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26 April, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday, Thrifting Finds and Merci!

Welcome to another Metamorphosis Monday with our hostess with the mostest, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to stop by her amazing blog to see the changes she has been making to her beautiful home and to see some wonderful before and after projects from this week's participants! This week, I have several things to show you!

I am also participating in Today's Thrifty Treasures with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality! Be sure to visit her blog to see some of her wonderful thrifting finds and find out how you can participate, too!

I found this while Goodwill hunting with my friend Linda at Nina's Nest. I love anything with roosters about as much as I love anything with grapes. They are both so frenchy to me! Yes, there is a missing bottle because...

...I immediately knew what I wanted to do with one of them and couldn't wait for a photo...a dish detergent dispenser! I already had the stopper. Do you see how it matches my hand soap dispenser??

Now, what to do with the other two??? Think...think...Baby Kitty has an idea!!

I dug around in the pantry and found two tops that fit, drilled some little holes and...voilà! I have new salt and pepper shakers to go beside the stove! I'll use these while I am cooking! Thanks for the inspiration, Baby Kitty!

I had been searching for my next project for a while. I somehow missed out on this basket when Southern Living at Home was selling them. I almost found one at GW, but another lady beat me to it. Linda even said she would distract her while I took it from her cart and! So I was thrilled to find this one at last! It had originally been white and somebody else had a Metamorphosis Monday painting it this color!

So this is a sort of de-metamorphosing! I love the vine design on the basket! Here it is in the middle of the project. It took several coats of spray paint.

And here it is on my front door! I love the contrast with the red geraniums! I hope it adds a welcoming look to my house!

Now I'd like to show you a few more of my finds nice for a change...didn't need any work! I found this wonderful old plate at GW for $3.00. I told you I would buy grapes on anything! This one is on my coffee table now.

I found a baby for my mom's Red Cliff ironstone soup tureen. It's not Red Cliff, but I think it's cute!

Look at these two cute little clay pots! I am thinking of planting some herbs in them!

Here's a close-up of the needlepoint bell pull that I found at a church yard sale for $1.00. Isn't it wonderful?

At the antique fair in Braselton, Georgia, I found two big brothers...cold meat forks...for my Rogers Brothers Vintage youth fork!

Here's another GW find... a French bread basket in a provençal print....only $2.00! Look how pretty it looks with my tablesquare that I bought in France! And guess what I found when I peeked at the tag....

...made in France! Woooo hoooo!

And finally, a big merci to CC Catherine at Catherine de thé cups for inviting me to tea at her beautiful home! I was like the gawking tourist...oh, there's her chandelier and the gazebo and the sofa cover and...and...! It's fun to see in person things that you've seen online! She served wonderful maple scones with homemade devonshire cream and lemon curd! Yumm! A more gracious hostess cannot be found! Thanks, CC!!

And there you have it! Thanks for coming by! Please be sure to drop by Susan's to see more wonderful before and after projects and Rhoda's to see more terrific thrifting finds! And à la prochaine...see you next time!


  1. Happy Sunday Debbie. I'd say you had excellent luck at GW this week. You have several great finds. Hey, I have a wall pocket (or whatever it's called) made from a ceiling tin. I actually put real plants in it and hang it on the door. It's fun but later in the summer when the plants grow they kind of attack you at the door. :)

  2. Fantastic GW finds! Love what you did with the rooster bottles.


  3. This is such a fun post, Debbie! I love all your great finds!

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I just bought a bottle like that for soap by my sink as well. You know what they say about great minds....

    Loving all your projects! Sounds like you had a nice tea day. How wonderful when blogging life carries into our real lives and friendships.

  5. OK, Debbie, English right now....that bell pull - WOW! What was someone thinking about giving up that beautiful thing?! Et les grandes fourchettes - parfaites! Et le petit bébé - en falaise rouge - peut-etre? C'est magnifique! But one thing, my friend, it was I who said I would distract the lady while YOU took the basket out of her cart - hee, hee, hee. Incroyable - Bien fait, ma partenaire en crime! Linda

  6. Debbie, I am so thrilled you found some good things at the GW. I just know they have to have treasures sometimes and this was your time. I love it all. The bottles are just wonderful and how great to fill them with salt and pepper and oil. You are so clever. The blue plate is to die for, and that little tureen is just too cute. Your tea with CC was such fun I am sure. The tablescape she did for you was so beautiful. I love that wall pocket. I really need to find something for the door. I am so thrilled with your wonderful finds. They are just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  7. Debbie,
    I don't know where to gathered so many lovely goodies!!!
    I love what you did with the painted rooster pretty and the blue and white plate is gorgeous...I love it all!!! You are a lucky girl!!!

    Isn't it funny about the Southern Living wall pocket!!! My mom orderd one from the catalog a while back and I thought it ws adorable...but I could live without it. Now that everyone in blogland has one I want one too!!! I think that says something very bad about me;)!!! I have to go now I am going shopping for a you know what;)!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!!

  8. Wow what good finds. You did good. Makes me want to go out see what I can find.

  9. Debbie... I think your Goodwill must be in the upscale part of town... my GW never has those pretty dishes!

    and by the way... who do you suppose I decided to do a Wordless Wednesday on "Plates" in honor of....? Hummmm could it be my favorite Plate Addict?

