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27 May, 2012

Tiny Chalkboard Love!

Woo hoo! Look what I found…tiny little chalkboards…my new love! The French teacher in me is having a fabulous time…French words, chalkboards and chalk! What more can you ask for? lol

chalkboards They come three in a package at Jo-Ann and have a not-so-cute gold thread as a hanger. Hmmm. So I cut it off and added twine with a glue gun! Now they are perfect! And they were $1.50...for three of them…waaaay cheaper than anything I have seen anywhere else!

cureDon’t forget that you have to “cure” them like you would any new chalkboard before you can write on them. Simply cover them with chalk and then erase. I just used a paper towel since I didn’t have a tiny eraser! lol

merci First, a big merci for my sweet friend Pat who sent me these vintage French them!

poire Or how about la poire to label this summery green pear?

vin Or le vin for my little wine vignette…and a chance to show you the fabulous vintage bottle wrapped in wickerwork that I found at Goodwill for only $1.91! I gave you a little peek in a previous post and promised to show you the whole thing. It once held Puerto Rican rum...interesting!

bunny chef And of course, we must label our bread…le pain…although I suppose it should be le croissant, but that is too long! lol Plus…it’s been a very long time since I have shared my bunny chef. He’s meant to be a recipe card holder, but I like him better with a little chalkboard made from cardboard sprayed with chalkboard paint!

pastry dome And I'm still loving my shabby pastry dome…made from a candleholder and a cheese dome! So frenchy!

croissant And I cannot forget my petrified croissants…now two years old and still holding up! lol  I am having so much fun labeling things! What can I label next?

kitty Hmmm…have I gone too far?

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Those are adorable! I'm getting me some chalkboards! Hmmm, who can I label?

  2. Lovin' your cute chalk boards, I can see them on a Christmas tree! I'm looking for the piggy cousin to your bunny, I think that would be fun:@)

  3. Those are so cute! I need to get some and start brushing up on my French~I must say I love le chat!
    hugs, Linda

  4. Such a great idea! Love the way these look. I am with you - the twine looks so much better than a gold cord would.

  5. This would be perfect for me as a student, Debbie. One word at a time is about what I can handle in a language other than English! : ) It looks so pretty hanging around your cloche.

  6. Debbie,
    These are ooh~la~la so frenchy cute, dear friend! Something tells me Miss Kitty isn't as enthusied as we!

  7. Chat is looking very cool! Isn't this french word for cat kinda odd! LOL!

    Love your little chalkboards. I made a few of them but it's much easier to find them already made and as cute as yours.


  8. Those are cute and how funny that you labeled a cat.

  9. Le chat does not look amused.... I can tell you are enjoying your little chalkboards, and I think they are too, too cute! Fun post! :D

  10. Oh goodness, you went and labeled the cat!! You are too cute. I love these and you've given me a whole slew of ideas! Great job!


  11. I see you're having lots of fun with your petit chalkboards. Love 'em too. On my shopping list now.

  12. Those are cute and you are too funny!

  13. How cute they are! Very sweet. I used to buy them and paint small Christmas scenes on them to sell at craft fairs. They went like hotcakes back when folkart was THE THING!

    If you get tired of labeling Le Chat you can add a couple of letters and use it for your header...Le Chat +t's+ Let's Chat! xo Diana

  14. How cute Debbie. I love it. You have some great vignettes. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hope you have been having a fabulous Holiday. Hugs, Marty

  15. I'm sure kitty will want an impressive adjective added in there. How do you spell 'magnificent' in french?

  16. too cute as usual...and who knew you needed to cure a chalkboard...I have never heard of that but it explains why I have such a hard time trying to wrote on the one I have attached to Mr. Pig.

  17. Yet another cute idea. You certainly have fun. Love this idea.

  18. The chalkboards are so cute!! Love 'em! Good job on adding jute. One suggestioin....I think you need a sign that says "le chat #1", "le chat #2", etc. LOL. Linda

  19. I absolutely believe you were "FRENCH" in a past life.. You have this uncanny ability to take the simplest items and make them OOOO La La personified~!

