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11 February, 2012

Vintage French No-Sew Tea Towels

019 I have been playing with textiles again and have another frenchy tea towel to show you…but you don’t have to be able to sew for this one! It’s a really low-cost vintage look that I think I like!

002But first, I need to introduce our guest co-host…my granddog Paco the Chihuahua! Isn’t he a handsome little fellow? He is a frequent visitor here at the Plate Addicts and just seemed like a natural to help us out on this post!

051 So…Paco would like to take advantage of being in the spotlight and show you around a little. Since this week’s feature project is a tea towel, we would like to offer you some tea…from my vintage Red Cliff ironstone tea set! It was pieced together over time from thrifting finds and eBay buys. I love anything with a grape motif, so this pattern is among my favorites!

025 More wonderful grapes…a fabulous antique 1904 Rogers Brothers sugar spoon in the Vintage pattern…a cherished gift from my blogger friend and neighbor, Babs at Upstairs Downstairs. Isn’t it beautiful? That’s my baby porringer holding the lemons.

021I have to tell you a secret about the croissants…they are petrified! lol Yes…I preserved them a year and a half ago and they look just as good as ever! You can find a tutorial here if you are interested. They stay in my shabby pastry dome that I featured in the same post. The pretty plate is one of a set...a sweet gift from Claudie at French, Pink, Poodles and Pearls.
 019And now for the tea towels…actually just an iron-on transfer added to flour sack towels from Target at $3.99 for four! Woo hoo! So even if you don’t sew, you can have fun with transfers!

knifeforkspoongraphictransferHere is the graphic that I used…based on a vintage flatware graphic from the Graphics Fairy. Once again, thanks to Karen for more fun finds! I did play with it a little and turn the knife right-side up (am I obsessive-compulsive?) and add some frenchy script. And, no, I am not crazy…it’s backwards for the transfer! I used Photoscape and printed it at 3” x 5” size. Just follow the directions on the transfer paper and iron and iron and iron some more!

058 And there you have my little vignette…tea time with my vintage frenchy tea towels! Won’t you join me? Well…that is, except for the petrified croissants!

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Thank you for the lovely invitation to tea. Your host has done a wonderful job!

    I think I'll pass on the croissants.


  2. That is hilarious about the croissants!! Between the petrified bread and Paco, I could hardly focus on the tea towels!!

  3. I just may try these "no sew" tea towels. You have an amazing dish collection.

  4. You always have the most beautiful vignettes! Your tea set is wonderful!
    I grew up with a little chihuahua, they are so sweet.

  5. The napkins are so pretty! Your decor is always so inspiring!


  6. Debbie,

    I love Red Cliff too and I have quite a few pieces of that flatware that belonged to my grandmother and that I have picked up here and there!

    I love the tea towels. Very special. I shall have to look for more ironstone!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  7. I'm in a BIG crafting mood right now Debbie, I'm going to add your tea towels to my list of things to complete before spring. Thanks for sharing....oh and I love your beautiful dishes too.

  8. I love all your frenchy items, you make it all look so lovely.

  9. those iron on transfers are so easy, I did several with holiday postcards to make pillows. Love the towels and all your silver. yes Paco is handsome!

  10. Paco is so cute, Debbie! Love the tea towels and this image. These would be fun for napkins, too.

  11. I find that tray and all the things on it so very inviting and beautiful. The little dish that holds the lemons is exquisite. My sister-in-law has 3 little doggies like yours! The are lively and cute. When I see all these pictures it makes me want to go make myself a cup of tea!

  12. I can't believe those croissants are that old. They do look fresh. Love the tea towel, but Paco steals the show.

  13. Love your transfer. Paco has such good taste.

  14. Oh Debbie, you are so clever with all of your transfers. They look totally amazing. I love it. Your vignette is unreal. Love the croissants, they look fabulous. I dried some french bread, so fun. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  15. Love, love the tea towels.
    However, I really like Paco, so handsome.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. This certainly looks inviting -- no one would ever know they are "petrified."

    The tea set is sooo pretty! You are such a good shopper.

  17. Beautiful vingettes, I love the blue dishes.


  18. Hi Debbie, your blue dishware is gorgeous! Isn't it fun to put something together by collecting bits and pieces? The tea towel turned out really cute. Thanks for sharing. I love that you saved the croissants. I save holiday candy from year to year. The ones that we don't eat and you really can't tell. lol! Your host is pretty darn cute, but a bit skinny. Guess all he's been nibbling on are a few of those petrified croissants.

  19. Tea was lovely, Debbie. Thank you - so what other breads have you tried petrifying? My mind is whirling with ideas now.
    The towel is perfection. A friend in is always using flour sack towels when she takes food to family affairs and they never come back. I'm guessing this one will stay at her house.

  20. How pretty...the tea service really shows up so nicely on the blue transferware platter. I am going to try preserving a few croissants, thanks for the tips.
    I think those cute flour sack tea towels make great over-sized napkins.
    Paco is cute, but doesn't hold a candle to your staff!

