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06 May, 2012

I'm in Love...with My Shabby Tool Box!

I am in love…with my “new” shabby tool box! Yes…yet another box has jumped into my car and come home with me! As soon as I laid eyes on its rustic little self, I already knew exactly what I was going to do with it…and of course, it involves plates!

060So when I got it in the house, I filled it up with some of my favorites…plates, platters and lids…all blue and white, of course!

097 I have to admit that this vintage grape platter is my very favorite…a Goodwill hunting find from several years ago. There is no mark on the back and the little handle is missing from the other side, but it still speaks to me!

051In front of my shabby box are my  Spode Imperial Garden salt and pepper shakers. Do you see what they are…little bundles of asparagus! Love them!

095 I also added this little thrifting find…a ceramic book in blue and white with yellow binding. Can you tell what it really is?

092 The front edges of the book bear a little saying…The gift is small. Good will is all.

096 And there’s a cork on the bottom edge! It’s a reproduction of an eighteenth century hand warmer from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gift store! In fact, it still had the tag on it when I found it at my favorite flea market…but I only paid $5.00 for mine!

117 And…you can also use it as a little vase…cute!

112Here’s where I put my new little shabby box…on the hutch in the dining room with my blue and white collection. And you might notice that I have put my faux grain sack runner back on the table for spring and summer to add a more rustic feel.

page2 And just in case you are wondering about the whereabouts of my scheduled co-host, let's just say that she is…er… distracted. I’m afraid I must slip in a few embarrassing photos without her knowledge because I want you to see how our Miss Kitty acts like a fool over the smell of strawberries! I can hardly get them in the door!

048 And there you have it! But don’t get too used to seeing it dressed that way! I am already planning a new look!

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. How cute!!! Your shabby little tool box is the cutest thing with your pretty how it looks on your hutch! I think your dining room is so pretty. Everything about it is perfect!

  2. I'm in love too...but with all your hutch, with blue and white dishes!! Gorgeous..and I'm loving that blue and white book, from Good Will, flower vase, very pretty and unique! I need to get a tool box, I love the look, it's so cozy and adorable. Have a blessed sunday.

  3. Hi darling, I'm in love too!!! I'm sure you're going to read that many times. It is fabulous in your dining room. You know how I love blue and white... your co-host is adorable on scene and off. hugs ~lynne~

  4. Love what you've done, Debbie. What a fun way to display plates - and you have such a wonderful collection! Linda

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Love your shabby tool box! I would love to find one of those. What a sweet way to display some favourite plates! And yes, I too love your blue and white! Thanks for sharing and have a delightful day.


  6. That box is just perfect! And you found it with that nice finish? It was nice to see Miss Kitty taking time off from co-hosting to just be a cat (even if she looks pretty silly!). Looking forward to seeing that box again.

    Robin Flies South

  7. Oh my gosh! The little hand-warmer turned vase is the cutest! I've never seen anything like it. . . what a treasure!

  8. I love your tool box! Such a versatile find and of course it looks great with dishes!

  9. Your cat is so funny! I never knew cats liked strawberries!

    The hutch looks fantastic (love the box), and it is always a treat to see what you do next.

  10. Debbie Miss Kitty is a riot!! What a great find and I LOVE the display you added to it! Love those salt and pepper shakers too!

  11. WOW!! Just wow! That box, the plates, the little book/vase...PRECIOUS! All my assistant #2 has done this week is play with lizards!

  12. Such a great find and combo with all your gorgeous blue and white!
    Wow Debbie, your dining room is so gorgeous, I want it all!
    Hugs friend,

  13. Debbie,
    What a marvelous find!!! I adore the grape leaf made my heart jump...oh~h~h...the detailing is exquisite! No wonder it is your favorite! Your china cabinet, dining room table runner, new Frenchy pillows have come together beautifully to create a lovely Spring display!!!
    P.S. I adore Miss Kitty's antics...who would have ever guessed???

