spring! Sooo...while we are waiting, let's check out this week's links!

Welcome back to The Scoop

The weekly linky party featuring the scoop on the best posts from around the web!

The Scoop

More exposure + less time = win win!

We are:

Barb from The Everyday Home

Yvonne from StoneGable

and Suzy from Worthing Court


  I'm Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse, and I'm hosting the Scoop this week.
I'm excited to tell you I'm curating a collection at Joss and Main Tuesday evening beginning at 9 PM EST.

_1_lb (1)

I love sharing information on how to get the Cedar Hill Farmhouse look, and now Joss & Main is helping me share the love with everyone. I've worked very closely with them to find things that work with my French Farmhouse style, and I think this collection is spot on.

I sure hope you'll join me for the sale. It's going to be fun. 
For a preview of the sale click on the image below.


Now onto the features from last week's party.


Colombian Coffee painted stools4


soups and living room 002a

Thank you to each and every one of you for linking up and visiting The Scoop every week. The party wouldn't be anything without all of you!

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Thank you for linking up, friends!

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  1. Thanks so all for hosting The Scoop!

  2. Loving the kitties in the snow! Give them warm snuggles from us!
    Thank you for hosting!



  3. I love seeing The Staff out in the snow Debbie! Hopefully everything has melted and things are getting back to more reasonable temps for you:@)

  4. Love your kitties (I mean staff), they're so cute! Thanks for the linkup! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  5. Thanks for the party, ladies! I love the photos of the kitties in the snow!

    - Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {}

  6. I think I check out the links pretty thoroughly and yet I still missed some - Great features. Thank you so much for hosting.

  7. Debbie, our temps have warmed the past couple of days so I've been in the garden working. Lots to do!!!
    Cute photos of the staff in the snow. We had one day of light snow, so I have a photo of Sadie in the snow. She didn't know what to think. '-)

  8. GREAT features! I'm in love with the painted stools! Thanks for hosting :)

  9. What a grand party, thank you for hosting~ So happy to be here.

  10. I wondered how the kitties were liking the snow! So cute!

    Love those stools with the coffee labels. Lots of cuteness. Those Valentine cookies, too.

  11. Hi Debbie, the kitties are so cute.

    Thanks for featuring my Sweetheart cookies.

    Always a pleasure to link up and visit around blogland, so thanks for hosting.

  12. Thank you for sharing the kitties! How cute to see them in the snow. Three of my cats have never been out in the snow, I would love to see their reaction but they are all scaredy-cats. Thank you for hosting, have a wonderful week.


  13. Debbie, thanks for the party. Hope you have a great week. Love your assistants. Linda

  14. So many good things to look at and to do, Anita!

  15. Not sure if it's just me, but I cannot see any of the images from the Scoop. It says they are all broken images, and I've reloaded the page a few times just in case.

    1. Hi Julie...The linky server is having major issues! Sorry! They assure us that it will be OK for tonight, though.

    2. Unfortunately, Julie, it appears that most of the images posted on the parties hosted by Linky Tools between October and the middle of February are irretrievably lost. The company is very apologetic. :-( I am sad to lose all of that wonderful inspiration. However, you can still click on the links and be taken to the posts.


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