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06 December, 2017

Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Mantel

 I'm excited to share my Christmas mantel with you...and this year it has a Scandinavian feel! I have filled it with things that remind me of those countries with cold winter climates...a snowy garland, Nordic print stockings and ribbons, little tin houses and wintery-white birch firewood!

My inspiration was these great stockings that I found at Hobby Lobby...decorated with reindeer, snowflakes and trees in traditional reds and greens.

Next I added a snowy garland and a group of tiny galvanized tin houses that just say Scandinavia!

My favorite galvanized lanterns continue the theme...

...along with the reindeer and tree themed ribbon tied in a full bow on a boxwood wreath.

I have been wanting some birch logs so this seemed like the perfect time to get them since they just say Norway to me! I have to confess that I ordered them. Yep...I ordered sticks. lol But...aren't they pretty nestled in my olive bucket filled with pine boughs! A string of lights adds some sparkle.

This also seemed like a good place to add the red boots I purchased last year for my Christmas porch. I have a childhood memory of a book written in a foreign language that was full of illustrations of little children in red boots and clothing with a Scandinavian print  I have no idea what happened to it but it has left me believing that Scandinavian children wear red shoes! lol

 And here's a peek at it from another angle...and a little look at my tabletop Christmas tree.

 And last look at my mantel. And stay tuned because there are more little houses, reindeer and Scandinavian prints to come!

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  1. Debbie - this is just GORGEOUS. I love the mantel so much. I've always wanted a Scandinavian lantern and was looking at them again this year. What you have done here is simply beautiful. And your table-top tree has my interest. :)))

  2. Oh my friend this is my absolute fave Mantel yet and I LOVE your tree. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. This is so pretty and charming! I love the red and white and my Norwegian roots are drawn to this style!! You really are so creative and I always look forward to your Christmas themes!!

  4. Debbie, my chef is of Swedish heritage, so this theme speaks to me. I have a few Swedish touches on our tree, ornaments that my mother-in-law gave us through the years. Yes, red shoes are perfect! I think of natural wood and red accents when I thing of Scandinavian decor. Everything looks festive and cozy!

  5. It is all so cheerful and merry,thanks so much for sharing.

  6. As a Norwegian American, this style is so warm and happy to me. Perhaps those books may have been:Snipp,Snapp and Snurr or Flicka, Ricka and Dicka books. I read them when I was a child.God Jul til alt!

  7. I LOVE Scandinavian country decor! I have whitewashed woods too, looks great! Nancy

  8. Oh so adorable!!!! The Scandinavian decor is starting to really catch on

  9. Love it!!! I think the red and greens look so Scandinavian against crisp whites. And I absolutely adore your olive bucket with the birch logs!!! Well done, everything is beautiful, as always!!


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