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22 July, 2011

It's Time to Par-tay with the Kitty Cat Linky Party!

bkcrownIt’s party time! It’s Baby Kitty’s big day, so the staff is throwing a birthday bash in his honor and we hope you will join us! Yes, our illustrious co-host is turning eight and we are ready to celebrate! You may already be aware of his story…an amazing rise from rags to riches…so we are excited to honor him with this little par-tay!

partyoz The first to arrive is our CEO Ozzie, sporting an oh-so-festive headpiece for the celebration…and she’s brought a special present for the Birthday Boy from the staff! You will see later what it is!

kitty Next to arrive is our webmaster Kitty…a quiet, behind-the-scenes kind of gal…who has chosen a traditional party hat for the occasion. Hmmm…now where’s our public relations director Miss Isabella? While we are waiting for her arrival, let’s check out the refreshments!

012 The buffet table holds an assortment of goodies…

013 …a special salmon pâté (aka cat food) fish-shaped cake topped with rows of kitty treat scales and surrounded by fresh strawberries…Baby Kitty’s favorite fruit…

034 …an assortment of party mixes in salmon, chicken and catnip flavors…

035 …and real milk punch served in pretty punch cups from a special kitty pitcher!

kittyeats Hmmm…it looks as though the guests are tired of waiting for Miss Isabella and are ready to eat!

bk Of course, the guest of honor is served first! A little sprig of fresh catnip has been added as a pretty…and enjoyable…garnish!

partystaff Kitty, Baby Kitty and Ozzie dig in! It seems they are enjoying the refreshments!

bkis Finally, the fashionably late Miss Isabella arrives, wearing her tiara and going straight for the milk punch!

014 We’ve saved a plate for you! Won’t you join us?

bkpres Now it’s time for Baby Kitty to open his present! The staff has all pitched in so that they could give him something really special…

catamaranpres …a one week cruise to CATalina on a CATamaran! It's a cruise for two, so I am hoping that Baby Kitty will invite me to go along!

033 Now it’s time to clear the plates and get ready to dance…

scatcat …because Scat Cat and his band have arrived and are ready to play! ♪♫♪ Everybody wants to be a cat! ♫♪♫ Well, for one day, anyway! I’m betting that even includes our faux feline friends who are in attendance!

bkking Here’s our co-host in a pensive moment…thankful for all of his friends in Blogland who have taken the time to stop by to wish him a Happy Birthday! And that goes for all of the staff here at Plate Addict! So as a way to say thank you, there will be special goodie bags for several of our guests which will be chosen at random after the party closes!  And finally, we want to wish the best of birthdays to our handsome little guy who makes every day special!
And now…link up your favorite kitty or kitty wannabe and join the party!


  1. Debbie, you are totally amazing. This is just the cutest post and party I have ever seen. Happy Birthday to Baby Kitty. Such fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a fun party Debbie! The staff truly looks like they are enjoying themselves! Have fun on the cruise:@)

  3. Happy, oh happy Purrday Baby Kitty!!!! WOW! What a present - a party AND a week long cruise on a catamaran!!!!! Do you think your Mom would adopt me?!?! Let's party!!!!!

  4. Way to paw-ty! Looks like a fun time was had by all. Enjoyed the milk punch! Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty!
    Bon voyage! ~ Sarah

  5. LOVE IT!!! My girls are here with bells on. Great idea with the strawberry garnishes. Miss Jenkins loves strawberries so much that she tracks them down and tries to roll on them before eating them. te he!! Happy Birthday to the Handsome Birthday Boy!!!
    (btw, Miss Jenkins is singing ala Marilyn Monroe to Pres. Kennedy)

  6. What a party! I know that Baby Kitty is anxiously awaiting all the guests and it looks like they are on their way.
    Gabby and Gizzy are here now!

    Happy Birthday Baby Kitty!

    Gabby and Gizzy

  7. I love a cool cat party, thanks for the invite. Best wishes to Baby Kitty.

  8. The best kitty-cat party ever!
    I know Lily is chomping on the bit to get started!
    Please send her home by midnight, as she likes to prowl!

  9. Deb I am cracking up, it almost makes me want a cat to partay with!! You did a great job,Kathysue

  10. Debbie,
    Happy Birthday Baby Kitty!
    From the party hats, to birthday cake, treats, and (milk) punch...this is a purr~fect party, dear! Maurice adores the music...but is being a bit distant. She's listening from the adjoining room. Could she be a bit shy??? Purr~haps Baby Kitty will take Maurice on his birthday trip? Time will tell! Thank you for inviting us to join you!
    Pat & Maurice

  11. hi Debbie, what a cute idea you had to celebrate Baby Kitty's birthday. I'm sure Baby Kitty enjoyed all the birthday treats. Enjoy your party and thanks for the invitation............

