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21 July, 2011

Reminder...Kitty Cat Linky Party Friday Night!

bkcrownIt’s almost time to par-tay! Don’t forget the Kitty Cat Linky Party Friday night, July 22nd, to celebrate Baby Kitty’s eighth birthday! All you kitties and our kitty wannabe friends are invited! The link will be up around 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight time! There will be yummy refreshments, a well-known band and goodie bags for some of our special guests!  We are looking forward to seeing you at the big birthday bash! After all…♪♫♪ Everybody wants to be a cat! ♫♪♫…


  1. I'm ready to go..... my Tiger and Mogi are excited and expecting it.

  2. Charlie is getting his beauty sleep for his fun photo shoot tomorrow and the party!

  3. Happy birthday to Baby Kitty! Lord, I'm not sure I can get my Puff Kitty out of her bed before 7pm!

  4. Debbie, les chats here at HFTS are ready. ~ Sarah

  5. Maxie and Simba are excited to come to the party!

    What do you know.... Baby Kitty and I have the same exact birthday.
    ( I am a little older than 7 though.)

    Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.


  6. Debbie,
    Maurice orchestrated an updating of a past post just for Baby Kitty's celebration! We'll be sitting on the edge of our chairs to flounder him with special wishes!

  7. Aaarrrgh! Kitty and I will be a little late to the party. Hope you save a little catnip for us!

    Love from Bonnie, Kitty and Sadie

  8. Alice and Dorothy want to wish Baby Kitty a very happy, HAPPY birthday!

  9. Faerie Princess wants to know if the tuna is in oil or water? She prefers fresh, though.
    Shenanigan will not be coming because she absolutely detests crowds but she will take a goodie bag.
    Atticus promised to help clean up afterward. He is such a little gentleman.
    McGillicuddy has been pacing at the front door for days, meowing in utter anticipation!
    Mabel Peekaboo wants to know if it would be rude to bring her own goodie bag as she is on a new health kick?
    Frannie will be in Narnia but sends her best wishes!

  10. That is just too adorable. I so love seeing all the photo's of your kitties living life with such a wonderful mom.

  11. Happy 8th Birthday, Baby Kitty! My birthday was yesterday (07/21). In human years, you and I are very close to the same age. Have fun at your party and don't go overboard on the catnip! =^..^=

  12. Hi Debbie. Happy birthday to Kitty says Kimo our guest cat. She doesn;t feel up to partying tonight as she had a tiring day. But she wishes all of you cats a wonderful time and don't get sick of all the good party food.

  13. You just never know what you are going to see on a blog!! It is so hard to explain to non-bloggers!

  14. Debbie, Princess Mignon Abbie is SO excited to come to the party. She's already dressed and ready (posted). She's very concerned though, as her Mama (moi) will be on the road at 7pm and won't be able to link her post up with your Birthday post. If it's not too much trouble - here's the linky to the birthday post from PMAbbie:

    Oh, she's so excited! Thanks to you Debbie if you can do this for PMAbbie... ~Merci

    I'll check back in later tonight when I get to my destination to see if Abbie made it to Baby Kitty's party on time! ;)

  15. Happy Birthday Baby Kitty!

    Nishiko and Xanthe xxx

  16. Sid's a little camera shy at the moment, but adds her very best wishes for sweet little Baby Kitty's birthday. Please give a tickle under the chin from me - you KNOW the spot I mean! :o)
    Rose H


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