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23 August, 2012

Favorite New Thrifting Finds!

Vintage Spindles Woo hoo! Someone at all of my favorite thrifting spots knew I was coming and put out stuff that just had my name on it! Really, though, as my friend Linda at Nina’s Nest will tell you, we have discovered that it’s all random. There are days we come home empty-handed…but not today! No siree!

Vintage SpoolsI  guess I am the last one to board the vintage spindles train…but I could not pass these by at my favorite junque store! I got all seven of them for $4.75! I love that they are in a variety of colors and styles. And don’t they have a wonderful patina?

bk Baby Kitty says he does not see what the big deal is. They are, after all, just sticks!

Cow I also snatched up this vintage-looking  cow faster than you can say boy howdy! If I keep finding these little ladies I’ll soon have a miniature herd! And for only $8.00 I was not passing this one up since it is the sister of…

sheep…the sheep I showed you last week! I waited and watched for two years before I bought this one since it was out of my usual price limit. I finally threw caution to the wind and splurged when it went on sale a bit. Sooo…that $8.00 cow was going home with me for sure!

Vintage Cow And just in case you think you are seeing double…you are not! Here’s my new cow with the one that was starring in my vintage cow centerpiece a few weeks ago! I guess she has a mama now! Funny…I bought the smaller version because I couldn’t find the real thing…and then it shows up just a week later!

Mossy CandlestickAnother great find was this fabulous mossy candlestick on sale for $12! Woot woot! I had been wanting one of these but was not willing to spend the $35 they were asking elsewhere!

lamp Ever since I found this great lamp…which most of you voted should stay green on my Facebook poll…I have been hunting for pops of green to add to the living room.

Basket So this mossy candlestick just did the trick in my rustic coffee table tray! I think it’s the perfect addition!

Lilac WreathAnd one final favorite…a pretty lilac wreath found at Goodwill for…get ready!…$2.00!! I went straight home and put it on my back door. Love it! It’s a pretty vestige of the fading summer days. I will leave it here as long as I can hold out before putting up my fall wreath! lol I don’t want to rush the season, but I can’t wait! Are you chomping at the bit like I am? When do you put up your fall decorations?

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Oh my goodness Debbie, you definitely hit the jackpot. I love your cow, spindles and the candlestick. That wreath is fantastic also. Such wonderful finds. Hugs, Marty

  2. That green really complements blue and white dishes. I am finding orange pumpkins do too.

  3. Hi Debbie. How pretty this is and I love your green lamp. I adore your cow and sheep!! You always make such pretty vignettes!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Debbie you found some terrific "finds" and I jealous. I love the wreath and farm animals. What store was this?

  5. I love the things you find. Great job and your home looks gorgeous!
    If I bought a wreath like that at Goodwill here it would look like it was run over, or worse. Amazing what you find there. Not here.
    Keep up the good job. Lovely!

  6. I can't believe you found another animal figure, Debbie! You are having such great luck with those. I love this new one, too. Love the candlestick ~ it looks great in the vignette on your tray. I am starting to feel ready for Fall decorating, but I'm holding out at least until September starts. : ) Plus, the day the bins come down from the attic they have to go right back up, so I want to do it all on a day that I am home all day to play around.

  7. Those are great finds. You did good. That is funny about your herd and I love the color and style of that lamp.

  8. Your scored major treasure my dear. I'm crazy about your sheep and cow molds. Too cute and that gorgeous green moss candlestick is very seawitchy. I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for those.

  9. Great finds. You and Marty find the best things at GW. I guess I am not patient enough.


  10. You get the BEST finds ....I cannot decide whether to be mad or just jealous.....I think the spindles. I have a couple and I know I paid at least $5.00 each way back when...what a deal! Pet the kitties for me.....

  11. Debbie,
    It was definitely your day for "Great Finds"!!! I agree all of those treasures have found wonderful perching places to land in your vignettes!!! Hues, textures and, dear freind hit the jackpot! Maybe, Baby Kitty is wondering where all the yarn went from your spindles!!!

  12. Nice herd! Do you collect cow creamers, too? I just found a mom pig with piglets repro that has "Chocolate Lombart Paris" stenciled on it. It must be farm animal month.

