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22 December, 2011

How to Make the Best Omelet You Will Ever Eat in Your Entire Life!

I can't let Christmas go by without bringing you one of my most popular posts...and for good reason! If you have wondered about the secret of making a good omelet, I have the answer. Just check out my brother-in-law's fabulous recipe for the best omelet you will ever eat in your entire kidding!
Christmas omelets have long been a tradition in my family. My brother-in-law makes hands-down the best omelets on earth! Now, mind you, I have had omelets from some very snazzy restaurants, and they are put to absolute shame by my brother-in-law's omelets! This year he has agreed to allow me to photograph the steps for making them. I might add here that if you are a fat-free fanatic, you had better turn back now. And...hey! this is once a year!

He always makes two 3 egg omelets at once, so we start with 6 eggs and add some milk.

The eggs are then thoroughly beaten. He actually continued to beat them after this photo was taken.

Now for the part that might cause you to faint. He puts 1/4 of a stick of butter...not each pan. In case you are worried about my cholesterol, remember...we only do this once a year! He says that an important step is to let the pan cool a little while the butter melts. This, he says, is where most people go wrong. They have the pan too hot. You don't want the butter to burn.

While he is taking care of that part, let's choose our ingredients. Notice how nicely my sister has displayed them! She says she is "sucking up to the blog!" hehehe! Isn't it funny how our families finally get drawn in? I'll just let you scroll through and decide for yourselves since she has labeled them so nicely!

What did you choose? A few years ago my brother-in-law began offering half and half this year I have chosen half  ham and half crab. Here he says that it's very important to cook them and fold them so that the halves stay separated. I might note that he is a perfectionist and that this omelet will not be less than excellent!

Next he adds the onions to the ham half. I have to 'fess up to having the most complicated omelet in the entire family! Everyone else has ham and cheese or crab and cheese, but not me! I might also add that mine is also the best omelet in the family! Note that the crab has had time to brown a little.

Now he adds bacon over both halves. Yes, yes, I know...but this is once a year...remember? Now the pan has to be pulled off of the stove and allowed to cool some because the eggs will be added next and we don't want them to cook too fast. Hmmm..not the best photos ever...I'm having to work fast!

Now that the pan has cooled a little, he adds the eggs.

He says that you need at least 3 eggs so that the ingredients are all covered and the omelet will hold together.

Now it has to cook. At first, he lets it cook without turning the pan. Once the eggs have set a little, he lifts the pan off the stove and begins to rotate the pan in circles so that the omelet isn't sticking. That part was really hard to photograph since the pan is moving! (Imagine...swirling, swirling!)

Once the eggs are really cooking on the bottom, he lifts up the pan again and tilts it to the side so that the uncooked parts of the eggs go over to the edges of the pan. Once again...hard to photograph. (Imagine...tilting, tilting!) Remember this all takes place over relatively low heat and takes a little time.

Now that the eggs are almost done, he adds the cheese. I'm having cheddar on the ham half and aged Gouda on the crab half. If you are a lover of sharp cheese like me and you have never had aged Gouda...rush right out and buy some while it's available during the holidays. It is pricey...but the best cheese you will ever eat!

The cheese has melted, so he plates my omelet. At the very last moment, he uses the pan to fold it. Notice that it is still in two perfect halves!!!

And voilĂ half ham with cheddar, onion and bacon and half crab with bacon and aged Gouda omelet!! Now I bet you can't get one of those in your snazzy restaurants!!

My silly sister has put out a tip jar for the chef! (sucking up to the blog again!) might notice that I am ...uhmmmmm...not a big tipper.

Here it is... the best omelet that you will ever eat in your entire life served with my sister's sour cream muffins! Looks like the cover of Southern Living magazine, doesn't it? Yummmm!! What kind of omelet are you having? Now if you'll excusrffg murgf.....
See you next time! A la prochaine!


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  1. These look wonderful! Gouda is one of my very favorite cheeses to melt into dishes like this one.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I am on the phone right now with my mother reading your blog to her and telling her that we most certainly will be adding this as a family tradition. I am salivating. OMG...I can't not wait until Christmas Eve. I am making my grocery list now. Wow!!!! I would love it if you could link this awesome post to our What's it Wednesday linky party. Hope you can join us.


  3. Oh, I really must try his method! My girls refer to my omelettes as "those eggs that Mom makes that are sorta like omelettes." :@

  4. What a great idea - an omelet bar! I see you have the Spode Christmas plates. I love them
    Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Oh my stars girl what time is breakfast?? What a fabulous tutorial. I already like your brother and sister in law. He is a terrific cook and I love how she is 'sucking up to the blog.' That is just TOO funny and cute. The omelette looks superb and to label all the possible add-ins and in separate bowls. Well it all looks so professional....and delicious. I think I'm going to make myself an omelette right now. THANKYOU for a great post. And I hope you and your whole family have a WONDERFUL Christmas. It looks like you already are.


  6. HOLD ME BACK! That sounds amazing and I just love how your blog has created some family fun!!!

  7. LOL, love the setup! He does make a fantastic looking omelet, great choice of fillings!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Debbie! Enjoy the holidays.

  8. ... and here I thought I knew how to make a great omelet!

    Happy Holidays!!

