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22 April, 2009

Tablescape Thursday...or...Completely Quimper!

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday with our hostess with the mostest, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to stop by her beautiful blog to see another one of her amazing tablescapes and to see a list of this week's participants!

I am calling this week's tablescape Completely Quimper (pronounced kem pair) because I am showing you my collection of French Quimper ware. It is not china, but faïence, a type of pottery, and is made in Quimper in the Brittany region or Bretagne. You have seen parts of my collection on several different tablescapes, but never all together!

Baby Kitty is excited to be your co-host today because he is quite the Quimper ware aficionado. His favorite pattern is le coq ancien, or the old rooster, for obvious reasons! All of the pieces that he will be showing you were handmade and hand painted, then signed by the individual artists who created them. I was fortunate enough to visit the HB Henriot factory and see them at work...fascinating! The first pieces I will show you are modern, not antique.

First, I am showing you the lug bowl with its little handles which is used for drinking café au lait in the morning. The pattern on the handles is created by dabbing the paint with sea sponges.

Next is the salad or dessert plate. The stylized flower beside the rooster is typical of Quimper ware, so you will see it on many pieces.

Here is the dinner plate. Although the pieces will always be similar, they will never be identical. Each one of these three pieces was actually created by a different artist, since different initials can be found on each of them!

Here is a close-up of the rooster on the mug. I love his attitude!

Now for my favorites! Here is the pair of pitchers in the more traditional pattern featuring the Breton man and woman. I prefer this pattern, but the problem is, as I have said before, that I must always buy two of everything! How could I leave the little Breton man without his sweetie?

The salt and pepper shakers feature the Breton couple and are souvenirs from my retirement trip to France two years ago... are these egg cups. They were actually bought at the HB Henriot factory in Quimper! Once again, they feature the Breton couple in traditional costumes.

I hope you won't mind if I show you some more of my collection. These are not actually intended to be dinner plates, but are wall décor...great!...because that's where I have them! They are called Genre Ancien wall plates and are based on designs from the HB Henriot archives or museum collections. You will notice that these are much more ornate!

Here's another pair of wall plates from the Genre Ancien collection. Notice that the women are frequently depicted with a spindle used in spinning and the men with either a clay pipe or an instrument.

These plates are commonly available in antique stores and are much less ornate than some patterns. Notice that there is a little tree rather than a flower. Are you beginning to see what I mean about buying two? My sister gave me the little man for my birthday and I had to rush right out and buy his little honey so he wouldn't be alone!

I love these heart-shaped plates! I keep one near the sink so I have a place to put my rings. This is the same pattern that is on the pitchers.

Here are two of my favorites! I bought these at the Sunday antique market in l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France. These are entirely decorative. Don't you love her unusual lace cap? Each province in France has different styles, but Brittany has some of the taller, more elaborate ones!

I love this plate. It is also an antique and was my first piece of Quimper ware. Isn't the design just exquisite? You can't tell from the photo, but the border is almost three dimensional. Unfortunately, this Bretonne doesn't have a mate. I wish she did!

Finally...a piece that I only had to buy one of...this antique double wall pocket! I think this one is my favorite! It hangs on the wall near my front door. Isn't the little couple wonderful? I hope my collection has inspired some interest in Quimper ware. Hand painted faïence is a treasure and should not be allowed to fall by the wayside, as are so many parts of the china-producing industry today!

So there you have Completely Quimper a few little extras! Thanks so much for stopping by! Please head on over to Susan's to continue your tour de tablescapes! And...à la prochaine!...I'll see you next time!


  1. Debbie, your quimper is beautiful! I love that each piece is unique. The men and women are cute too.

  2. Oh Debbie, after hearing the wonderful stories and seeing the pictures of you visiting the factory, I just love every piece. They are so unique and I love the colors and the costumes. You do have a beautiful collection and I know they bring back such wonderful memories of your travels for you. They are just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  3. Debbie,
    What a lovely Quimper collection!!! I have always loved this particular kind of pottery. My mom has a small collection of occasional pieces...lamps, pitchers, etc. Your place setting is beautiful sitting on the Battenberg(erg or urg) it.

    I have some unusual Quimper plates that are a gold color with a cow in a pasture drawn into them. Do you know anything about a design like that?

    Your post is beautiful as always!!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!

  4. Debbie your collection of Quimper is wonderful. Thanks so much for the history of these beautiful pieces.

  5. Beautiful! And I love your story about each and every piece -- I hope you're writing this all down somewhere!

  6. These are such a lovely treat to look at. And so fun to see how you have added to over the years.
    Have a Lovely Day~

  7. Debbie, I just love this. And of course you can't be expected to separate those sweeties! My favorite is the lug bowl - not THAT's what I call a cup of coffee! Kat

  8. Thank you for the Quimperware showcase. This was wonderful!!

  9. Debbie,
    Love this quimper stuff! I am looking on e-bay thanks to you. Your pieces are just gorgeous and I love how you have them displayed with the beautiful battenberg placemat. The history lesson and the wonderful french music made this a real treat. Cindy

  10. Deb, I love Quimper and you have so many lovely pieces I am with you and the antique pieces are my favorites. You know how I love drinking a latte out of a bowl, those are wonderful and thankyou for the education and history behind these lovely pieces.Hugs Kathysue

  11. Hi Deb - did I miss your new background? I love the combo of the new header with the new background. The apple green is divine!