  13. It's nice that you find things you have been searching for, and at great prices to boot! I am loving your little barnyard of critters and the wreath is just gorgeous! I need to come along next time with you and Linda!


  14. Oh, lucky you! I keep thinking one of those cows might show up at our local thrifts. Think I could be that lucky again. I still can't believe the sheep was waiting for me one day. I think it's great you are gathering a herd. LOL Makes me wonder what other animals are out there.
    Love the mossy candlestick in the tray vignette!
    Have a great week..........Sarah

  15. Love the cow/sheep/lamp all gorgeous finds.

  16. Debbie, I love the tray and everything in that room looks great;especially that lamp. You know the one I've green over!! Ha! Thanks, Helen

  17. I can't believe you found the spools for that price. I have 2 but I would love to find more. I tell you the pickins have been slim here lately!

  18. WOW you did great!!! I have some of those bobbins, and a transferware pitcher too....hmmmmmm.....
    I love the wreath, but like you I am really ready for fall....I looked at some of my fall stuff this morning, but decided to wait until at least next weekend. I usually do fall stuff the weekend of Labor Day and then keep adding until Thanksgiving ;^). We don't do Halloween, so I am spared all of that work!!

  19. Wow, you found some deals! Love your choices, too! I could look for 10 years and not find all that. That green lamp is awesome, and I love all your blue & white porcelain pieces. I am ISO some big blue and white ginger jars, and can't seem to find any the right shade of blue. Sure miss Bombay & Co.

  20. You have been so lucky lately at the thrift store. I'm lovin how you have a mini heard going. Those are the cutest little cows and sheep. They have such great bases. The spindles look nice in the gorgeous blue and white pitcher. I think the green moss candlestick looks great with the blue in the basket. Love that lilac wreath. Great buys………

    The French Hutch

  21. Beautiful finds and displayed so well! Love your "herd".

  22. My favorite is the bunch of spindles -- unbelievable that you got them all for that price!!!

  23. Oh hold out on Fall, we have till Dec 20 to do it! Still beach days here!
    Love the wreath, you can add some fall leaves the start of Sept. not too many though! :)
    Don't know about those sticks, they haven't hit it big in NY yet that I know of!

  24. Love these! I have a couple that still have silk thread on them. I love how they look! The wreath was a great find!

    Have a great rest of the day! Cuddle with the kitties!

  25. Debbie- Wow - You are the shopping queen this week. Unbelievable finds. I love the little sheep and that last wreath? Well, I have it and paid a fortune for mine a few years ago! You hit the bonanza this time- xo Diana

  26. You had amazing thrifting luck this week! WOW! Love the spindles and that cow is a great bargain! I swear I'm going to come follow you around to the thrifts one of these days.Hugs, Linda

  27. I really love all your purchages!

  28. What great finds Debbie! Love the 'sticks' ;o) even though Miss Kitty isn't impressed!
    The cow is a great addition too. The pops of green and your mossy candlestick look great.
    The door wreath was a steal and looks wonderful - now if I could just find one similar....
    Rose H

  29. I love it...every single bit. You really hit the jackpot on some great thrifts. You are so good at knowing how to show them off to have a beautiful home.

  30. I just had a spindle like yours in my hand yesterday. But not for the bargain price of yours! Who knew they'd make such a lovely bouquet?!


  31. I want a sheep like yours I have the cow and gave $24.95 for it with a half price coupon at an antique shop here in town. I showed it once on my blog
    I would love to have a sheep like I just said , and will if I ever see one as nice as yours

  32. Oh my--you did find some wonderful things, Debbie--I like them all! Especially love the green shades that you are adding to your room--I love the new candleholder, and the new cow as well.

  33. I am trying to figure out how it is I've never visited your blog. AMAZING. Your style is just wonderful. That mossy candlestick is gorgeous... I am staying to lurk around and clicking to follow. WOW! I'm getting some great ideas!!! jules

  34. All I need to hear is "thrift store" to pique my interest! So much fun to find lovely things.. especially when it is something that you have been looking for. I love the sheep and cow ceramics.. they are wonderful and what a great deal getting the cow for $8! It is funny how often when we look for something we tend to find deals in clusters.

  35. I can't believe you found a second cow! How lucky was that? I fell in love with the first one and now you have two. That mossy candlestick is great with your green scheme. Love the whole look.


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