  9. Okay, I totally see why it's a once a year omelet :). I'd omit the bleu cheese, but hubby loves the stuff so he's wouldn't mind double. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. You are so good at giving us step by step instructions! Looks delicious too. Do you think you could show those of us who don't know, how to join link parties?

  11. I will never look at omelets the same way again!
    I will certainly try this method. I really like the omelet bar set up, just like the restaurants do with brunches. Merry Christmas!

  12. Omelette looks so delicious and what's more it looks like it's served on a Spode Christmas plate ! (sorry, just feeding my own plate addiction lol).

  13. I love omelets and I must say these do look like the best one's ever! So many restaurants overcook the eggs and of course do not offer half and half. Yummy! Enjoy your holiday! hugs, Linda

  14. Oh my goodness Debbie, this looks wonderful!

    Wishing you all the best for a very Merry Christmas!

  15. Debbie,
    I'm hooked!!! What time is breakfast???
    That tip jar...too cute! Merry Christmas!

  16. Perfect timing.. I've promised to make Ricky an omelet tomorrow... (he's been on vacation this week...I've been working, but I'm off tomorrow!)... I usually just make the ham/cheddar style... but I'm going to try your BIL's technique... I think it is going to be a nice twist... now if you could do the recipe for your sisters sour cream muffins....

    I think we're gonna love it!!

  17. Thanks for the step-by-step! I'm going to try it this weekend. I make a half-way, kinda decent omlet, but I love all the different ingredients you guys use.

    Merry Christmas Debbie...Hugs!

  18. Yum..we are big omelet fans too! I love making them for Saturday Brunch! Thanks for sharing!
    Miss Bloomers

  19. I am pretty sure that I just drooled into my keyboard. I love a good omelet! AND...I see it is on MY Spode plate. Keep it warm till I get there, will you?

    Merry Christmas! xo Diana

  20. I love omelets and there's some great tips here. I'm going to make me one on Saturday! I need to buy some gouda cheese.

  21. What fun, Debbie, and a great tutorial! So funny that your family is getting into the blogging action with you...mine laughs at me! LOL


  22. This is the best looking omelet I have ever seen, I am so wanting a crab omelet right now! Thanks for sharing!

  23. OH goodness, Debbie! These are awesome and I am sending DH out for crab and gouda. The kids never like the egg casseroles that I made in order to sleep in. All I think these need are a batch of mango bellinis!!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial and all of your great decorating inspirations. You rock! Scratch those kitties, er, staff behind the ear for me and Moselle and Beulah (my furry staff)!
    Have a Blessed Christmas!!
    Pam in Indiana

  24. Awesome omelette! I'm one of those who likes an "everything" omelette. Oh...and the crab...Yum.
    Thanks for sharing your brother-in-law's secret omelette recipe. It's making me so hungry.

  25. Boy....that does look yummy. I have never seen it made that way but it makes sense to me now. Lucky you to have a brother who cooks :)

  26. YUMMMMMMm.
    I woulda been right there with you wanting all that on mine..

    I love omelets and will defiantely be following these tips.

  27. This looks absolutely divine! But anything with crab, cheese and bacon would be heavenly in my book! Thanks for sharing the secret technique.

  28. Oh Yum! Debbie, my mouth is watering. I want to try to make these. Can you get your sister to come set up all of the ingredients with her cute little signs? How fun that the entire family got involved with your blog. laurie

  29. The tip jar is TOO FUNNY!!!! I will have to remember that when I'm in the kitchen on Sunday morning preparing pancakes or omelettes to order! Maybe I'll fill out a W-9 and put it at each person's place setting as a hint! ;-) The omelette looks great...even though you tortured your poor brother with that wild half-and-half combo! You've put me in the mood for omelettes for tomorrow morning's breakfast! Please thank your brother for sharing!

  30. All I can say is:


    I love omlettes, but have never mastered the technique. Your pictures and directions are perfection, and I cannot wait to head to the store in the morning, and make a real omlette for the first time in my life. Glad to know melted gouda works so well. YUM YUM

    Thank you for sharing, and thanks to your brother-in-law for revealing his secrets.

    Best wishes for a peaceful and calm New Year.


  31. Hi Ellie! You have to thank my brother-in-law for the omelette directions! lol But as for the's aged Gouda. I am not sure how regular Gouda would do as I have not tried it. And just a warning...aged Gouda is hard to find and can be pricey...but is absolutely the best cheese ever in this cheese lover's eyes! Let me know how it goes!...hugs...Debbie

  32. Debbie, I just read this post. Holy, moly what a killer omelette set up. You had me at CRAB! I took out a loan and bought some aged guda this season...yum, yum. Hope you and yours had a blessed and holy CHRISTmas. Vikki in VA.

  33. hey... this is rally cool i hope you dont mine me using it for my project ty...

  34. I have saved this as a link in an email to myself for a year, now I have pinned it!

  35. Glad I found this! Did the crab with shallots and shiitake mushrooms, Gouda, and cheddar! Definitely a crowd pleaser.

  36. Thank you for sharing how to make this omelet. Now I am so hungry. Merry Christmas!

  37. I am SO glad I found this blog. Thank you and your family for all your efforts.

  38. What a wonderful tradition! I'm going to try this tomorrow, is not even Fall but I know is worthy to try it. Thank you for share.


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