  14. Two totes, Debbie! I'm sure I will just be overcome when I see how you work with both of them! : ) Love your new find. It fits just perfectly on your hutch and adds a nice element to add your blue and white china to. I was looking for a smaller one than the one I already have this past week at the antique mall, but didn't find anything.

  15. Love the tool box and love what you filled it with even more!!! How I love blue and white dishes. I've got to find myself a box and display more of my blue and white. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love your co-host!

    Do come visit. I have a $100. gift certificate giveaway to HomeGoods/TJMaxx that might interest you.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love the tool box and I am going back again to look at your china cabinet. OH MY GOODNESS! Miss Kitty and I have something in common...a fool for strawberries. Give her a big hug for me. Deb

  17. I love your new little box. I got one the other day, but I have been so busy that I've set it down and that was it. I'm inspired to get busy using my box, now. I love how you used your box for your blue and white pieces.
    And your cute little co-host! Love the pictures--how sweet!

  18. Love your finds! That shabby box is perfect, I'm looking forward to the new looks you'll give it!

  19. What is it about these little boxes that has us all so smitten? I love them all and love how you have your displayed. My little Yorkies love strawberries and they get a few pieces of them after my breakfast usually of my strawberry puffed pancakes. It's a big treat!

  20. Debbie I have to laugh at your comment about already having plans for a new look! It seems as though once we get one look created we are already thinking of the next one....can we ever rest!

    Love the little tool box full of all your pretty blues. Your dining room hutch looks so pretty and that runner is amazing.


  21. ohmygosh, one of my girl kitties does the same thing. she goes bonkers over strawberries. the other one could care less! Love the carrier of course, and those salt and peppers are adorable!

  22. I love your toolbox. Especially when you fill it with blue and white dishes!

  23. Your new shabby toolbox is totally cool! Love it with all those plates but yes I know you will change it's what you do! Love the photos of Miss Kitty!
    hugs, Linda

  24. Oh, I love it too - looks perfect there!

  25. Your new toolbox looks great, perfect place for it! Too funny about Miss Kitty and the strawberries! Didn't know cats liked them:@)

  26. i love the blue and white. I like how you have the blue and white curtains as well. I like the idea of using the tool box. I do have a couple of those but do not have the plates to do that with. Maybe I can think of something else to use. Still...........would also be a good excuse to build another collection of odd plates.
    Great idea

  27. Beautiful shabby box! Love it with all the blue and white plates. Your dining room is gorgeous! Love all your pieces!!
    Miss Bloomers

  28. What a cute arrangement. I love all your blue and white.

  29. your tool box doesn't look to shabby to me, and I love your blue & white dishes in it also your finds

  30. What a great idea Debbie. I love the toolbox and what you use it for. I also love the handwarmer, just beautiful
    Have a nice week

  31. Who could resist another blue/white display? Not me! I love your new toolbox filled and accessoried with gorgeous blue/white pieces. The 'handwarmer' was a great find!
    XO Sue

  32. Oh, "Queen of the Hunt"!...You are the master! So glad you saved the pretty one-armed one would have loved it like you do! Keep on keeping on!

  33. It looks wonderful! Love that hand warmer, never saw anything like it. Thought you were going to say it was a flask! :)
    Your room looks gorgeous!

  34. Debbie, I need to get moving and put together a vignette in a box. Don't have a tool box expect for a very shabby one, but I do have wooden boxes. Love every blue and white detail that you have here. Glad you saved that platter. Just because it has a missing handle doesn't mean it shouldn't be loved and cherished. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

  35. What a great box that is and the way you've filled it is beautiful! LOVE that handwarmer (never heard of such a thing!)

  36. Debbie - I, too, sometimes cannot resist buying something that may be broken or painted badly if it is in an area that I can hide - JUST LIKE YOU DID!

    My Matisse(cat) loves strawberries, too. Once I start preparing them for my cereal bowl, he is writhing at my ankles waiting for his share. I figure he hears me pop-open the plastic container; or does he smell their fresh, sweetness?

