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06 September, 2012

Fall Figs and a Tea Towel to Make!

One of my favorite things about fall is fresh figs! Do you love them like I do? My favorites are the Black Mission figs…yum! Sooo…inspired by the reappearance of my seasonal favorites, I decided to create a tea towel in their honor! Isn’t that normal? lol

BK and figs And, of course, I can’t do a post without my trusty sidekick and co-host Baby Kitty! He is a big fan of fruit, believe it or not, but peaches and strawberries are his favorites!

figs And here they are…my figgy loves! Aren’t they gorgeous? Gotta love the fabulous shades of purple with little pops of green on the outside! But the inside…a real explosion of unexpected color and yummy goodness! Don’t they just look like a painting?

figues violettes transfer
In fact, they always make me think of this painting…A Plate of Figs by one of my favorite artists...Giovanna Garzoni. Isn’t it amazing? And get ready for this…it dates from 1662! Can you imagine? She was one of the first female artists to work with still lifes and became well-known in a world where all of her contemporaries were men! Incredible! I added the script underneath to give it a little frenchy touch and flipped it for you to use as a transfer. If you would like to read more about her, click here and if you would like to see a lovely slide show of her work set to music, click here.

figs and tea towel I just printed it on iron-on transfer paper and followed the directions to apply it to flour sack cloths from Target…easy peasy and practically free since I already had everything in my stash!

tea towel and figsThen of course I had to play with the tea towel and the figs to try to create a little still life of my own in the sunlight and shadows created on my dining room table by my Palladian window!

bleu cheese and figs And for me, you cannot have figs without bleu cheese! And even better, I lucked up on some roquefort at Publix the other day, but I can’t show that to you since it has already…er…disappeared along with part of the figs!

figs and GewrztraminerAnd while we are at it, we might as well add a glass of Gewürztraminer, my favorite French wine from the Alsace region! Now that’s what I call a perfect still life! Hmmm. Well…if you will excuse me, I guess I will leave you since I need to…er…take care of my props! :-)

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  1. Another winner, Debbie! Your tea towel goes perfect with your real figs and I love how your pictures turned out.

  2. Good Morning Debbie, I love this tutorial. When I lived on the Island of Cyprus we had a fig tree in the garden, so when wanted to eat figs we just picked them off the tree...sigh. They are my favourite fruit. Now we live in England I have to visit the market.
    Love your blog. Best Wishes Daphne

  3. Debbie, I love this post! Your tea towels are beautiful; and your photography is, too! Wow!

  4. Beautiful photos Debbie! Does Baby Kitty like Bleu cheese with his figs?I can't wait to make that pretty towel, thank you for the graphic!
    xo, Andrea

  5. These are just gorgeous photos. I love fresh figs. The towel came out beautifully.


  6. Beautiful! And I absolutely love Giovanna's work. Thank you for sharing her!

  7. Really beautiful! Very romantic and old world!

  8. Fabulous pictures, they are all great still lifes. Love the figs, wine and cheese pic with the shadows, stunning. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous transfer Debbie...My friend and neighbor has a beautiful fig tree...will have to pop over and see if she has any left...!! Have a great day!

  10. Love how the towel came out - beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. You make the best tea towels and pillows. Love this look! I'm not a fig and blue cheese girl but it's lovely to look at!! hugs, Linda

  12. I too love figs Debbie. I grew up picking buckets full (!) near Atlantic Beach in NC. I guess a bucket of figs would cost about $200 in a grocery store today! The towel is beautiful and I will be giving those for Christmas gifts. What kind of transfer paper do you use? Thanks for joining The French Hen's Nest!

  13. How incredibly gorgeous! You are so creative and smart. Someday maybe you'll have an Etsy shop?

    I'll tell you a delicious way to cook figs....wrap each fig in about 1/2 piece of bacon and place on skewer. We grill them until the bacon is crispy. Oh my. Purely delicious!

  14. Debbie, we love figs around here, especially with brie. The tea towel is a special touch. You certainly know how to pull together a beautiful vignette. It does look just like a painting. Thanks for introducing me to this fine artist! ~ Sarah

  15. You should frame that one pic....amazing...seriously prettier than ones I see in the stores!

  16. Beautiful, I love your towel and your still life with shadows on the table, amazing! I love figs also, my favorite are the green ones...

