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22 September, 2017

White Pumpkins and Oak Leaves Fall Mantel

Now that it's officially fall, I am excited to share this year's mantel starring white pumpkins, a garland of oak leaves and a simple cotton boll wreath. I am finding myself drawn to lots of texture and natural elements and I have to say that this mantel really fills the bill in that department!

I started with an oak leaf garland and added three faux pumpkins that I had spray painted several years ago and re-painted this year with white chalk paint.

I really like the way the chalk paint gives them a natural-looking finish! I'll be using it from now on for any pumpkins that I decide to paint!

I kept the three plates that usually decorate my fireplace since I felt that they were a nice reflection of the three pumpkins. Next, I tied the cotton boll wreath to the mirror to give it a fuller look.

I added my favorite vintage-look galvanized lanterns at either end of the mantel, each holding a large white candle tied with twine and topped with a burlap bow.

I really like the soft look of the white pumpkins against the green of the oak garland!

And...did you notice? The garland even has over-sized acorns! Perfect!

The galvanized lanterns add a little extra glow to the mantel.

And here's a final look...soft, natural colors and lots of texture! This may be my new favorite fall mantel!
And stay tuned because I will be sharing my fall tablescape...also a little bit different for me!

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  1. I will have to say this is one my favorites, the softness of the whites and greens is perfect in my book, love the texture of the wreath. One of my all time favorites Deb. Great job!

  2. Oh my, this is really stunning. So beautiful. May I ask, where did you find the garland?

    Thank you ~

    1. Thanks, Dian! I found the garland at a local antique and decor mall last year. I also checked around and found it on ebay as well.

  3. I believe this is without a doubt my favorite fall mantle decor ever - and I follow a LOT of blogs. It's simple and natural and appears organic even though the items are faux. Obviously created with an artist's touch. Just beautiful.

  4. This is just gorgeous! You are so talented!

  5. Uncomplicated, lovely & simple! I love your mantle!! I was just looking at mine & it needed something. So glad I gave up & sat down to read your blog. Thank you so much for providing a link to that awesome oak garland as I just ordered one! Thanks Debbie!!

  6. I do believe that after looking at alll the fall decor this is my favorite mantel for fall. I never would have thought of the cotton ball wreath. The whole thing is lovely.

  7. I love everything about your mantel it is beautiful

  8. I found the garland at a local antique and decor mall last year. I also checked around and found it on ebay as well.

  9. Debbie,
    Your green and white fall mantel looks so refreshing. Full, not sparse, but also elegantly styled.


  10. I love your Fall mantel decor. I kind of have a thing for oak leaves and acorns so I particularly admire the garland.

  11. Love the mantel. Everything just pops.

  12. I wish I knew where you got the oak leaf garland.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Perfect. FYI....those acorns really aren't oversized...a few years ago I found some super large ones, I never knew till then, they grew so big! Beautiful mantle!


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