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04 March, 2009

We Are Out to Lunch in Georgia!

Yesterday I had as much fun as I have had in a long time! It was the Georgia bloggers luncheon at La Madeleine French Bakery and Cafe! We had snow the night before...quite a bit in my neck of the woods by Georgia CC Catherine at Catherine de Thé Cups and I headed out a little late. Yes, bless her heart, she rode with me! I'm betting she won't do it again! I got lost! Finally...we arrived for an afternoon of...

...good food...

...even yummy homemade cupcakes from Sue at Rue Mouffetard!...

...lots of frenchy atmosphere! You know I'm big on frenchy atmosphere!....

...and even frenchy plates!! Linda at Nina's Nest and I were trying to check them out, but they were glued to the wall...darn it!!

...and best of all, lots of wonderful fellowship with old friends we were meeting in person for the first time! Here's CC Catherine still laughing even though I drove her all over north Georgia!

Here's a shot of 10 of our 12 ladies who came...left to right...Susan, moi, Cheryl, CC Catherine, Deb, Crystal, Sherri, Linda, Joyce, and Denise. Sue was behind the camera and Rose isn't pictured.

Linda and Joyce

CC Catherine, Deb and Linda

Deb and Susan



And finally...the whole group... Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch
Cheryl @ JoJo's Joys
CC Catherine @ Catherine de Thé Cups
Deb @ Drivin 55
Crystal @ Olive Rue
Sue @ Rue Mouffetard
Sherri @ Design to Shine
Linda @ Nina's Nest
Joyce (no blog yet :-)
Denise (no blog yet :-)
Not pictured: Rose @ A Santamakers' Journey

I would like to thank Sue at Rue Mouffetard and Crystal at Olive Rue for so generously sharing their photos with all of us! They are both such wonderful photographers! It's a good thing no one was depending on me...I was busy stuffing my face when I wasn't busy running my mouth!!!
Thanks to all of you ladies for the wonderful time!! We must do this again!!!


  1. Debbie, again, it was so neat meeting you! I hope we can all get together again soon too. I still need to do a post about it! I've been knee deep in cleaning and prep work for my kitchen make over. So I'm glad I had an actual 'vacation' day of fun!

  2. What an enjoyable get together, so exciting for sure for you all to meet each other. I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing the pics with us, Debbie!...Christine

  3. Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful time!!!! CHEERS! Michele

  4. Looks like you all had a great time. Glad the snow didn't ruin things for you. O, and could you please send some of that yummy food over here to So. California? O, and some of that snow would be good over here, too! lol
    Hope you're having a wonderful week.
    :) Brenda

  5. Oh Debbie looks like a good time was had by all...Girl I am so glad you got to make it with the snow and the roads..Food looked Yummy seen at it Rue place..whata fun time...would't you have belive 6 months ago you would be doing ?? Blogging plus meeting these great friends?? Enjoyed seeing your day...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Hi Debbie,
    This looks like so much fun and you got some great photos there. I love your take on it and the food and atmosphere look delightful! Well, I wish I could have been there too, if I can talk my hubby into driving to Georgia this summer can you plan another one? LOL, Cindy

  7. Debbie, this looks like so much fun! I love being able to put a face with the name. And what a perfect place to have the luncheon. Glad the weather didn't put a damper on things. I mean it, next time I just might get on the road and head over! Hugs, Kathy

  8. Debbie..what fun you girls must have had..if only the walls could talk..I had to laugh when you said you and Linda tried to check out the plates and they were glued to the
    hugs ~lynne~

  9. How FUN! I thought about you that Monday. Living in western NC we had snow too- lots of it. Thank you thank you for showing us these images of your time together. What a rewarding day you had. I have no blog but love to browse them and support them. You do get familiar with the names and personalities. Thus it is great to see these shining faces!

  10. Oh, Debbie, what a fun day and everyone just looks like they're having so much fun. I am so glad you and CC went and the weather cooperated. I know you gals will plan another soon. Hugs, Marty

  11. What a nice group we had!
    That was so much fun.

  12. So glad you had such a wonderful luncheon! It is nice to be able to share it you y'all through your blogs! :D Jewel

  13. Hi Debbie...I'll just bet they glued those plates to the wall when they heard you were coming...LOL...what a great day that was for all of you! Wish I could have been there too..
    ;-) Bo

  14. Hi Debbie...I knew the minute I saw you walk in the door we were going to have fun!! And I knew you must have been eyeing those beautiful French plates that were behind you, but Linda didn't look the type to have "sticky fingers"...I guess she kept you in line..Can't wait to do it again...

  15. It looks like you girls had such a great time! La Mad is the perfect place to meet. It's so delicious and girly. :)

  16. Great pictures!! Looks like you had so much fun...besides getting lost of course. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  17. Debbie - I was worried when I heard of the bad weather you were having, hoping it would not cancel your luncheon. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and have the feeling it won't be your last get together! Great photos!

  18. What a fun day! Thank you for sharing it. Isn't the Internet remarkable?

  19. Hey Sweet Debbie......Of course I'll still ride with you on any trip! The company is the great thing., not necessarily where we're going...and I had a BLAST getting to know you! Just like your blog, you are a warm, fun, and vivacious lady! You totally are worth anyone driving HOURS to get to meet you., and/or getting lost together finding our destination! You're a fascinating person! And ladies...Debbie's house is even MORE BEAUTIFUL than her pics... Very French & I LOVED IT! Hugs Debbie! ~CC Catherine PS: Meows go out to your Staff...I'm missin them already!

  20. Hi Debbie! Looks like everyone had a great time...wish I could have been there!


  21. Oh Debbie how fun! So glad you had such a great time and got to meet so many fellow bloggers. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all could get together? Well dear hope you have a great day. Love, Cindy

  22. Yes, we had a blast! I look forward to getting together again real soon.

  23. Debbie, I bet this was a hoot with all you ladies trying to talk at once! I wish I lived closer so I could have joined you, but between the plates & the desserts, you would have had to drag me to the table! ♥ Diane

  24. I don't know what people in GA are going to think when there is a huge infux of bloggers moving to GA! Ya'll are just having way too much fun, and the rest of us are getting way to envious! I wanted to move to GA after seeing the Classy Flea. But that was just the tip of the iceburg! Now, I REALLY want to move to GA. Do you think my husband would pack up and move because I want to be having fun with my blogging buddies? Thanks for sharing all of this fun. I'm living vicariously through you and the other GA girls! laurie

  25. Oh Debbie I saw the pics on Susan's porch! I'm so jealous! No really I'm glad ya'll had such a good time! I just befriended Linda @ nina's nest so it was good to put a face with the blog! I told Susan that next time ya'll meet I'm making Laurie come from Arkansas and pick me up then we'll stop and get Connie in Knoxville. If we leave at about 5 in the morning we could be there for a late lunch! God Bless! lauralu :)

  26. Oh Debbie,
    It looks like y'all had such a wonderful time! I'm trying not to be jealous...not succeeding at it.

  27. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Debbie!

    Great photos!

  28. Looks like you ladies had a load of fun, despite the heavy snowfall the night before! How wonderful that so many lovely bloggers and friends can get together and spend the afternoon.

  29. Hello Girlfriend...

    Ohhh what fun ya'll must have had!!! I just adore getting to see your "Get-together" photos...what beautiful and lovely ladies ya'll are!!! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  30. Dear Debbie,
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Love, Paula

  31. Oh, I'm sure you all had a marvelous time! YOu all look so cute and happy! Glad the snow wasn't a big hindrance!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  32. Debbie, Oh I love the looks of this place! It looks like you had a great girl's day out!

  33. Debbie, I am so glad you all were able to get together for lunch. That was such a neat thing to do. And, the food looked wonderful!

  34. It looks like everyone had a great time! Wish I could have been there, but Illinois is a little far!

  35. Awwww just look at ya'll!!! How lucky you are to have so many wonderful bloggers as RL friends!! I am GREEN with envy!! And not just because you actually have a french bakery! *winks* You guys must have had a blast! And it's so nice to put a face to the blog! Vanna

  36. Looks like a blast! If only I lived in Georgia, but we would both be in serious trouble with two dish addicts shopping together! I've not met too many dishes I didn't like. ;-)


    Sheila :-)


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