    My only fear is that it's going to be so difficult for her to go "Wordless"!

    blessings. Dixie

  10. Hi Debbie! Wow, friend, what finds you have! I never can find this much loot! Love it all and how nice to meet and have tea with the Lady! You two are just as cute as buttons!

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Excellent finds☺ How cool that you got to visit with CC, too!

  12. Wow, Debbie, you found some great stuff! And the little baby tureen is so adorable. How neat is that that you got to have tea with CC Katherine? I'll be that was a great time.

  13. what wonderful finds! love the front door basket!

  14. Oh my! I don't know what I liked better, the baby tureen, or the clay pots. No, I think it's the wall pocket, or maybe it's the bread basket - oh what the heck, I love them all. And I'm SO jealous! But very happy for you! Great job! ~Kim

  15. Hey Debbie,
    Great Met Monday Post! What wonderful finds and I love the wall pocket on the door that you remetasized. I bought a similar one at home goods recently. Great minds... I love the rooster salt and pepper, what a great idea. Cute pic of you and CC. You Georgia gals are lucky to get to meet each other, Cindy

  16. Aren't you the clever and creative one? Love all your finds and what you did with them. Also wonderful to see you with Ms. CC!

  17. I love your GW finds! I have only found on plate in our thrift stores that I like. Oh well, I will have to keep looking!;D

  18. Hey Debbie,
    Very creative with the Rooster bottles.. awesome idea on both uses. I love the new look of the door basket with the geraniums.. it's beautiful.
    Have a Great Week.

  19. What a shopper! I love what you did with the bottles, especially the s&p shakers!

    The wall decoration for your door does look very inviting..and the mini soup

    Super finds on all your items!!

  20. What great ideas you had, and good finds!!!


  21. I love the pocket on your door! It looks so much better in white! The red geraniums really pop in it!
    Who doesn't love red geraniums!!!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  22. Debbie,
    I can hear your excitment from here! You found some real treasures. Sometimes I think it is "the hunt" that makes it so much fun.

    Thank you for sharing all your great treasures.


  23. Lovely morphs - all of them.


  24. great ideas. i just love the flowers on the front door. mishelle

  25. Wonderful post -- I love everything. I especially like the fact that you have met some blogger friends. I look forward to doing the same.


  26. Great post. I love all you GW finds. I am just amazed at what you girls in blogland find to do with things I just look beyond! Darling basket on the front door!

  27. Gotta love GW!!! How fun to get together with a fellow blogging buddy!

  28. Aha! Now the real brains behind your clever designs is revealed. It's Baby Kitty! LOL

    I tell ya', that was some clever Morphasing. (is that a word?)
    I especially love your baby tureen find. Oh how I would love to have a set of 6 of those for each placesetting. Oo-la-la!!!
    Just think - in a few short weeks we will be taking our pic together, too! Yoohoo! Can't wait! Have a great week GF! Barb

  29. Yeah, baby, yeah! Love it ALL, Debbie. You found some neat things, Debbie. I need to come shopping with you! :-)

    That picture of Baby Kitty looking at the bottles is SO cute. If he goes missing, I have him for sure! Love that boy!



  30. HI Debbie! I love everything you did on those bottles, great other finds too! The geraniums look so good hanging in the basket on your door.Looks like you had a great time with CC....Christine

  31. I think I really must find a better Goodwill! I love all your finds, especially your baby tureen. I also think cats must be more willing photo subjects than dogs--baby kitty sure looks happy! Have a happy Monday!

  32. What an excellent haul you made! I love the front door basket, it looks beautiful with the geraniums. Welcome summer! The silver pieces are great, but I think the real find was the oil bottles. One of the vendors at poppy fest had some hand painted oil bottles and I almost bought one to use as a soap dispenser, but they were $28.00 EACH. I think I'm going to have to learn how to be crafty if I want one, or learn to find bargains at GW like you! Hugs, Kathy

  33. Debbie, those are wonderful finds! And that basket does look better in white. I'm glad you got to spend time with a fellow blogger and had a great time!

  34. You have been amazingly successful. Of course I love anything that has been painted white.

    Have a great Monday,


  35. Deb, You have really done well at GW.The reason you have done so well is because you have vision.I love every single piece you got for your home. I must say the blue and white plate was a really special piece and so perfect for you. The red geraniums are so bright and cheerful. A perfect preview of what your guest are in store for.A lovely warm cheerful home,just like YOU!! Hugs Kathysue

  36. I was happy to hear from you Ms Debbie :) And of course I adore your french inspired blog of metamorphosis!
    PS I adore that provence colored/patterned wallpaper!

    And finally let me say that I am so happy to read that you were able to meet with one of blogland's special people :)

    I sure hope that your spring is blooming!

  37. Debbie!
    Your "finds" are inspiring. It is very fun to see how these finds fit in to your home...they are very "you". My fave is the blue and white plate...also the Rogers Bros. cold meat forks. I love how cohesive your ENTIRE house is with the things you put together that all bring that certain French flavor to your rooms.

