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01 December, 2008

An Award and A Tag

I got my first award as a blogger! It's from my cyber friend and fellow cat lover Sheila at "The Quintessential Magpie." If you haven't visited her blog, be sure to stop by. I especially loved her recent post about the adventures of her new friend ...a rag doll named Autumn Annie who can even drive a car. Oh out! Remember Toonces the driving cat?
I am supposed to name 5 things that I here I go.

1. I love sunset at the beach. I love the way it goes down so gradually until the very end when it seems like it switches into light speed and's gone. You can almost hear the water hiss! It also helps if you are with a good friend and you have a margarita to sip on. Ahhhhh!

2. It is no secret that I love my cats. This is the only picture that I have of all 4 of them together. I had to entice them with catnip to get them to be that close to each other all at the same time! They pretty much just tolerate each's a cat thang! That's the remnants of my grandson's chalk drawing on the patio. Three of the four were literally picked up off of the street. I love my babies!

3. I love the artist Van Gogh. Here I am in his bedroom!... lol ... They have a 3-D mock-up of this painting in Arles, France, where he did much of his work. Unfortunately, his house was bombed in WWII. This room is in a tiny museum near the arena. It is located up a narrow staircase and there's only room for about 5 people. My friend and I were alone up there, so we hopped the rope and took Doesn't it look real?? I'm looking somewhat the worse for wear because we had walked all over town for the Van Gogh tour.

4. I love the little town of l'Isle-sur-la-Sorge, France. It looks like a picture post card. It is actually built on the islands where the 5 branches of the Sorgue River come together. There are also numerous water wheels left over from the silk industry. One of the best antique and flea markets in France is held there every Sunday. If you have ever read Peter Mayle's book Hotel Pastis, this is a picture of the bank that the bungling burglars attempt to rob. If you haven't read it, you're in for a treat!

5. And finally....I love cheese! I love it better than chocolate. Roquefort cheese is my favorite... I love to eat it straight. Unfortunately, it's really expensive ... something about a retaliatory tax involving where the French get their bananas. I don't care where they get their bananas...I want my cheese!

Now I am supposed to pass this along to some more cyber friends. But... since it's nearly Christmas and everyone is very busy, I'll let you decide whether or not you want to take this one on. If you do, please let me know. I would love to see your response!

My good friend Ann at "Life at Ann's Place" has done me the honor of tagging me! I was also recently tagged by my friend Gloria at "Happy to Be." I am going to see if I can think up 6 more random things. Hmmmmm......

1. I have been making "artistic improvements" on my hair for about 15 years. Let's just say I can't remember what I started out with and I'm sure it doesn't look that way any more anyway.

2. I grew up in paper mill town. I are saying "peeeeeew." But when you live there you don't smell it. ..just like those people who work in Yankee Candle Company.

3. I have never broken a bone...thus far. One time I flew off the sink and landed on my head when I was trying to fix the faucet. I was really happy when I woke up and realized I had not cracked my head wide open. That's about as close as I have come.

4. I am near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other. It has come in pretty handy until lately. Now I have to wear bifocals.....wah!

5. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 17. I was a huge chicken. Even when I took the test, the state patrolman felt sorry for me because I was so nervous.

6. In high school, my chemistry teacher told me I was the worst lab student she'd ever had. Now I was a teacher...I know you're not supposed to say that kind of stuff to the kids. But it must have been true. Well... gosh darn... she'd always tell us all about how we might blow ourselves up or burn ourselves with acid! What was I supposed to do??

Well...Those are my 6 random things. I'm not going to pass these along either for the same reason. However, once again, if you decide to participate, please let me know so I can read your post. I love to read these things. You find out all sorts of, well, random things about someone!


  1. Debbie I am glad you cleared that up about being in Van Gogh bedroom.. I was waiting for you tell tell me he slept with him and then I was going to ask HOW OLD are you girl..Franch is truly beautiful girl..I always wanted to go there..but now I just want to go to Biltmore and see it all done up for Christmas..but my DH don't like to I am ready in a heart beat tp pack and leave..thanks for sharing all your great 6 things again...hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Hi Debbie, I love reading all about you and Congrats! Well deserved. I know what you mean about a paper mill town. YIKES! The kitties look adorable. I need to get Chestnut a buddy... He adores other animals from the window at least...:) ~Melissa

  3. Hi DEBBIE!!!! Now I know for sure that you are a kindred spirit!!!! I absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE CHEEEEEESE!!!!!! It goes well with the wine! A nice fresh bagette to go with it and I'm good to go! CHEERS! Michele

  4. Debbie, I have without a doubt the most two awesome daughters and they love each other so much. I know they will always take good care of each other. I love cheese more than chocolate also; it's that funny. A nice cheese and wine for me.


  6. I thought you looked fabulous in Van Gogh's bedroom. Thanks for sharing all your many talents and wonderful insights into your life. Love ya, Marty

  7. How fun, your kitties are so adorable. But thanks alot, now I have another book I have to read lol (please tell me it's in English). And I LOVE Van Gogh also. And sunsets at the beach (actually anything at the beach). What a fun post, thanks for the smile. Kathy

  8. You are a brave soul to house four felines. One was a handful for me. He is gone now. We had him for over 19 years, I think. We live in a congested area now and are afraid we might not outlive another animal, so have elected for these reasons to remain pet-less, since our dog went to a better place after about 18 years.