    Okay where was I...Oh, yes! Love your quimper. Have I ever showed you my three bowls I bought in Budhapest? Very, very similiar. I just might have to buy me a piece (or two) of Q-ware.

    Thanks for sharing, Barb
    PS - Baby Lily is waving her tail at Baby Kitty. Meow!

  12. These are so beautiful and I can tell by your comments how much you love them. And I love how you incorporate the kitties!!

  13. I love the colors! The way you describe each piece shows how much they mean to you! thanks so much for sharing these with us!
    hope all is well with you ....I might have to put up a post or two soon here....I miss you guys

  14. Debbie, c'est magnifique! J'aime chaque petit exemple de Quimper...tout est parfait! Et ton explication est tellement interessant. Bravo, mon amie! Linda

  15. Oh my Debbie, what fun dishes those are! And that music makes it more fun!

    To answer the bird pics, I zoomed in on speed mode from my front walkway, the tree's right outside and try to desperately find the bird and just clicked away!

  16. I've always like Quimper but alas, there is none at Linderhof -- I love the pictures on the pieces and they seem so French. A nice collection!

  17. Debbie,
    This dish collection you have is just fabulous!! So interesting. Love it!! Happy TT!

  18. I love Quimper but alas, there is none at Linderhof. It is so French and I love all the different pieces. You have a nice collection!

  19. You chose such lovely pieces during your sojourn in France. I always found the tin-glazing process fascinating.

    Were you a French teacher?


  20. Thank you for sharing your lovely collection with us. The story and history was fascinating and the dishes were really special. I loved the way you displayed them too. Very pretty!

  21. What a lovely collection. I have never heard of them..great post..interesting and educational too! Merci!

  22. Hi Debbie, I always love each new post you do! Thanks for the info on Quimper-ware.

    PS - enjoyed a delightful conversation with Baby Kitty

  23. Hi Debbie! Oh, what a lovely Quimper collection you have! I didn't realize these were made of tin - they look like pottery! You have so many beautiful pieces!
    Oh, make sure you tell Baby Kitty what an awesome job he did on presenting your pieces! The Price is Right just may be calling...come on down!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. What a beautiful collection of Quimper you have Debbie...just lovely! It must make you smile!

  25. You have quite a collection, Debbie! So pretty! I especially love the pitchers and egg cups....Christine

  26. Miss Debbie, I love your "Completely Quimper Tablescape". It's totally "Quimper"~ ;) And Baby Kitty is adorable as always! I have a surprise for you on my TT post today...It's ALL ABOUT YOU and my Princess Mignon Abbie waiting for you for tea! Are we still on for Thursday? I emailed you a few times today..hopefully you've still got some time in the afternoon! ;) ~CC Catherine

  27. Very pretty dishes!!!

    I LOVE your placemats. So elegant!

  28. Debbie... I really like your Quimper. It reminds me of Grandma Moses style Primative Art. So beautiful, and so rustic.

    have a glorious weekend.

  29. I am a big fan of Quimper but don't have a single piece. I so enjoyed looking at your lovely collection.

  30. Very informative and pretty pieces and of course the cat is adorable.

  31. Why thank you Baby Kitty, so nice of you to be our hostess today while visiting ! Such beautiful pieces, you must be proud !

    Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  32. Debbie I didn't know these were pretty are these I would be collecting them also...and all the fun memories you also have with your travles...just beautiful my friend to say the least...thanks for the infro and history...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  33. Well, I know how this will shock you. I loved this post! You have so many amazing and wonderful pieces. That wall pocket is so unique and pretty. Of course, I've never met a Quimper piece that I didn't love. Thank you for sharing all of these beauties. I am so jealous that you've been to the factory. laurie

  34. I would have loved to visit France as you have. You must feel like you're back there when you sit down to this table. And of course, the kitty makes it complete!

  35. What a lovely Quimper collection you have. It looks beautiful set up in a tablescape! Very nice colors.

  36. Happy Table Scape Thursday!

    I am stopping by to visit From Between Naps on The Porch and your Quimper table scape is lovely. Thank you for sharing. I love the cat!

    from Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl

  37. What a fabulous collection. How nice to see something this beautiful and learn something new as well!

  38. Debbie, Good Morning! Your Quimper collection is really speaking to my heart and soul. I love each and every piece. The pictures you took are wonderful. You are really... getting good at this tablescaping posting. I am in awe!! Your kitty is precious, too!
    xoxoxo Terrie

  39. Mary @Boogieboard CottageApril 23, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    Your Quimper collection is just beautiful and Your Kitty makes a perfect model! :O)

  40. I loved your post! I've learned alot but I love how it is your passion and you traveled to France and visited the factory and saw it all come alive!!! Amazing!