  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these tea towels and your tutorial is great. I'm going to make these. I just hope they turn out as nice as yours. You know they'd make a GREAT gift too.

    You made me laugh at the croissants. I've done the same thing and have a plate of fancy frilly cookies in my sitting room. One guy who came visiting actually wanted to eat one. I quickly explained that they were harder than a rock and only for show.LOL

    And your DARLING little furry friend is just that. Darling!


  22. Lovin' Paco! The tea towel is really cute, that's a great graphic-enjoy:@)

  23. I'm totally infatuated with these, Debbie! Pinning!!!

  24. Deb I love your tea towels, I think a set of eight would make wonderful oversized napkins for a Frenchy dinner, happy weekend,

  25. Your tea towels are lovely. As a forced gluten-freer, your croissants are the only way I could enjoy them, so maybe I should give it a try. May be torture for me to look at them every day, though... :)

  26. Those are really cute! Love the graphic. Am I dreaming or did your header change a bit so that the thingy across the top now looks like it is painted art? Whatever it is- I love it!

    Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  27. Paco is a cutie, that's a great shot of him! Debbie your table looks beautiful and I love the tea towels, and I love the fact it's something I could make being it's a no sew project:) Beautiful as always!!

  28. Love the tea towels! How cute! That Paco is a cutie also. Tea sounds wonderful. I want some 'petrified' croissants for a vignette! LOL...going to read how to do it! Hugs, Linda

  29. I don't like to sew soooo I love this one!! Cute tablescape too!!

  30. So clever. Richard from My Old Historic house.

  31. Yet more fun from the Plate Addict! Your tea tray is perfectly inviting. Wish I lived next door. I'd be over in seconds. I found a small white ironstone tureen yesterday while thrifting. Wish it had been the Red Cliff grape pattern. ;-) But it has nice details all its own!
    Stay warm. ~ Sarah

  32. Love these! I got the same tea towels from Target a number of weeks ago and put the bee motif from Graphics Fairy on them. Didn't turn out as well as yours did.


  33. I love these, I'm going to be making some for myself! Thanks!

  34. Oh...that little Paco is precious! Look at those big eyes!! :)

    The tea towels are fantastic! This is a great idea, Debbie! I have been looking for the towels at my Target and they never seem to have them. Maybe I can get them online. I'd love to try this!

    Thanks for having us for tea. The croissants look delicious, but I'll pass!


  35. Is it okay to dunk the croissants, I don't want to have to get a cap for my tooth!
    Love the towels, what a great price on the towels, and now they are priceless!

  36. The tea set is absolutely beautiful! You put everything together so well, stunning shots. Pretty towels, very creative.
    Love Paco, he's a cutie!

  37. Thank you! One or two of those towels is just what I need to hang from a wall mounted cupboard in my kitchen. Now, I just need to find that iron-on transfer paper somewhere in my unorganized craft supplies!

    You have the most photogenic animals in your posts! He's adorable.

  38. I think I have many of Paco's relatives down here in French Lique...

    Love the towel idea... but now I've got to go back and check out the "bread mummification" post.. how'd I miss that one!!

    thanks! Dixie

  39. Those tea towels are great and Paco is the cutest!!. Any no sew project is great for me!..Your table is amazing as always..Happy Valentines Day!

  40. Wow! SO beautiful!...and, I have two Chihuahua grand-dogs myself, Cricket and Chloe...♥
    Can't wait to "preserve" a croissant!

  41. Paco is one debonair dude - I bet he's a real ladies man! Petrified croissants - that's a riot!! I love the vintagey feel of your transfer. Since I don't sew, this is perfect for me!

  42. Oh that is so good Debbie!
    Your so creative and the vignette is gorgeous!
    You mean I can't eat the croissants?
    Puppy is a cutie too!

  43. I think your co-host is adorable! I love your tea set. Love the tea towel and good idea. I am following on Linky.

  44. Cute co-host. Beautiful tablescape. I love all the blue and white.

  45. Debbie,
    What a lovely creative idea for those of us who either don't or won't sew! Now, about your guest host...Paco...nearly scared me half to death. I was expecting a rather yellow, white and fluffy know that handsome gentleman, Baby Kitty. Please tell Baby Kitty, I truly missed him on today's post. As for Paco, now that I know he exsist...I won't make such a fuss in the future!

  46. What a handsome little co-host you have there! :) Love the tea towels! And they are the perfect accent to the beautiful ironstone dishes!

    I'm hosting a give-away, come by and enter, if you'd like!

  47. Baby Kitty better watch out..Paco looks like he's enjoying being guest co-host and posing for the camera.
    You won't believe it, but I was thinking about drying rolls/croissants yesterday and trying to remember how I did it. Great idea to use the microwave. I love the tea towels and that they don't need sewing. Great graphic. Thanks for another awesome project.