  9. Oh Glenda...It's so hard to lose those wonderful old friends! I think I am drawing the line at 4...I don't want to be a crazy old cat woman on Oprah or

  10. Hi, Debbie! I'm so glad you got your award, and I love your answers!

    We have much in common including Toonces. I'm wild about Van Gogh! I also love Matisse, Cezanne, Monet, Manet, and Renoir. I actually came very close to getting myself in deep trouble from touching a bronze by Renior (at an exhibit in Florida. Of course, bronzes are meant to be touched, and I couldn't resist. LOL! Fortunately, the security guard thought it was funny and determined I wasn't trying to put it in my little magpie pocket. ;-)

    Your orange and white baby looks like my Mr. Coze used to, and your black and white statue looks like Baby Wheatie. Don't you just love cats? :-)

    That town in France is gorgeous. I can see why it's your favorite, and I agree about sunset on the beach and sunrise is magnificent, too. I just finished looking at some sort of alignment in the heavens tonight that won't occur again for about fifty years. I think it was either Pluto and Saturn or Mars with the moon. Someone in a store told me to go out and look at it, and I'm so glad I did as it was magnificent!

    I love cheese, too. Could eat it all day long. But I love chocolate equally. Gotta have both!

    Thanks for all your fun answers, Debbie! :-)



  11. are sooo pretty! I love the tid bits! if you don't have the tootsie award...please stop and pick it up off my sidebar...I want all who I follow to take it..I love your blog!

  12. Debbie, it is so interesting to learn new things about you. As a chocoholic, I cannot imagine like cheese more than chocolate, but it sure explains why my hips get bigger and bigger, while you stay so tiny! laurie

  13. Love all your answers. Came back by to say that I was intrigued by your blog's name. I'm a dish addict...not just plates. In fact, I'm just an addict, but not in a bad way! Good night!

  14. Hi have such great pics & stories to share...I love to come by for a visit with you! Have a splendid day...;-) Bo

  15. You like cheese better than chocolate? Blasphemy!!! ;o)

  16. Well I love all your "loves" too! And I'd pick cheese over chocolate in a heartbeat! I live less than a block from the beach and DH and I love to sit out with a nice glass of wine and watch the sun set. It really is spectacular...and the sound of the waves is so soothing. Vanna

  17. Debbie, I love learning more about you. What an exciting life you've led.. and girl if you look worse for wear..I'm wondering what you looked like when you left for the day. You are a true beauty.. Around here we call it ET..gremlins works now I love all your little cuties together..thanks for swinging by..I always love when you come for a visit.hugs ~lynne~

  18. Hi Debbie! It's always great getting to know you a little better! Oh, that must have been some trip! You look gorgeous by the way.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Be a sweetie, Shelia ;)

  19. Hi Debbie...sorry it's taken me a bit to get by for a visit...working 9 hours a day puts a giant crimp in my blog time! :-) Wanted to say, I LOVE cheese, too. They have great Roquefort cheese at Trader Joes, by the way. I read some of the history online about that cheese and it can only be called that if it's made with the mold from the soil in those caves in that area of France...or some such craziness like that...can't remember it all now. Have you ever read up on that? Since you lived in France...I know you know all about that stuff...I was stunned to read it!
    Not going to Madison this weekend...I know it will be great...please tell me all about it! I'm doing the day and moonlight tour in Marietta with a friend on Sat. and then I'm being a docent in one of the homes on Sunday. I can't believe you can remember the house with the wreaths on the cool is that!!! We have so much in common woman...we are gonna have to meet one day! I've never met anyone who liked cats and china as much as me!!! And you tour historic homes!!! :-) Susan

  20. Debbie thanks so much for swinging by my Kitchen does mean the world to me..hugs and smiles Gloria

  21. I love reading the little things about other people...I love cheese, also! Thank you for always sending those sweet comments my way!

  22. Hi Debbie, thanks so much for coming by and dropping a note. A plate addict...yes, I can relate!

  23. Hi Debbie love your blog,and I like reading about your adventures in France, a place I would like to visit someday! Its almost like being there.

  24. Wonderful post! I enjoyed learning more about you.

    I forgot to add your link to my sidebar, but will do that as soon as I return to the Back Porch. I love visiting here!

  25. Congratulations on your award! You do have a lovely blog, and it's such a nice place to visit.

    I enjoyed all your pictures, and it does look like you're in his bedroom! Cute kitties too.

  26. Just wanted to stop by and say hi :) ♥ Hugs!

  27. Hi Debbie, Where did you go on a home tour? Some must have started on Friday, huh? I'm going on the Marietta one today with a friend...I've probably already mentioned that...can't remember...old age, ya know! :-) I can't wait to see the pics you are going to share. I noticed you mentioned seeing lots of apples over at Donna's...I love that. My Christmas tablescape will have those so I'm curious how you saw them used. :-) We are going to have to a home tour together one day since we live so close to each other. S

  28. Hi Debbie,
    I just stumbled onto you, and I'm LOL already! You could be a comedian! I too love Cats, never Broken a Bone, and Name my Cars (currently it's Pricilla) so much in common!

    Ho, Ho,


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