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25 August, 2019

A Little Early Fall Antiquing

Yaay! I have finally been able to head over to my favorite antiquing spot...the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Georgia!  I am recovering from shoulder surgery and can't drive long distances so my friend Linda kindly took me. :-) And for me this is the perfect time to go with fall juuuust around the favorite season! Come see what I found!

I know some of you are not quite ready for fall so I am going to ease you in by starting with some of my and white! Isn't this a pretty tureen?

 I collect five finger vases so I was intriqued by this six finger vase...unusual!

 I also collect Red Cliff ironstone so I lingered over this creamer...but I already have this one.

 Nothing speaks to me like vintage silverplate and I love the details on this covered serving piece!

And you know the francophile in me fell for these unique Eiffel Tower scissors!

I considered these wonderful old bookends, too. I used to collect houses so they were calling my name!

Deer just say fall to me and carry on over into Christmas so these deer head napkin rings could get a lot of use.

I always pause at the copper. I think I have shared it with you several times. That usually means it will be in my future! lol

 And Outlander's a Jack Randall look-alike portrait! Do you see the resemblance? I didn't look at the tag. Perhaps it is intended that way!

 And now it's time to venture into fall! :-) I am going to ease you in just in case you are one of those "I want to hold on to summer" people. I love the way this crockery vase suggests fall with its colors and has a frenchy touch...great for sunflowers!

I have never thought about using clove and orange pomanders in the fall but they are perfect! I usually associate them with Christmas but they are great pumpkin stand-ins until the real things arrive. I love those braided corn husk "ears" of corn complete with silks!

I am going to ease you into pumpkins with these wonderful chenille versions. I have a feeling I'll be looking for old bedspreads at Goodwill!

What a fun way to display old chick feeder! I need to get mine out!

I think my little grands would love this metal jack-o'-lantern! It would be a great addition to the porch for Halloween!

 And you've gottta love the legs on this little cutie!

Want to know what came home with me? Another pretty white tureen! I'm going to have to control myself because I'm getting quite the collection!

And stay tuned because I have some fun fall posts planned now that my shoulder is in better working order...and just in time for my favorite season!

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  1. My favorite(s) are the tureens - any tureen. I've always wanted one to actually use, but have lived alone for many years and rarely serve soup when entertaining, so it was not practical. Always wanted to collect them, but they take up a lot of space to display and I didn't have that option in my small house. Sigh .... I have had to love them from afar - and from blogs such as yours. Thank you for posting them.

  2. I have wanted a soup tureen for some time and especially since we did our living area over in blue this year. The Spode blue and white is gorgeous but so very costly so when I spotted an ironstone tureen decorated with blue in the Paris flea market this past May, I couldn’t resist. Lucky for me it fit in my husband’s duffel bag even with the packaging. He carried it through the airports like a trooper! It’s all the more special because it was from France and cost so much less than the brandie new ones!


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