    Fabulously Beautiful.. love it.

  20. These are so cute! Hope all is well with you. I'm catching up on a few posts of yours that I've missed and loving it. Talk soon!

  21. Those are too cute, what a great way to teach French.
    Have a nice week.

  22. Very cute, Debbie! I used them in 1986 for a graduation party. They said , "I survived Catholic School" and the guest's name. I think I paid 4 for 1, I should have saved them!
    Today the blackboards should say" Merci "to the over 9000 American soldiers buried in the Normandy cemetery killed liberating France. Merci, and rest in peace.
    Enjoy the day!

  23. I think it is funny that you have petrified croissants because I have a petrified baguette that was a left-over from a party that I stuck in a basket in my kitchen. I liked the look so much, that I left it there. You've inspired me to blog about it on of these days.

  24. Great post, I love your vignettes, you've got a great eye for putting things together. And I actually have one of those chalkboards from Beverly's and didn't know what to do with it! Thanks to you, I linked up over at Boogieboard Cottage with my latest gallery wall project. Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)have a great Memorial day!

  25. What a simple yet beautiful idea! I heading off to Joann's today! Love your pastry dome also...wonderful idea!


  26. Beautiful vignettes! I love those little chalkboards. I am going to see if I can find some :)

  27. Not over the top at all! I like the idea of labeling things, and I have desperately needed something like that for all those blooming baskets I painted for that huge cubical thing in my bathroom. I am going to head over tomorrow and see if I can find some. Great idea! And the kitty cat looks rather fetching with a chalkboard -- I may get to the point where I need something to identify me to others, who knows? It might be nice to change my identity as needed... you never know!

  28. Debbie I love them and love your pretty displays! I have to say le chat is the cutest:)

  29. (((LOVE THESE)))now because of you(je vous remercie jamais tant),I have little tiny chalkboards on my grocery list(the fabric shop is right next door)...LOVE the idea of LABELING EVERYTHING!!!
    Have a fun holiday week,
    Big Hugs,

  30. They are fun. The cat is my favorite.=-

  31. Those are fabulous, I will definitely have to get some! All of your vignette's are so pretty and I think my favorite picture has to be le chat! :)

    Have a great week!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  32. super cute, love how you've used them. perfect to identify the kitties!

  33. I love your chalkboards, Debbie. I wanted to let you know that I made the flower pot man yesterday. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  34. Luv that you labeled le chat! LOL. These little blackboards have multiple uses- I have them on my Xmas trees, just like another commenter does. :-) Sue

  35. So adorable!!!! Love your pictures too. Thanks for linking up.

  36. Super cute! I love all your beautiful photos. ~ Jamie

  37. Bravo! Je parle un petit peu de Francais! J'ai trois semestres au l'universite. Je voudrais d'etudie plus.

    Ah. Please forgive the poor job I did above! It's been way too long, and I never quite got the past tense down...I did enjoy it, and remember bits and pieces. I was able to visit Paris way back when. The people were lovely when I attempted to converse with them, taking pity on me even then!

    Following you back, and glad we're connected.

    Revi from Revisionary Life

  38. Great idea! I just bought some last night :) SOOO CUTE!!!

  39. Love these sweet little chalkboard tags, I can tell you are going to have lots of fun with these in the future. Looking forward to seeing how many uses you come up with,
    xo Kathysue

  40. What is it about labels and tags, that we just love them? I love your little chalk boards. Thanks for sharing at cowgirl up.

  41. So cute! I cannot wait to grab some of these mini chalkboards. Love the twine with them as well.

  42. Debbie, These little chalkboards are so cute and I love how you used them..especially Le Chat! Thanks for joining the Open House party this week.

  43. I have a lot of different chalk boards and you have given me some great ideas for them.

  44. Those are just the cutest things ever, Debbie! I'm going to Joanne's today!

  45. Great idea. My favorite photo is of "le chat"!

  46. Oh my gosh! Those are adorable. I really, really need to get them. All your photos are styled beautifully, too!


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