    Mary in Oregon

  37. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!

    And I love Miss Kitty's strawberry addiction.:-)

  38. Kitty is TOO CUTE! and stole the show...WELL ALMOST...I have my "EYE" on that favorite platter of yours, "It would have HOPPED INTO MY CAR too"! (((LOVE IT)))! Your hutch with all the blue and white is a dream!
    Have a wonderful week,

  39. Your kitty is just so cute. And I have to say I love the toolbox as well.

  40. Where did you find the jars/vases on top of your hutch? I am looking for just 1 or 2 like that. Thanks. Jordan

  41. I love your toolbox, too! The plates looks great in it, never would have thought to use it like that... I'm now a follower!

  42. I love your blue china. I have some blue willow also :) What a cool idea putting in your new cute box. Looks great!

  43. I love your toolbox and how you used it. I love the little ceramic book! Too cute!

  44. I adore your toolbox and all of your lovelies :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  45. I wouldn't have been able to pass this versatile toolbox either! And you did a great job with it. I am amazed that we have the same S&P--I've never seen anyone else have them, and I LOVE mine. How fun that you have them too! ~Zuni

  46. Your tool box looks beautiful. Miss Kitty is the cutest. I love your table runner.


  47. Oh I love it. Such a neat piece and the dishes are so perfect inside. You do have such a pretty display on the hutch, love the little hand warmer too. Beautifully done. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  48. I know I have one of those tool things. I have to go dig it out and do something with cute yours is...I even have blue and white...I can do it!! I love how you put it all together. TALENT! If anyone has talent putting things together, you certainly do. I'll probably have to come back and look at your photo...LOL
    but I have to give it a try. Gorgeous!!

  49. Beautiful photos, Debbie! I love the tool box and your new piece. Very cute used as a vase.

  50. I love everything you do! I hope you don't mind but I put a link to your blog in my latest post. You and both have a thing for boxes!

  51. Your blue and white so wonderful in your new tool box. Gorgeous!!

  52. I love your caddy and your beautiful blue and white china. Just became a follower on networked blogs button too.

  53. I love how you displayed your dishes in the toolbox. It looks great!

  54. Debbie, I love your vintage tool box! And, how you styled it is fabulous ... and, of course, you found the perfect spot for it, too. I just might have to borrow this idea someday!

  55. Love that tool box. Your blue and white dishes are gorgeous.

  56. I love your shabby box, too.
    These boxes can be used for many different things and not to forget the holidays as well. The box looks so good on your hutch.
    Thanks for sharing.

  57. I should have known this was your link!! I love it, I love it!! I love toolboxes and you have filled it with one of my very favorite things - plates!! I think your cohost is nor taking your blog seriously today.

  58. I forgot to mention thanks for linking to cowgirl up!!

  59. Hi Debbie!
    What IS it about blue and white plates? There is just nothing any prettier.
    Your tool box full of them is just divine.
    Love it all.

  60. Love that tool box and the delft blue dishes. Isn't it fun to know you have a great idea! very cute!

  61. This couldn't possibly be any prettier. I love every single element and want to copycat it in a big old way.

  62. I love it and that grape platter is just gorgeous! Your hutch looks so nice.
    Happy Mother's Day, Debbie.

  63. I love the tool box, very sweet! I'd love for you to post a link to this project at my link party...
    Thanks for sharing!

  64. Helo my name is Janice from Mz. Witherspoons @ a fairly new blogger and I just joined you today. I love love blue and white linens dishes anything...I love all your pieces and your lovely Dinning Room..thank you for sharing hope you come by and join me as well...Happy Mother's Day..with love

  65. What a darling box. Your dishes and linens are quite lovely. I really like how you decorated your hutch. it's always a pleasure to visit. Happy Mother' day.

  66. Well, I am in love with your toolbox and treasures too! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  67. They look fantastic there! Congratulations!
    I would love to find a toolbox like yours for some of my vintage children´s plates collection.
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina


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