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28 November, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Gloria at tagged me to name 6 random things about myself. Here are the rules...
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6)
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So here are my 6 random things:

1. I wanted to meet Jacques Cousteau and go aboard the "Calypso" but he died and it sank before I could do either of those things. :(

2. I name all of my cars. My current car is named Tawanda ("Fried Green Tomatoes").

3. I had my daughter at age 29, my mother had me at 29, my grandmother had her at 29, my great-grandmother had her at 29 and my great- great-grandmother had her at 29. My daughter is 28. Hmmm....

4. I have cut a kitten's umbilical cord. I found an abandoned new-born kitten in the driveway, cut his cord and bottle fed him around the clock . We think his mom was a feral cat having her first litter. That's my Baby Kitty pictured in the sidebar.

5. I want to learn how to play the banjo.

6. I'm related to Patrick Henry (..."give me liberty or give me death.")

Now I am tagging:

1. Deb/"at the cottage" at

I can't wait to hear the 6 random things about these amazing ladies!

27 November, 2008

A Thanksgiving Realization...or...Pie à la Mom

It is now job is done! I can now live the rest of my life in peace. Thanksgiving dinner was at my daughter's home this year for the first time. I can hardly believe the words as I see them appearing on my screen, but it is true. Those of you who are the parents of older children will understand. You spend many years worrying what will happen if, God forbid, something should happen to you. They are almost there...not quite...inching toward adulthood....ever so slowly. Now, at last, I think she has crossed the finish line and I can uncross my fingers. Today is the day that it happened. How do I know? Just look at this pie! Is this not the most beautiful apple pie you have ever seen? She baked it from scratch, crust and all! This is no ordinary's a miracle!

This pie was baked by the child who used to wear her crinoline in the front yard because she was convinced that it was a tutu...that same little girl who poured out an entire bottle of shampoo in the tub for a very bubbly tea party. This pie is the creation of the teenager who kept a supply of toilet paper under her bed so that she could crawl out of the window at night and roll the neighbor's yard....the one who spilled pink nail polish on the carpet beside her bed and didn't tell me for three days. Yes, that person is the same person who baked this pie! And now when I see her in her beautiful home with her wonderful husband and my sweet grandson, I know my job is done. Of course, she will still ask me for advice and she may or may not take it. But she has her own family now. She is a grown-up woman. Yes, my job is done ...and the proof is in this pie!

Since this post was written, they have blessed me with two more little grandsons and I continue to be amazed at what a wonderful daughter, wife and mother she has become!

You can find her pie recipe here.

24 November, 2008

A "Where's the Tent?" Sale...or...Let's Go Shopping!

I need some new lights. Want to go shopping with me? Not far from me they have a lighting tent sale every weekend...only, there's more than just lighting and it's not in a tent. They have other stuff, too. The other stuff is now 50% off of the previous price, which was pretty low to start with.

I went straight for the rooster. He's cute and at $279...hmmm...carry the 1... That's $139.50! Not bad at all!

I like this little clock.'s only $9.50! (I'll spare you my oral price computations. I talk to my self waaaay too much anyway. Or, as my grandson says, "Granny, you have a problem with that.") Those fleur-de-lis always scream "Buy me!"

Ohhhh....more frenchiness! Look, it says Hotel Vieux and it's only about $25. You can't tell here, but it was big, too.

Well, now this one is a puzzle. It's some sort of flower box. And is that a man riding an elephant with a flower trying to grab a frog wearing a crown?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! I love anything with grapes! This one is a real beauty and only $29.50.! You know, the more I look at this one, the more I think I will have to go back out there next weekend and get it.

Now, if you'll remember from our sign, lighting is not included in the extra 50% off, so this one really is $20. Hmmm...maybe if you paint it black. And it needs a new shade. No, no! Here I go...just once I'd like to buy something that didn't need tweaking!

Here's one for the bunny fans. I think it was about $59. Hmmm...those little dangles have to go. Looks like somebody already agreed with me.

Somebody please explain this one to me...seriously! It's a little stool...

...that says "The Swan." Did I miss the book report on this one or something?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Another rooster! You know I love it! But I already have a rooster chandelier. Maybe he needs a brother! Noooo...I'll just show you a few of the more interesting chandeliers that I saw there.

Look at this one! Can you see what it is? A ship! The photo doesn't do it justice! Isn't it unusual? But it doesn't match my decor. Maybe Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand need a chandelier.

This one reminds me of a merry-go-round, or a carousel, if you prefer. We always said merry-go-round where I come from. But then, I've had to learn to say purse instead of pocket book so people don't make fun of me!

This is for you pineapple fans. I can't for the life of me figure this one out! Why would you put a light inside a giant pineapple with almost no way for the light to show through? Maybe you put it outside and turn it on at night.

This one was actually all green and sparkly. I'm not sure what type of decor it matches. Any guesses? Hmmm.......

Here's one for all you monkey fans.

I guess this is what they now call "mid-century modern." To me, it's just the way things looked when I was a little girl. Hey...I think they stole this from the diner!

Now, ladies....prepare yourselves for the best bargain of the day! If you buy this chandelier for your mansion.... can save $15,001! Isn't that a deal????
Now you are wondering what I bought, but I can't show you because I still need to tweak them!

I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip. I know everyone will be busy this week, so I just want to say thank you for how welcoming you have been to this fledgling blogger. Enjoy this time with your families. I know I will. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! .....Debbie

21 November, 2008

Another Confession...or...I Love Goats!

I have another startling confession to make, although all of my friends who live near me know it...I want a goat. I would prefer a pygmy goat, but I'll take just about any goat. We had sheep when I was a little girl, but I had not yet discovered the wonder of goats, so I was not impressed. I don't think it's the same anyway. Sheep are just not sassy. We use sheep as examples of people who don't think for themselves. It has to be a goat.

