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13 January, 2018

A Little Virtual Shopping Spree

Are you in the mood for a little antiquing...the kind that doesn't cost anything? Do you love anything vintage or French...or even better, vintage and me? Well, come along with me on a virtual shopping spree! We are heading to the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Georgia, my favorite spot for antiquing. And...your virtual purchases are limited only by your imagination! ;-)

If you know me, one of the first stops I'm going to make is to have a look at these vintage ironstone tureens...sigh! I visit them each time I make a trip here. The one in front is my favorite!

And I have found a new love...this gorgeous vintage aluminum serving tray with a grape motif! I love how the handles look like vines! You could put grapes on a stick and I'd buy it! lol

Isn't this interesting? It's a sort of rustic tulipière, I think. I can just see it filled with cuttings of spring flowers!

And here's a finger vase with a vintage Staffordshire unusual! You know I love the sheep!

Look at that funny squirrel and the bird on his hat! And...whoa! that a snake in the tree?

More sheep! This planter is another favorite that I visit each time.

And here's a family of sheep! Love them all!

And a painting of sheep! Are you getting the impression that I love sheep?

Now this piece is a puzzle! It's tagged as a vintage basket but I can't figure out what it might have been used for since the wear indicates that it's obviously utilitarian. And what a strange shape...and open at the top. Or could that be the side?

There is a strip of well-worn hide at the bottom...

It has what appears to be a handle, too. Any guesses as to what this might be? I would love to know!
UPDATE: With the help of my Facebook friends from my blog's page, we were able to discover that it's an antique Chinese rice scoop! Cool!

I always spend lots of time visiting old Victorian pieces like this one. Whenever you see quadruple silverplate, you know that the piece is over 100 years old since that type of plating wasn't used much after 1900. This one is a little revolving server that even has a built-in butler bell!

And more quadruple silverplate...this time in the form of a lovely Art Nouveau mirror!

Perhaps my favorite this antique French estanier provençal filled with vintage ironstone and transferware! Sigh! In actual use, it would have been hung on the wall and filled with pewter goblets and plates.

These vintage-y paperdolls made me smile! Did you play with them when you were little?

And one more...can you guess the Mother Goose rhyme that goes with this whimsical lamp? It was all I could do not to sing a song of six pence when I saw the four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie!

And what actually came home with me? Space is at a premium at my house right now so it was this practical and pretty clock. However, with my virtual money, I bought it all and put it in my virtual home in the French countryside! lol What about you? What did you buy with your virtual money? ;-)

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  1. What a wonderful tour. Since the snow is keeping me in it was fun to walk around with you. Wish I was there.

  2. I love visits with you to this shop. I love the tureens and that black bird lamp made me smile!! The basket was so interesting, almost looked like a large scoop for grain or something? I do like the clock that made it's way home. Hugs!

  3. Debbie, I always enjoy your virtual shopping excursions. Thanks for taking us along. I expecially like the interesting tulipiere and the ironstone tureens. The clock was a great buy! Have a great weekend!

  4. Loved going on this no-cost shopping trip!

  5. I loved my visit and will enjoy my lovely lamp and birds. That was fun i could have bought more but i have no more room,but love to go along for the ride. Have a lovely day.

  6. I bought the ironstone tureen, Debbie. Sorry, but it is the one you like best! I'll let you come to Michigan and visit it whenever you're out this way!

    My friend, Kathy, at Sharing Shadymont blog has about three or four tulipieres some of which she found at Good Will. Before she showed them on her blog I had never seen one before. I wondered if they were unique to the sourthern states or what. Now I see that you mention a tulipiere in this post and I wonder if you know anything more about them. Seeing Kathy's I was immediately taken with them but have never seen one in any thrift or antique shop hereabouts. Please let me know if you have any information about them.

  7. The basket looks like an old Indian baby carrier...but wouldn't lay too much money on a bet.

  8. I would buy the antique French estanier provençal which just reflects my ecclectic style. It is a lovely piece, thanks for bringing me along...sometimes, just seeing lovely pieces calms my desire to discover them on my own. It is icy outside today, so a perfect way to spend my time.

  9. Loved the sheep would fit beautifully with a couple others that I have here at home in Texas! Thanks for letting me accompany you on this shopping trip!!

  10. Hello! I love when you take us shopping! I commented on the day that you posted it the first time, but I see that it isn't here....I asked if there was a way to purchase items from this shop and have them sent to us?? Love your blog and look forward to seeing it appear in my email! I especially loved the Scandinavian themed Christmas. Growing up I always looked forward to spending time at my Grandparents during the holidays...she decorated much like that!

    1. Hi Diane! Sorry...your first comment didn't show up for some reason. If you wish to purchase items, just click on the link in the first paragraph. The photos are from the Alpharetta location. So glad you like what I shared!


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