    The French Hutch

  12. Thank you for the fabulous party, Baby Kitty. Staff are so well organised for the marvelous party, love the treats, the atmosphere, the music. You all dressed up. Mogi and Tiger are joining and sharing now.

  13. Charlie is here and enjoying all the other Kitties and the treats! Thanks for hosting such a fun birthday party. Happy Birthday Baby Kitty.

  14. Too cute...NOW all my kitties will think they will be getting a party too!
    You outdid youself...hope you get to go on the trip to CATalina!! LOL

  15. What fun...but it really makes me miss having a kitty! I'm sure enjoying all of these though- xo Diana

  16. OH this is hilarious!! Happy birthday to Baby Kitty! I'll have to get Nat and Kat over here asap to celebrate! Meow!

  17. Debbie,
    What a great party! Hunny and Tones are so excited because strawberries are one of their favorite fruits, too! They also like apples and cantaloupe.
    A great time being had by all!

  18. All this party-fying is making the little bunny get very very excited...she's bouncing off the furniture and running around like a wild woman :o) I think it's bedtime for her ;o)


  20. What a great party! Happy birthday to Baby Kitty! Maybe you can go to St Kitt if you aren't invited to CATalina :)

  21. Debbie I LOVE this post!! Happy Birthday to Baby Kitty, enjoy your party! Martina

  22. Happy BIrthday Baby Kitty
    You have the BEST cat mom in the world. I know I met her, but I didn't meet you yet.
    Ummm if you need a partner to go on that cruise, I know a couple cool cats that live here at the Frid cottage ... just saying.
    Love Claudie

  23. Joyeux anniversaire au petit chat. Matty voulait assisté à la fête mais elle dort beaucoup à cause de sa chirurgie. Amusez-vous bien - tout le monde! Linda

  24. While cruising around blogland, I happened upon Baby Kitty's birthday party! What fun! Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty! I hope ;you can stop by Applejack Lane and visit Kahlo sometime.

  25. Happy Birthday Baby Kitty and to all the party goers have a tons of kitty fun. I wish I had a blog so I could send a linky of my 4 kitties but they all send their "best fishes"!!

  26. Happy Birthday Baby Kitty! And many happy returns of the day! We are so pleased to meet you.
    We are mad about your pitchers with cat handles! Are they vintage/antique? Reproductions? So much charm! Love them!

  27. How FUN, Debbie! Happy Birthday to Baby Kitty!!
    Sorry, no furbabies at this house (allergies) to play along but I sure enjoyed seeing what yours were up to.

  28. This is the cutest blog party I've ever seen. so cute.
    I don't have a kitty...nor even a cat of any kind in my whole entire house. Sorry I couldn't come to the party...I am sad! :(

  29. Dear Baby Kitty, Ozzie,Isabella, Kitty and Debbie.
    Thank you so much for inviting us to Baby Kitty's 8th birthday celebration.
    Whoo Hoo! You really know how to throw a party!!
    It was so much fun and we enjoyed meeting you and all the other cool guests.
    Our compliments to the chef. The fish cake, party mix and catnip were the best we've ever had.
    Thanks again and stop by and see us sometime,
    The Wild Bunch

  30. this is gonna be the party to end all parties. or so i hear.

  31. Hello Debbie and Baby Kitty,
    your party is so supercute. Sure we want to join in and to congratulate for this very special famous cat.
    Best greetings from Germany,
    Johanna + cat Wiski

  32. Happy "B" Day Baby Kitty!!!
    What a hoot! Sarah had me laughing so hard I had to come and see what the "par-ty" was about. Then Missy and I just had to join in to wish your family a very Happy Birthday. I sure hope Baby Kitty likes roses and jewelry.
    Have a wonderful celebration and thanks for inviting us to your event.

  33. I'm not a cat person but I thought this was really cute! Very clever.

  34. Check out the site "conversations with the muses" and you'll find another kitty party. It's called The Mad Catter party, it will really give you a laugh! I love all your fuzzy faces!, come visit me, she's in my blog sidebar! xoxo-cindy

  35. Hi Debbie,
    This is just so much fun! Glad you are hosting a par-tay for Baby Kitty as it gave me the opportunity to write about our new kitty, Butter, who has come to live with us. We have reluctantly adopted her, but now are in love. Classic story of "daughter adopts a cat, then decides it's too much to keep her because of her lifestyle, so Mom and Dad can take care of her...!"
    Thanks again for hosting, and say happy birthday to Baby Kitty from Butter for me! ~Delores

  36. Oh my goodness! That was just too cute!

    ~ Tracy

  37. How CUTE!!!! My computer at home is in the shop and I am just now getting to the party! lol I hope it was a wonderful birthday!


    Lou Cinda :)


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