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22 April, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Rustic Coffee Table Tray

It seems that I am gradually incorporating a few more rustic elements into my decor. It has not been a conscious decision...I just love the contrast and texture they add! So when I spied this fabulous oversized rattan tray at One Kings Lane, I knew it had to come live at my house!

image My coffee table was in desperate need of a makeover since it had been sporting the same silver tea set…gathered from Goodwill over time…and stacks of books far longer than I care to admit.

IMG_5926 Even our handsome co-host Baby Kitty says…Snooze-a-rella, lady! Do something different! And oversized trays on coffee tables seem to be popping up all over…love the idea!

015 But you know mine has to be filled with blue and white, so I popped in this double happiness jar from my collection and filled it with white hydrangeas…

013 …and added a stack of my favorite books topped with the lid from one of my urns found while thrifting…

009 …and voilà! I LOVE this tray! The weathered gray rattan with that big open weave adds so much texture to my coffee table!

image But now it has me thinking…maybe add slipcovers and pile on the blue and white pillows as in this favorite inspiration photo from Pierre Deux. (Sniff! Still can’t believe they are gone!) Heaven knows my loveseats need a facelift! And a living room redo...
017Oh, dear! I think I am in trouble! And I have to blame it all on this tray!

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Love the new look on the coffee table and you are so right to add the blue...who doesn't love blue she asks? Your room looks so fresh and ready for spring, love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your idea of adding more natural elements and making the room a little more casual.

  3. And what is it about the spring that makes you want to redo everything. I wish I had the time to take everything out of the house, clean the baseboards and bring it all back in and rearrange. I love bringing more of the natural elements back into the house. I love feeling that I'm outside, even when it's 90+ degrees and too hot to be there.

  4. I love how this looks Debbie. I am doing sort of rustic elements in our transitional living room. I believe adding a little rustic is wonderful. It gives a home a lived in collected look.

    I am also going to "borrow" your ideas for rustic boxes. I have neglected my vignettes far too long!! Oh my!

    You inspire me to get busy.

  5. Hi Debbie! Oh, I love that tray, now I'm going to be on the lookout for one! Love your blue and white too.
    Have a great Sunday.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. From a tray to slipcovers ~ that's how it starts, Debbie! : ) I love the tray and the weathered gray color. I'll bet your sofa would look great with a white slipcover. I had a floral sofa with a dark blue background and ruffled skirt for years that I just loved and then I started to fall out of love. The pattern just started to hit me as very 90's and I loved the idea of a white slipcover. I found a washable, durable white fabric {I think it's a twill} online, ordered it and had the upholsterer that I used for my business come make my slipcover. I am so happy I went that route and now I can add in whatever accent colors I want in pillows.

  7. I love trays, boxes, and baskets..makes cleaning a bit easier. I know what you mean about wanting to freshen up your decor, me too. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  8. Oh, Debbie, I'm going to more texture in my decor, too. I just added a large willow tray I found at HL to my coffee table as well. Yours looks stunning. And, yes, I too "sniff sniff" everytime I think about Pierre Deux. One project always seems to lead to another one. Brings to mind the children's book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"! LOL (from my primary teaching days!)

  9. Debbie, lovely new look. Sometime we just see one must have and change things up a little. I love the little jar with the white hydrangeas. I am still missing Pierre Deux too! I bet Baby Kitty gave you a thumbs up on your new vignette.

    The French Hutch

  10. Love the new tray. It looks wonderful. I like a little rustic to the mix, so pretty. Thanks tons for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. Debbie love the new tray and the way you accessorized it! I bought a long basket from PB for the coffee table in my family room a few months ago and still love it. LOVE your inspiration photo!

  12. Lovely vignette...can't go wrong with blue and white and a wicker basket!
    Have a great upcoming week, Debbie.

  13. I love baskets and basket trays are a great way to corral items. Love the way your have yours on your coffee table. Also love the idea of slips for your sofa! xo Kathysue

  14. I love how you see an idea and run with it. So creative. Your tray and table look amazing! Just beautiful.

  15. So nice and fresh! I too am in the process of shuffling, and just this morning, some of my blue and white landed on the coffee table. Now I need to locate a rustic tray!

    When did PD bite the dust? I think I remember reading it before on your blog -- wondered why the catalogs had stopped. Those two Pierres both died quite a long time ago.

    Good Sunday!

  16. Oh yes...that is beautiful...I love the new look and the texture is great as you said....I call it the snowball effect..bring one thing in or move one always then leads to re-arranging and additions!...but it is such fun!!....Love the colors you chose...

  17. Ha! Isn't it amazing how one small chance can start the ball rolling? Your coffee table looks so refreshed with its new rustic tray! I think I need a tornado to blow through my worn and dated living room!