  17. I love, love your tea towel; you did a great job with it! I agree with you; that is a lovely painting. I searched still life prints online for about two or three weeks, as I had thought I would get one to hang on the wall in our newly re-modeled kitchen. I kept changing my mind every few days and in the end, I decided to use two botanicals that I already have. Your still life turned out well. :)

    Have a wonderful week.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. Debbie- That is beautiful! Thanks so much for the idea and the images. Just gorgeous- xo Diana

  19. I want to make some of those towels so bad. My printer is being temperamental right now! Maybe soon. They are beautiful. Great post!!

  20. Debbie,
    Your tea towels just keep getting better and better, dear friend!!! Of course, it wouldn't have anything to do with that handsome co~host, now would it??? Your "still life" is gorgeous!!! I don't recall eating a fresh fig before. I do love fig cookies...I'll look for them at our local marketplace this week!

  21. What a pretty towel Debbie! You are always coming up with such cute ideas!

    Love those pretty figs. Used to have figs available from a friend when we lived in NM and I sure do miss those yummy fruit now that I can't get them here in CO!

    bee blessed

  22. Beautiful, Debbie! You always have the best projects! I appreciate you sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  23. If I was around those props, Debbie, they would not have lasted through the photo shoot--those are some of my favorite foods! That tea towel is just gorgeous, and Baby Kitty is clearly a very good helper kitty. Our kitties do not go after fruit, but Trafford the cat will eat tomatoes if they are left out!

  24. Hi
    I love your weekly creations. And I love the french touch to everything you create. My new favorite place is France. I have France on my list of places to visit. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  25. That looks fantastic! I love the print, so inspiring to make tea towels!

  26. Beautiful fig tea towel! We use figs to make (faux) strawberry jelly! It's delicious, better than using strawberries! Go figure! ha! :)

  27. Hi Debbie! Now that's a tea towel! Oh, what a beautiful graphic and you made a gorgeous tea towel. My little tea towels are bowing in embarrassment after seeing yours. Of course, Baby Kitty is always so charming.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Oh man, you said tea towel. I haven't heard that description in decades. One of the very first things I learned to make in
    4-H Club (I was 7). YOur table full of figs, blue cheese and white that is a supper. So love this post.

  29. You have just motivated me to go buy a package of transfer paper. Beautiful pictures!

  30. I love fresh figs and blue cheese!! I bought those towels at Target about a year ago Debbie after seeing some of the other ones you made and I still haven't tried adding a graphic to them! Love yours!

  31. Hi Debbie, Oh those purple figs look beautiful on the white plate. Your photos are just gorgeous and I love how you photographed your vignette. Debbie, it's absolutely normal for you to create a tea towel for anything! It you didn't we'd all be worried about you. AND, your co-worker is always so helpful, what would you do with BK?
    Beautiful painting too.
    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

    The French Hutch

  32. "Hi, Baby Kitty." This tea towel is gorgeous, Deb. Love the colours. Do you know I have never eaten a fig. I must try one very soon. That glass of wine looks good, too. Lovely post, as always.

  33. Magnificent, Debbie. You have elevated figs to a whole new level and you threw in that gorgeous image to boot. Thank you for sharing this.

  34. I'm FINALLY doing the post on your wonderful soaps and linen towel on my blog this Weds. Finally getting caught up. I love your fig towel too!

  35. I LOVE the fig tea towel and I love figs too. My husbands aunt had a huge fig tree in her backyard and I would stand and eat them from the tree. She would always send home a couple of jars of fig preserves with us - I miss that.

  36. It looks great! What a beautiful towel!

  37. Oooo,,another gorgeous tea towel and I love the color of the mission figs. You're starving me with the roquefort cheese and glass of wine. How delicious!

  38. Two of my favorite things in the world - old still lifes and fresh figs.

  39. Lovely! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  40. How nice of your to share that printable of the painting for transfers. It's looks great on the tea towel and the whole vignette is stunning! Pinning, so others can share in the image. ~ Maureen


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