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29 May, 2011

Frenchy Anduze Pots...Without the Trip to France!

023 Ever since I featured a French home with a wonderful collection of Anduze style pots, I have had them on my mind! Sooo…I decided to try to create my own version!

products-line-12409-2-photoHere is my inspiration…this wonderful pot in the cérusé finish from Le Chêne Vert  as featured here by Catriona McLean. I love this finish...whitened clay glaze over red terra cotta. In case you are not familiar with these traditional French pots, they originated in Anduze, a small town in the south of France, where the famous potter Boisset first created his version of the Italian-inspired design in 1610.

af5798b4-1d84-4d22-bd5e-d7480a87387a_134 You may recognize these more traditional finishes. Aren’t they lovely? You will notice that they always feature a garland and a medallion with the potter's mark, sooo

003 …you can imagine my excitement at finding this at Goodwill for only $2.92! It’s small…only about 6 inches tall…but certainly has everything I was looking for!

page I wanted a grouping of three pots or vases, but was lucky to have found the one Anduze style pot, so I decided to give the same finish to a less-than-lovely urn and a pretty celadon vase decorated with palmettos…both also from GW for under $3.00 each. I gathered them up and the staff and I headed outside to see what we could do!

011However, our co-host Baby Kitty was unavailable for this post due to the unexpected presence of a lizard under my garden I undertook this project alone!

006 First, I sprayed the pieces with Krylon primer…

008 …and next I gave them a coat of acrylic paint from Americana called Georgia Clay…appropriate for me! Hey…they’re not kidding! My dirt is that color! And…the paint was on sale at Michaels this week, too! Woo hoo!

012 Then I added a coat of the same paint in Light Buttermilk. I wanted the terra cotta color to show through a little and left it showing completely on the inside as in my inspiration piece.

013 Next, I dry brushed a little more of the Georgia Clay to highlight the details…

014 …and dry brushed on a little more of the Light Buttermilk to soften it. I finished them off with several good coats of Krylon Clear Glaze leftover from a previous project.

021 And…voilà! I just added my mossy “brain,” some frenchy faux lavender and a little topiary! Hey...I just noticed Baby Kitty's reflection in the silver tray...lurking in the background checking out my work...

023 he should, since I have to admit that the terra cotta paint had me scared for a few minutes, but I love the result!

025 My favorite, of course, is the Anduze style pot! What do you think?

page And here’s mine with my inspiration piece…not bad, huh? Maybe one day I can have the real thing, but in the meantime, this will do nicely!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful post! Loved the idea very much. Great pics :)

    RAINBOW-The Colours of India

  2. Oh, they are so pretty, Deb. Boy, you sure do have a way with creating beautiful pieces. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  3. Very pretty, Debbie, you did a fantastic job with those planters!

  4. Wow! That is an incredible re-creation!

  5. Great reproductions. Sorry that Baby Kitty was more interested in lizards, than painting, but cats will be cats.

  6. Beautiful! I'm so impressed with how this all turned out.

  7. Debbie, I also love the Anduze pots but they are normally so expensive. All of your pots turned out beautiful and they look wonderful grouped together. Thank you in advance for joining my party.

  8. Debbie, your trio of pots look terrific. You are a clever girl! I'm always amazed at how you can come up with the perfect solution for your projects. ~ Sarah

  9. Wow, Debbie. You are an artiste! Great job. It looks just like the real thing. Who knew our Georgia clay could look so good? :) I like how you planted the pots.
    Hope you have a great Memorial Day.
    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  10. Debbie, they look great. Look like they came that way. Yes, our Georgia clay is that color for sure. Have a great week!

  11. Wow, those came out beautifully, Debbie!

  12. Brilliant!
    I am so impressed and inspired!
    Love them all.

  13. Oh Debbie, you are so good in imitating. I love your version of Anduze pots..Christine

  14. How beautiful. First I have to say I always get a chuckle when you mention your staff. Cracks me up. Especially love coffee break pic.
    Now back to the pottery. Awesome tutorial. I do have to try this. I WILL have to got to Michael's since we don't have Georgia red clay in Savannah. I sure remember it in my hometown of Atlanta. One thing we know it will not come off. Sure doesn't come off clothes. LOL. Hugs, Ginger

  15. GENIUS! I love the look you got just with layering paint colors. I want to give this a try too. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I am so impressed, not only with the finished project but also with your gumption. Covering the initial glaze must have been hard to do. Then doing one coat of this and another of that two times over...well, your perseverance paid off. You've got guts!

  17. ça, C'est formidable, Debbie. Les couleurs sont absolument authentiques! Oh, la semaine prochaine - en France - çs, c'est vraiment formidable! Linda

  18. Debbie those turned out so well! I think you did a fabulous job! Love them. You are talented even without Baby Kittys help! hugs, Linda

  19. Thanks for the great tutorial. The pots are beautiful. I also love the always entertaining staff.

  20. Clever,clever,clever!!! I am in your club too, I have wanted an Anduze pot since seeing them the first time in Pierre Deux store. Someday we will both have the real thing and until then I think what you did is genius!!! You are amaaaaazing, xo Kathysue

  21. Just lovely...I have an urn that I'm tempted to try this on! Thanks for the tutorial and thanks to Baby Kitty though. lol

  22. You did a great job, Debbie! You are so talented! Please try to find another meme to link up with, you don't have enough! LOL

    Really love your creativity!

  23. I really succeeded at accomplishing to look you were after. Nice job!

  24. hi Debbie. What a great idea with beautiful results. Great tutorial on getting the look. Absolutely gorgeous i love the vignette you created with your great finds. Great post......
    Hope your enjoying your Memorial Day

    The French Hutch

  25. How absolutely clever you are. They are beautiful. I think I am going to try and find some similar pots and try it out. Thanks so much for a wonderful idea. Debby

  26. Holy Cow Debbie, your creativity never ceases to amaze me!
    Those turned out fabulous! You should start teaching classes or something in this!
    Hugs friend,

  27. Girlfriend you have the best luck at the GW!! Love your anduze style pot! It turned out very close to the inspiration piece! I'm also lovin' that terracotta Georgia clay color! I could have some fun with that one by itself!

    I found my chair and ottoman on CL and I see them there quite often for not much money. I wish it wasn't so expensive to ship because I'd send a set your way *winks* Vanna

  28. HOw beautiful ad such good ideas you have. have a wonderful week.

  29. Debbie,
    Exquisite! Excellent craftsmanship, dear! Now...what's next?

  30. These are gorgeous!! I think I will try this on a really ugly pot that I've been yearning to do somthing with! Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

  31. Just beautiful! You did an amazing job! Need to file this idea away...hopefully it doesn't get lost in my mind's crevices! LOL

  32. Fabulous, Debbie. Great makeover of those pots!!

  33. Debbie, what an amazing transformation. You did an excellent job!


  34. Wow Debbie, you did a fabulous job and all three look wonderful. Great finds at GW also. I love the lavender, moss and topiary. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  35. You did a awesome job!! Looks just like your inspiration piece! I love it!!! Beautiful!

  36. I love it!! Well-done. I may actually try this one, since it turned out so well for you.

  37. Hello Debbie~ I've got a favor to ask...I would like to invite you and "the staff" over for a visit to see a very special post I've written. I would love it if you could take a few moments to stop by.
    Thank you sweet friend,

  38. Debbie, your pots look wonderful and what a great job! All things frenchy, make my heart go pitter-patter!
    At this moment my youngest son is in France for a Math Conference and taking lots of pictures for me. He is spending most of the time in Nantes but has been to Paris and will return to Paris before he comes back to Canada. Wish I could have jumped in his luggage! *sigh* Have a beautiful day.


  39. Darn good knockoffs! And thanks for following on FB. I find you there.


  40. I'm just tickled pink to see you on FaceBook!

    Loved this idea! I bought a couple of urn style pots - they're actually for candles & very heavy - a few years ago, then didn't repaint them. I see a new project in the near future if it ever stops raining.

    Did you use reindeer moss??? Perfect idea for my little urns. ☺♥☺

    Hugs! Diane

  41. Hi Diane! So nice to see you! The moss "brain" was bought as is. It's actually faux!

  42. They all look fabulous, just like the real thing :-)

    Leeann x

  43. LOL...I just had to laugh when I saw that Georgia clay paint because it could also easily be called Virginia clay paint. My black and white chickens are never pretty and white scratching around in the "clay" all the time. Anything with a garland or wreath design on it has always captured my heart. Absolutely loved your tute and your pots turned out so urban chic! I love urns too! And your blog. Come for a visit when you can. I painted some birds today. xo

  44. AWE-SOME!!!! the finish is amazing. I would never have guessed, they look perfect together!!! Great how-to. I want to try it too! xoxo Debra

  45. GOT to love that Goodwill...
    Love your project.
    Thanks for sharing.

  46. Debbie,
    You did a wonderful job with these.
    They turned out perfect. Love that favorite one of yours too! Thanks for linking it up to HSH!

  47. Hi Debbie, your pots turned out great! Love them..

  48. Turned out fantastic....looks like you bought them that way! popping over to say hello from Show & Tell Friday! xoox, tracie

  49. Oh Debbie! They turned out great! I love this idea. Now I am looking around at some of my thrifted urns and tureens and getting ideas! LOL Thank you for joining TTF. have a wonderful weekend!

  50. Wow - they turned out so close to the original. That's amazing! Thanks for sharing your sweet French inspiration.

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard &
    Counting Your Blessings

  51. I'm a new follower. I don't know how I found you, but I'm glad I did. Love the pots. I will have to keep a look out for these ones while I'm out antiquing.

  52. Hi Debbie, not sure how I found your site either, but oh my I love the pots! I will have to book mark you.

    I love pretty plates also. When I was a kid my hometown had a hardware store run by Jimmy Stewart's dad. It had tons and tons of plates that I used to wander through, pick up, put down. That's where I got my addiction. lol


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