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05 May, 2018

A Little Spring Antiquing

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things to do is to spend the day checking out the fabulous antiques and collectibles at my favorite spot, the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Georgia, and then come home and share them with you! :-) I always find lots to love and a few special things that really speak to me. So let's go on a little imaginary shopping spree...and please feel free to spend your virtual money if you see anything that you like! ;-)

You will not be surprised to find blue and white among my favorites! I loved this unusually-shaped vase. There was a pair of them...and they almost came home to go on my mantel!

And you know these wonderful little antique French spice drawers tugged at the French teacher in me...labeled clove and cinnamon.

I have never seen anything like these blue and white boxes pretty! They look like huge vintage tiles but have a paper-y finish.

And I have to admit that quadruple silverplate always always gets my attention. It's easy to spot and, since it wasn't produced after 1900, you know it's at least 100 years old, dating from the Victorian period! This ornate pitcher almost hopped in my car!

And here's more quadruple silverplate... a beautiful antique castor set which, sadly, has lot most of its lids. I love the engraving!

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Using Vintage Silver in Country French DécorHere's mine...a find from 8 years ago. It's a simpler design but still has all of the tops! :-)

Here's another piece of quadruple silverplate...a demi-tasse master sugar spooner. I have a small collection of these lovelies! You can see two of them HERE.

I love the look of vintage copper! These are nice, heavy pieces, too. They are surrounded by a few wicker-wrapped bottles and demijohns.

I fell in love with the unusual shape of this mirror!

And if you know me, you know white tureens always call my name!

Isn't this tulipière pretty? I haven't seen one quite that shape! I can just see it filled with pretty pink blooms!

I have begun collecting something similar...five finger vases. This white one is my favorite. I've added some yellow knock-out roses from my garden. They turn a pretty creamy color as they open and have the most wonderful scent!

And you know these wonderful vintage French linens made my heart go pitter pat! I am on the hunt for one with my own initials and when I find it, it will definitely come to mama! lol

I always have to stop by the lavender and enjoy the scent! Isn't this a pretty display?

And just what did come home with me? I have started a new last! If you have been following me for very long, you know I have been admiring vintage Infant of Prague for several years. These two sweet little statues have a new place in my house. The larger one came from a church in New England and came with a little robe that I am in the process of restoring. Now...three makes a collection, right? Sooo...I need at least one more. :-)

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed my little virtual antiquing trip. Did you find anything to love?

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  1. That is a lovely shop and yes I saw many items I would love!! Your new collection is interesting, I'll have to look up more info on Infant of Prague!

  2. Everything is lovely! I’d have had a hard time passing up the spice drawers! Love your statues!

  3. Hi Debbie, Sharing a link to this on my Week-Ending finds going live sometime today ;0) laura

  4. Love reading about your adventures at Goodwill and Queen of Hearts. I need to go more often as my daughter finds something at Queen of Hearts every time she goes.

  5. I have a tulipiere by Quimper in the same shape as the white one! Wish I could send you a photo...... :)

  6. Thank you for the virtual shopping trip! I have only started collecting five-fingered vases. The one you found is lovely! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. Oh, that mirror! I would love to add that piece to our sun porch! Love every detail!


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