Once again, it started in France. I went to the zoo in Amnéville, one of the best zoos in France. Was I impressed by their wonderful meerkat exhibit or their American exhibit complete with prairie dogs? was the goats. I'm not sure why, but I think that was the first time I had seen a pygmy goat. It was love at first sight. I picked out a name for my future goat...Fernand. That was the name of my mailman, but I thought it better suited a goat.

The French word for goat is chèvre. Now, don't be confused. If you go out to eat in a French restaurant, they mention chèvre a lot. They are referring to goat cheese. They call it chèvre, too. Don't ask me why. I don't know. So if you order a salade de chèvre chaud it's going to have goat cheese on it , usually with little toasted pieces of French bread underneath. Sometimes they...but I digress.

I have since discovered that in Morocco the farmers let their goats climb trees. Not just any tree, but a relative of the olive tree. The goats, it seems, love to eat the fruit. I think the farmers let them do it because it's hard to lose your goats when they're all up in a tree.

Here's a country store where they let the goats climb on the roof. It's called Goats on the Roof ...where there are goats...on the roof. I saw about 8 of them or so up there walking around. There's just some sort of crime scene tape around it. They must be good citizens because they don't try to cross the tape. They can even climb up on the little red house and then all the way to the little look-out tower there. Tourists love it. So do I.

They have devised an ingenious method to get you to spend money. They have little dispensers for oats that cost maybe 50 cents for a handful of them. You put the oats in the little can and then either turn a crank or ride a little bicycle that turns a chain and sends them up there. But more about that on another post...

I was admiring goats online the other day since my HOA won't let me have one when I came across an interesting article. It seems that in a particular city in the US, the Goat Justice League consisting of 100 members convinced the City Council to reclassify pygmy goats as small animals rather than farm animals. These little goats, up to 2 feet tall and weighing 50 to 100 pounds, must have a license, just like a cat or dog. They must be dehorned and the males must be neutered. Interestingly enough, you have to keep them in your own yard, but people may borrow them for grazing.

Now here's the kicker... That city was Seattle, Washington. Does anyone know someone who is sort of kooky and quirky who lives in Seattle who might keep a goat for me? Hmmmm.....*winks* Debbie

18 November, 2008

A Tea Party at the Teacup Cottage...or...I'm Out to Lunch

As some of you know, my sister just celebrated her birthday, so I took her out to lunch at the Teacup Cottage. It is actually two separate shops, one associated with the tea room and another called Côté Soleil, with the tea room itself located in the back of the shops.

The Teacup Cottage's little shop had a wonderful selection of vintage style tea towels.

You know I want this rooster wreath! Isn't it cute?

Then we headed back to the tea room to have lunch. We had to study the menu to order our tea. There were 52 selections to choose from!

Look at the little tea cozy. Isn't it cute? We chose "Gingerbread" for our first pot and "Christmas Spice" for the second. Hey...where's the other muffin???...I told you to wait until I could take the picture!!!

This is what my sister had for lunch...a turkey, ham and cranberry quiche. Très français, oui? Notice that her teacup is different from mine. Hey...You were supposed to wait until I could take the picture to put the dressing on the salad! It's a good thing it's your birthday....

This is what I had...the salad trio. There is tuna, chicken and frozen fruit salad. The chicken salad was really tasty. It was seasoned with rosemary and thyme. Where's the parsley, sage....? I thought mine was better than hers. lol

We didn't get dessert. The carrot cake looked really good, though. There's CHEESE CAKE in between the layers. The lady at the table next to us ordered it, but wouldn't let me take a picture. I can't understand why...

After lunch, we checked out Côté Soleil. The owner welcomed us so graciously. Her husband is from Nice and they actually make trips to France to bring back their products. (I'm trying to do a post where there's nothing French, but it keeps creeping in! lol) There is a generous selection of Terre è Provence pottery. Hmmm....15% off......

Here are some French pieces for serving appetizers. What do you think the little built-in cups are for on the olive dish? Ohhhh...Page tells me that the little one is for the toothpicks and the larger one is for the pits. Hmmm...

I liked this artificial rosemary plant and the wonderful pot. They were each around $30...not bad! But my yard is overrun with real rosemary... Oops! I forgot to hide the tag!

If my kitchen were bigger, this piece would have followed me favorite!

Look at the drawers...pain, fruits, légumes....bread, fruit, vegetables. Isn't it unique? It was $500. Wah!

I loved the Christmas tree. Do you see the Eiffel tower?

These tablecloths were bought in Old Nice. Aren't they gorgeous? The candles smelled so good!

This picture is a little blurry, but I loved this candelabra! This is one of those things I will lie in the bed tonight and wish I had bought..$59....sigh!

I love the bath products! Look at the little sign..."Le Bain"..."The Bath."

Ohhhhhh! Look!! Quimper cookie tins! They are filled with those Breton butter cookies....Yum!

This is just a little bit of the best of all of the goodies.... I want that red apron from Provence!

Love this wreath! And look at the little lantern....another goodie I will be thinking about tonight...sigh.

There was also a nice selection of soaps from Provence. They smell so good! They had larger sizes, too. I bought one scented with herbs.

I loved the lamp! I was scared to look at the price. I REALLY wanted this one.

There were also a lot of cute things for children to please all the grandmothers like me! I loved those Babar books when I was little. My sister is a new grandmother with a 6 week old grandson. She spent a lot of time in the granny room. Come on....we need to finish our tour!

Isn't the little French doll cute? She says "au revoir!"

Thanks for joining my sis and me for her birthday lunch. See you next time!.....Debbie