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23 September, 2018

Easy Pumpkins and Succulents Fall Wreath

I am really excited to share my latest creation with fall wreath starring pumpkins, of course, and a surprising sprinkling of succulents! I am loving that combination along with more subtle shades of fall colors! was easy and relatively inexpensive!

Here's what you will need:
  • A grapevine wreath (I buy them when they are on sale or with a coupon and keep them on hand.)
  • An assortment of small faux pumpkins and succulents (I found mine at Hobby Lobby on sale for $7 per package. They were intended to be bowl filler, I  think. You can get a closer look at it here.)
  • Three larger pumpkins
  • An assortment of faux foliage. (I used faux Dusty Miller.)
  • Small pine cones (from the yard)
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Floral picks (I actually used bamboo skewers cut into shorter lengths instead. I found that wire cutters did a great job of cutting them.)
  • Florist wire
  • Hot glue gun 
I spent a total of about $14 for two packages of the bowl filler and didn't use all of it. Everything else came from my stash! :-) Not bad since I had seen a similar wreath at Kirkland's for about $80! Yaaay!

    Here's what you will do:
    Cut a length of burlap ribbon and loop it into two loops. Secure it with florist wire and then wire it to a piece of the bamboo.

    Place the bamboo into the wreath at an angle and push it in as far as possible to hold it in place. I used three of them spaced throughout the wreath. Next, begin to fill in with the foliage, going all around the wreath.

    Insert one of the lengths of the bamboo skewers into each of the pumpkins. You may have to shorten them so that they won't protrude too far from the back of the wreath.

    Begin to work the pumpkins into the wreath, one section at a time. I added a few succulents and pine cones as I went as well. I secured the pine cones by wrapping a length of florist wire around the base and then wiring them to the wreath. The succulents had short stems so I wired them to one of the bamboo skewers.

    Once I had everything placed in a pattern that I liked, I followed up by gluing everything in place using the hot glue gun. And...taaa daaa! I love it!

    Miss Iris, my very helpful (and beautiful) assistant says she likes it, too! And she says to please stay tuned because we are working on the mantel and can't wait to show it to you. Be sure to check back in!

    Remember to pin it!

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    1. Debbie this is gorgeous. I love the softer colors for Fall. You are so talented my friend. Next the mantel!!! Oh and Hi to Miss Iris, she is a beauty!

    2. The wreath is gorgeous, can't wait to see the mantle. Miss Iris is lovely too.

    3. The wreath is lovely. Can't wait to see the mantle. I am sure the beautiful Miss Iris will help with that too. Lucky you......Having an assistant!


    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie