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26 November, 2011

Love Dogs and France? This Book Giveaway Is for You!

Just a reminder...there's a fun book giveaway going on right now on my blog! Chula the Sheltie, who has sniffed the lavender fields of Provence and shopped the flea markets of Paris, has provided me with a copy of her book Dog Trots Globe: To Paris and Provence to give to one of my readers! It's a multi-sensory book, accompanied by music, video clips and lots of wonderful photographs of France! Click here to read about the book and get the giveaway details! You don't want to miss this one! Be sure to leave comments on my previous post (here) to enter! Hey...dogs and can you not love it? Just don't tell my staff and give them ideas!


  1. Hi there,
    Having just returned from a 3 week get-away, I'm up to my ears in catch up, but the book looks darling! We have a collie...cousin to the sheltie! Both are wonderful dogs! (don't tell your cats)
    Take care,

  2. We are planning a trip to Paris but I'm afraid our Lab won't be going. Not that he wouldn't really enjoy it! Darling book.

  3. Oh yes that book looks awesome Debbie. We have a collie, so that sheltie (I think it is a sheltie) is really calling to me. We had to board our collie while we went to visit my mom, and now we can't pick her up until Monday morning (we got back too late today) which makes me sad. :(

  4. This is so soft and lovely! Love how warm it all feels. I'm a follower now, too.


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