  41. I love all the pieces you shared with us. It's great to hear a little about the history too. I'll bet your trip to France was a blast.

  42. Hey Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I do admire your Quimper ware's fabulous, my friend! Of course, I just had to enlarge each photo to take in all of the lovely little details!!! I just love that Quimper ware comes in so many different patterns and colors...and yet, they are all tied together by the little couple! I love the older, antique pieces that you have but I think that my favorite Quimper ware pattern is the Genre Ancien...I just love the pattern and colors!!! Of course, it's all beautiful...I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite really! I love your newer set of le coq ancien! Ohhhh gosh, Girl...I just love it all!!! I remember seeing your double's fabulous!!!

    I am curoius about the faïence way of making Quimperware...I'll have to do a little research on that! So interesting!!! Thank you Girlfriend, for sharing your fabulous collection with us! I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour of all your pretty Quimper ware!!!

    Love ya,

  43. This is wonderful! I'll bet you had such a good time setting up each shot, because it enabled you to get personal with each piece again, something we don't do often enough.
    Great post! Loved all of it!

  44. Hi Debbie,
    What a great post! I just love every piece! I had not heard of Quimper ware before but I will be on the lookout for it now. Simply gorgeous craftmanship. Love it! Colors and uniqueness of each piece is stunning.

  45. Oh my goodness.....I love your dishes. And I especially love the antique pieces. Fabulous!

    And....I love your kitty pics too. :-)

    Hope your day is beautiful.

  46. Oh I love your Quimper! Gorgeous!!!

    I gave my mom a small Quimper pitcher years ago; hmm... must find it now.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection -- so lovely!

  47. These are all so beautiful and I love the stories you tell. The stories are as wonderful as your plates. Thanks for giving us a quick education on quimperware.

  48. Hi Deb!

    Another feast for the eyes and a wonderful educational experience. I do love your Quimper ware and you were so lucky to tour where it was made. That would do it for me. I really do like every piece and all the bright colors.

    I have just started a book and there is a section on faience and now you have me curious!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Quimper!!


  49. Debbie , what a wonderful table and post. I enjoyed all of it! And I learned a few things.
    Great collection of Quimper ware.
    Linda Q

  50. Hi Debbie....Oh thank you!!! I needed this...I have had not so good of a week and when I heard the great music you have on the post this week..(I never have the sound turned on but it happened to be on today) it just put a big smile on my face....I love it!! I felt like I was in France..and ofcourse your dishs are the best...
    is this the soundtrack to Amelie??

  51. Debbie, I love seeing your collection! It's just wonderful!



  52. Here I am also. Fla. as you might have heard from dear CC was a bust. The only great thing was the rescue of a little puppy named Nee Nee. She was my sister's son's. He was overwhelmed with 2 dogs, living in a bachelor, works all day and never walked her. So now she's in a better home and all is well. We found him a condo and hopefully he will be happy.
    Glad you found me and I hope you met CC.
    I love her.
    Love to you and yes your TT was beautiful.
    Love Claudie

  53. Debbie, I do love all your Quimper! It's all just beautiful! I tried to post on your site the other night from my laptop and no luck...anyway...I love the kitty tennis match! Love those kitties!

  54. Soooo cute. I have never seen dishes like this before. I have seen tiny little glass replicas of wooden shoes with a similar design..but nothing like those lovely dishes. Those are just charming!! Kitties are such wonderful company..and now I know they make wonderful hostesses.. :)
    Thank you for showing them to us! I love them!!

  55. Love the vibrant colors of your quimper collection. Pretty tablescape. Deb

  56. I have never heard of Quimper plates! But they are indeed beautiful and what a work of art. You have such wonderful taste!

  57. What wonderful Quimper collection! I'm very envious, as I love anything Country French. Enjoying your blog.
    Tracy F.

  58. I've always loved Quimper, as well; most of the ones I saw first were a creamy yellow with a black almost-toile decoration.

    When I was in High School, I was a bridesmaid for a dear friend, and her Bridesmaid's Luncheon was at the home of a VERY society lady and her daughter. I'd seen the beautiful dishes and hoped to have some someday, and so when our chicken-salad lunch was served on those familiar plates I told her how much I'd always admired them.

    Since it was before College French, and my admiration was always from afar, I pronounced it as it looks: Quim-per.

    The lady told me loudly in front of all those ladies in hats that the proper pronunciation was Keeum-payah, so THAT was a lesson learned.

  59. Your collection is gorgeous! The French really know how to combine colors don't they. You have to feel happy when you look at those plates! The roosters are just great! Thanks for showing them to us Debbie. I so enjoyed it.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  60. I just LOVE your Board of Directors. They (the way you set them up) give so much to the photos. Of course, your remarks are great. I enjoy seeing your blog. God Bless

  61. Debbie, I'm glad you put this on your sidebar because I hadn't seen this post. Beautifully done. You know I'm smiling! I think it's fun that you've bought in pairs. '-)


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