  18. I love yours the best! Your tray came out great and with the pretty blue and white..perfect! Happy Earth Day.

  19. Oh I love this tray. It looks so nice on your table with that beautiful pot with flowers. Gorgeous.
    Have a nice week.

  20. Debbie, you're so good at re-creating expensive designs! I always like your designs better. Have a happy week!

  21. I love the rattan tar, Debbie. It's just the perfect size for your coffee table. Great texture!...Christine

  22. The tray is gorgeous, Debbie and you have it decorated just perfectly! I, too, love the contrast of natural pieces with more traditional. It's a nice fit!


  23. Debbie, it just looks GLORIOUS! And I have a PB tray to put on my PB coffee table, all I need is some blue and white to freshen it up. I'm drawn to more rustic items just looks comfy and beachy and clean.

  24. It looks really pretty, Deb. Love your home.

  25. I love the new look...tray chic!

  26. I never heard of PD, so I don't miss it, :) Love the tray and what you did with it. I have trays, I will have to bring them out and use them! I was in the PB Outlet Thurs, A few scores, but not decor related.
    Enjoy your new decor!
    Have a good week, Debbie!
    Mother's Day table challenge on the 9th at Let's Dish. Are you up for it?

  27. You are just too funny. Snooze-a-rella made me literally LOL. I am shopping for slipcovers too. I can't afford custom and could master sewing them myself, if only I had time. NOT!

    I <3 your basket. :)

  28. Love the tray. And then you add blue and white. I'm in heaven!

    - The Tablescaper

  29. I love your tray Debbie. It reminds me of one I just bought at Hobby Lobby. Yours is beautiful and it looks magnificent on your table!!

  30. Love the new tray and especially love it with your blue. Sooo pretty!!


  31. Debbie, you new tray vignette is fabulous. I use trays on tables in just about every room. LOL Can't have too many as far as I'm concerned. Your blue and white trend for the living room sounds like a great plan. Love the inspiration photo! ;-( is how I feel about our favorite Frenchy store. Can't believe it is gone. ~ Sarah

  32. I love blue and white too. It's very nice in this casual, yet classy look you are going for. How funny about wanting to update the whole room based on something so small. I always do that too. Have a great week!

  33. Texture is such an important element in any room, and I tend to overlook it more than other elements. The tray makes a huge impact in your room, and I love it! The blue and white looks great in it, too!!!


  34. I love trays and did not even realize how popular they are right now! Your tray is amazing...I think the blue and white is perfect. Hugs, Linda

  35. Debbie, as always, your blue and white works beautifully wherever you place it. Love the tray on your table with it.

  36. Just featured you on my fb page...come grab a featured button if you like! : D
    I have a basket hoarding problem...I can't believe I don't have a basket tray yet. I've always wanted one and yours is perfect!

  37. What? Pierre Deux is gone...not that I could afford it, but i did love popping in when in Boston to drool over the fabrics. Now that I think of it, perhaps that's why they are gone...all that drool :)

  38. Love the woven tray, Debbie! It looks perfect on your table, too. And, as usual, you dressed it to perfection ... love the pops of blue!

  39. I like yours better than the P.B. pictures. Of course, I love blue and white, and you do it beautifully. Isn't that the way it always is? One little change leads to more changes! laurie

  40. I love big rattan trays. Just come over and see my post today... blue and white too! You and I have very similar tastes. I still tear up when I think Pierre Deaux is no longer!
    I think a little rustic with some pretty refined pieces has a NEW Traditional look!
    Wonderful post!

  41. BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE that tray! I have a wicker one and some whitewash spray paint in the garage....HMMMM. I may have to make my own version!!! LOVE your blue and white, I collect it too. XO, Pinky

  42. LOVE, LOVE your new rustic basket. The rustic texture and the more refined blue and white pieces are perfect together. Great look!

  43. I love the basket! I have also been bringing in items with more texture to my home. Thanks for sharing, Tammy

  44. Oh I love Pottery Barn trays too, and I love what you did!!! I love decorating with trays, it's a great way to pair different objects together!

  45. lol! I SOOOOO understand your dilemma, Debbie! I find myself doing the same thing as my gaze wanders over the rooms in my house. My mind starts whirling and bouncing from idea to idea and all of a sudden, I'm redoing another room! lol! Your tray is gorgeous, however. Very French inspired! And the blue/white jar is just perfect in it! :)

    xoxo laurie

  46. Even a tray can start the "one thing leads to another" effect, right? :-) It looks so beautiful Debbie and I really like the texture it brought. And of course I adore that you added some blue and white to it! Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week~

  47. This is just beautiful. I will be featuring it tonight at my Swing into Spring party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  48. I LOVE your tray!!! I'm a bit of a tray fanatic. If it has two handles "It USUALLY follows me home"! I REALLY like yours and the color is wonderful!
    Have a fun weekend,


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