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22 October, 2019

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Galvanized Jack-o'-Lantern

I'm still enjoying a little Halloween DIY-ing here but this one will be my last for this year. It was inspired by a galvanized Jack-o'-lantern that I spied at Pottery Barn...but theirs was $40. :-( It actually went on sale but with no shipping allowed (?) and was not available anywhere near me. My only choice...create my own. And I have to say that mine cost absolutely nothing since I already had everything in my stash!

You start with a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin....super cheap, huh? And I will add a little note here...the faces can vary, even in the same store. Try to find one with a very large grin and big opening between the teeth because it will be easier to work with as you will see.

First, remove the handle by cutting it away. I decided not to try to fill in the little holes in case I ever want to add another handle some day. Next, using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut around the black portions and remove them. Be super careful as you do this because the X-Acto knife is very sharp! I found it best to keep both of my hands on the outside of the Jack-o'-lantern as I cut. I used nail clippers and small scissors to even up the cut and remove straggling pieces. I used a nail file to smooth over a few places but would NOT recommend using sand paper. It's too hard to control and can scuff up the pumpkin.

Here's what you need to create that galvanized look:
  • White spray paint (I get mine at Walmart. It's cheap and works better than  most of the more expensive stuff.)
  • Rust-Oleum Hammered Silver spray paint
  • Folk Art medium gray acrylic paint or a paint that is only slightly darker than the spray paint
  • Natural sponge
Give the Jack-o'-lantern a good coat of white spray paint inside and out and let it dry completely. This helps to hide the original color and makes it easier to cover with the additional colors.

Now for the galvanizing! Spray the pumpkin with four or five light coats of the hammered silver, letting it dry completely between each coat. I kept going until I began to see a shine and the texture of the hammered finish began to show. Once it is completely dry, place a small amount (not much more than a drop) of the acrylic paint on the dry sponge and dab it on a paper towel until most of it is gone. Next, dab it on the pumpkin in a random pattern, switching directions back and forth as you work. Cover the entire pumpkin, leaving the hammered finish showing through in spots. You can make it as concentrated as you wish.

And here it is! I love the way it turned out...not bad at all for free! :-) Now just add an LED candle (Don't use the real thing...way too much paint going on to add a flame!) and it's the perfect farmhouse-y Jack-o'-lantern! I love the look of an orange candle as its glow shows through that grin. And best of all, you can't even tell it had such humble beginnings!

And just in case you are looking for another Jack-o'-lantern project, here's my HALLOWEEN COOKIE JAR MAKEOVER. I transformed a cookie jar with no lid into this bewitching cutie!

And stay tuned because I have a fall tablescape and some tips for Thanksgiving to share with you!

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  1. I'd like to see yours compared to the Pottery Barn one.

    1. Hi Ron! Thanks for stopping by! :-) There is a link to the Pottery Barn version in the post.


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