  38. Girl, I can just SEE YOU snatching that basket out of the poor woman's cart and running! LOL! How funny would that've been?
    I'm so jealous you got to go to CC's. I just adore her.
    Your plate find is AWESOME, course you and I both have the "grapes" thing going. ;)
    Great apost! HAGD!Karen

  39. Wow you really hit the motherload this week!


  40. I love your forks...and the door looks wonderful. You've given me an idea!

  41. Debbie,those are some wonderful finds & deals! Good for you, good shopping. I just am amazed at all the great things out there. I'm SO spoiled to shopping retail stores now. Thanks so much for playing along.

  42. I love the bottle w/dish soap on your kitchen sink, I do that too. The painted tin basket looks great on your door. Are the geraniums real? They look it.

  43. Deb you find the most amazing things. I love those Rooster bottles ♥ All of your things are so lovely, but I have to say, I especially like your wallpaper. It's beautiful and so French ♥

  44. Debbie, you and Baby Kitty are brilliant! Love your uses for the "rooster" bottles! You found so many wonderful treasures this week! Good thing I don't live close by. I'd be trying to get to the GW store before you got there! I bet you and CC had a great time! I'm so jealous of you bloggers who live so close to each other AND close to such wonderful flea markets. I think I'm going to start planning to spend a month in Atlanta each year! Look out! Here I come! laurie

  45. Gorgeous GW finds ... you have a GREAT eye for bargains and beautiful things!
    Thanks for sharing...Cass

  46. I love how you have multi purposes for your GW find, very clever. I just posted on Roosters & I just realized I have a dishwashing soap dispenser with a rooster on it. Dang it, I could have used that too!! Why did I post before reading posts?? By the way, I used to have the same dispenser that you use as your hand soap dispenser. I was so sad when it accidentally got broken!!!

    Oh my goodness, Linda is so funny!! I wish I lived closer so that I could go shopping with you two. You two are always finding great stuff!! Your basket morphed into a wonderful hanger for your geraniums.

  47. Hi Debbie,
    As always you have found some real treasures. The meat forks you found at the Breaselton antique Fair are just spectaular. My favorite is what you did with the tin pocket. The white tin pocket with the red geraniums looks so welcoming on your front door. Maybe you shpuld wtite a book on how to spot a "treasure" at your local GW! You sure are good at it!!
    your Micasa friend,

  48. Sooo much to see! I love it! It is absolutely wonderful what a bit of spray paint can do! A neighbor who moved had an old smaller lawn swing. We saw it and brought it home. It's a mess...but not very big and has good lines. IF you can make that little wall bucket look so cute...anyway...yep...thinking of spray painting it..but..what color is the problem.
    Your blue and white plate is exquisite!! Wow...I haven't done the thrift shops in two weeks now..or have me READY to do it again!
    LOVE this blog!!!!!
    Hugs and love,

  49. Your front door is gorgeous!

    Thanks for showing us all of your great finds. Spray painting has opened up endless possibilities!

  50. I loved all your things. I especially love what u did with the rooster bottles. :)

  51. Well Debbie, you came home with many a great treasure indeed! I wouldn't be able to pass up one thing. The rooster bottles are adorable & I love how you re~purposed them! And I can't believe the price on the blue & white still my heart!

    I am so happy that you and CC hooked up~how fun! Tonight I am meeting Christine from Christine's Travels & Home, she is visiting Chicago. My kids still call everyone my faux friends! LOL!!


  52. Hey Girlfriend...

    Just read the sweet little note that you left about my stained glass happy that you came by for a visit and thank you for the nice compliments!!!

    Girl, you have been busy, busy, busy shopping!!! hehe!!! Wow, what wonderful treasure finds! I'd say that you hit the jackpot, my friend!!! I just love your little bottles with the handpainted roosters...just darling and you've already put them to good use!!!

    I just love the metamorphosis of that pretty wall planter...the red geraniums look gorgeous in looks fabulous on your front door! Such a sweet Spring Welcome!!!

    Girlfriend, I love, love, love that beautiful blue & white platter with the grapes!!! That's one of the prettiest patterns (you know that I love anything grapes too!) Does it tell the name of the pattern or manufacturer on the back..I would love to know! And I can't believe that you found your fabulous Red Cliff tureen's "mini-me"...hehe!!! It looks so's almost a match!!! Darling!!!

    Well my friend, love all of your new-found lucky Girl!!! It was so nice to see a photo of you and Catherine!!! I bet the two of you had a grand ol' time!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...Girl, don't blame ya at all for wanting to spend the weekend coloring with your Grandson...wished mine were here to color with!!! But I would love to have you join in with all the fun for Sunday Favorites...whenever you can!!!

  53. Hey Kiddo........GREAT Shares today in this post! And how nice that you ended with the snap of our tea! I too had a super time! I did end up going to the Braselton Antique Fair for about 2 hours., around 10:30am., what time did you get there? I was looking here and there to see if I could see you. My day was tiring, but fun! Hugs! ~CC Catherine

  54. Love all your goodies...would love to stop by your house with a pickup truck and pick out some stuff for moi!


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