  48. I really like this idea and it is so reasonable in price. The look is great.

  49. Thanks You for sharing your beautiful
    tea towels.Paco is soo cute!Joann

  50. I need some of those tea towels for my kitchen! They look so pretty with your ironstone and other blue and white dishes.
    Mary Alice

  51. Good thing ya warned me 'bout the croissants, I might of broken a tooth! Heeehehehhe!

    I never would of guessed they're not fresh baked.

    I'm lustin' over that beautiful french dishtowel!!1

    Your tea set is as wonderful as your settin' sweetie.

    God bless ya and have a fantastic week!!! :o)

  52. Just happened upon your blog . . . lovely pictures, entertaining writing. Enjoyable! (A retired h.s.librarian . . . isn't it grand?)

  53. Debbie, I ma going next to see how to preserve the croissants. I love this project and would be so honored if you would link it up to our new party, Cowgirl Up, 1 party on 4 blogs,
    I'm also a new LF follower. I'm downloading your graphic too for the teatowels.

  54. Your tea towels are beautiful and I just love your table. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  55. Hi Debbie,

    I love your tea towel and your tea set. The croissants look good enough to eat. lol

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  56. Paco needs to meet our Dixie Belle or Ruby Fawn. Too cute! Loved the new so tutorial too. Tiff

  57. What a great idea for tea towels! Those lemons look so refreshing! Loving Paco, he's so cute :-D

    Happy Valentine's Day Debbie!

  58. Hello!
    I'm a new follower :)

    What a handsome host you have! I am loving this tea towel and can not wait to do this myself!

    Thank You for sharing...Happy Valentines Day!


  59. Lovely table, even if the croissants are petrified..... Thank you for sharing the lovely tea towels. How sweet they are and so easy to do.

  60. Debbie, I love your towels, thanks for sharing them at cowgirl up. I copied the graphic, so I hope I am brave enough to try something with them.

  61. These gorgeous pics are magazine worthy. You do amazing styling...
    Thank you so much for linking up with the Cowgirl up! Linky party. We love looking through each post. We hope you'll link up with us again next week!

  62. Your tea vignette is beautiful and the little tea towel is just it all! Including that cute little pooch Paco :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  63. I love these sweet towels! Thanks for the inspiration.

  64. Hi Debbie,
    First I want to begin by saying...How cute is Paco? Such a sweet little Chihuahua. I think my little Cookie would like him too...Hee, hee, hee. Anyway, love the tea towel. And love how easy it was. I can do that :-) Oh, oh, oh and I love your croissants too. Can't wait to see how you preserved them. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  65. Paco is too cute, but he has some competition is these wonderful tea towels! I am definitely pinning this and want, want, want to make some. These are gorgeous. I would want my flatware all going in the right direction too!

  66. this looks seriously fabulous and i'm loving paco.

    found your post via frenchcountrycottage...come visit me anytime!


  67. Oh, what a lovely tea and what a sweet little vignette with your unique vintage frenchy tea towels! I love them! I got a kick out of your petrified croissants, you are so clever!

    Great post!


  68. I adore the tea towels! How lovely. I have all of my Grandmother's blue willow china and a white tea set that is very similar! I love seeing them all together! I am hosting my first link party today, and would love for you to add this along with anything else you like!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  69. Everything is just lovely......and I am crazy about the tea towel... where do you get transfer paper??? I've never seen it......and I LOVE me a good craft store. :-)

    Thanks for sharing...

  70. Debbie I love that Graphic!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! I would love to make some of these darling little tea towels.

    Your place setting is gorgeous as usual!

    bee blessed

  71. I love that graphic! How fun is the towel! Thanks for all the inspiration.


  72. Oh your tea setting is gorgeus! I love each and every items you showed! And the tea towels are so fun and easy. you know I love that! Thank you for joining TTF and have a wonderful week!

  73. So inviting, Debbie! The teatowels are so pretty and perfect for your setting! Thanks for sharing the graphic! Thanks for sharing your terrific project at Potpourri Friday!

  74. Bonjour Debbie! I just found your blog visiting from Under the Table and Dreaming blog. So glad I found you - I am your newest follower. Love these tea towels, now I have to go buy some transfer paper! I love your Red Cliff ironstone - the blue is so rich looking! Wish I could come visit you for tea! Please visit me and say hello, I love to make new bloggy friends. A tantot. (sorry no accents there!)
    Heather @

  75. Thank you so much for turning the knife around. I've wanted to use this graphic, but really wished the knife was turned. The words are beautiful. Thank you!! Lovely project.

  76. Swoon! I'm in love with your candle holders and your big platter. Anything blue and white gets me excited. Hope you had a grand weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  77. So great, I want to do this so bad! Now if I can figure out how to share on Facebook.....already pinned it.

  78. Once again you have wow'd me with your lovely french creations. This has become my favorite blog and you have inspired me to decorate my own home. I had some Quimper pottery that I purchased over the years but left them in boxes for fear of breaking them. I saw a picture on your blog and now have mine proudly displayed in my tiny kitchen (no dining room). I am disabled so don't get out much but I can honestly say that displaying the pottery that I am so proud of has lifted my spirits more than you know. Thank you for your beautifully inspiring blog.


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie