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23 April, 2011

Parisian Inspired Candles...and a Much Anticipated Trip!

009 Paris has really been on my mind a lot lately. In just a few weeks, I will be taking my ten-year-old grandson there and introducing him to my favorite city in all the world!  We have been planning this trip since he was five when a wonderful art teacher sparked his interest in the French artist Claude Monet…and I can’t believe it’s almost here!

023 So, in the spirit of Paris, la Ville Lumière (the City of Lights), I have created a set of candles, using some Parisian themed wrapping paper that I found for half price at Hobby Lobby a few months ago. I have simply wrapped the paper around the candles, although for a more permanent result, they could be attached using Mod Podge. (Click here for more details on how to do that.)

018 The paper already has a luminous finish, so it really glows in the candlelight! Many of the places we will be visiting are represented…the Eiffel Tower, where we plan to have a picnic lunch in the park at its feet…

017Notre-Dame Cathedral, where we will climb the bell towers to see the gargoyles…a must-see for him…

015 …and the Arc de Triomphe, where I hope a kind passer-by will recreate a photo of us that was taken there on his first visit when he was one year old. I lived in France then and he and his mom had come to stay for a short while. Of course, he doesn’t remember, so this summer’s trip will be the first real one for him!

029 Can’t find the wrapping paper? No problem! Click here for the translated version of a French web site packed full of vintage Paris postcards to copy, such as this one! For most of the monuments, you will find a link at the bottom of the page with postcards from 1900.

012 And have you noticed…I have pulled out my bargain mercury glass candlesticks that I found in my Christmas time quest. of them is a new addition…and a real bargain! 

001 Can you believe it? A $29 Pottery Barn antique mercury glass candle holder for $3.93 that I found at Goodwill! Woot woot!

021 Here’s a closer look. Gorgeous, isn't it? I had to take out my glasses to double check the label! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

045 And…remember the French découpage eggs from my previous post?

002 Well, I had to try my hand at one more with the Parisian wrapping paper and created this Notre-Dame Cathedral egg! Click here to see how it is done.

010 Baby Kitty says I have gone crazy with all the decoupage and wrapping paper! I think he may be right! lol

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  1. Using Paris themed wrapping paper to create a candle vignette to admire everyday will increase your excitement about your upcoming trip. I like the eggs that you did, too.

  2. Hi, the candles are fabulous - love 'em! And the mercury glass from PB - another wow! Love the whole effect, and the trip - "formidable!" Linda

  3. The candles look great Debbie, and what a find! PB for under $4-gotta love it:@)

  4. I wish I had a Goodwill like yours! Great bargain find!
    Your trip to Paris sounds wonderful! Enjoy making memories with your grandson!


  5. Debbie, your candles look fantabulous. Lucky lucky you to get to go back to Paris. I haven't been the first time yet. Your grandson will have such a grand time with you. Enjoy your Easter!

  6. I love your candles! What a great idea. Sounds like so much fun to visit Paris with your grandson. Happy Easter!

  7. Your candles and holders look fabulous, I love that paper. What a fabulous price on your PB piece from Goodwill.

    Enjoy your wonderful trip with your grandson, he is one lucky young man to have a grandma who can travel with him to far away places.

  8. hi Debbie, How lucky you are to be taking you little grandson to Paris for his first trip. He will always remember it. I hope I'll get to do that with my grandson someday. The candles are fabulous, and what a find on your mercury glass. I always enjoy your post, you have such great ideas! God Speed.......
    Easter Blessings

    The French Hutch

  9. Debbie, you did a wonderful job on the candles..and what a buy on the candlestick holder!!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip with your grandson...take your time climbing those steps!!lol

  10. I love the candles, but more than that I love the idea of taking your grandson on the trip. I think it is amazing that the city has so captured his interest at such a young age. You lived in France? That sounds so exotic...some how "I lived in Illinois" just doesn't have the same image-does it?

  11. How fun to take your grandson! This is the time of year I am usually packing my bags for my husband and I to go for our anniversary...not this year though.
    I love the candles, I have so many parisan street scene postcards I will have to do that! Thanks and have a wonderful time, it is so beautiful this time of year.

  12. I like the candles, very cool.
    Your grandson must be getting excited with the anticipation of the upcoming trip.
    Have a wonderful Easter, Debbie.

  13. Love the candles! The paper is an amazing idea. Love the look with that awesome candle holder...enjoy Paris, it's my dream vacation!

  14. Indeed, I did enjoy this post! You are always finding something to spark your creativity. I love seeing your latest project. You and Andrew are going to have the time of your life on this trip. The scenarios you offered have painted lovely images in my mind's eye.

    Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

  15. Debbie, your candles are wonderful and I love the mercury glass candlesticks. Your new one is a super bargain. Love those eggs also. I am so excited for you and the grand and your trip. What a special time you will have. I hope you have a very Blessed Easter also. Thanks in advance for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Your candles are beautiful. I would love to try some, I am inspired. I am planning to make some similar eggs tonight when I get home. Thanks for the reminder. Paris sounds wonderful, maybe we will get there some day.

  17. Debbie, The candles are gorgeous and of course your PB silver candle sticks. Won't that be exciting taking your grandson to Paris? The trip of a lifetime.
    Wishing your and your family a beautiful Easter,

  18. Debbie, I am so excited for you and your grandson. What a wonderful adventure you will both have in Paris. I was so inspired by your upcoming trip, that my husband & I have started planning a trip to Europe for our 10 year old grandson as a high school graduation gift.
    Love your french inspired candles! Think I may have to copy that one also! I already have that exact Pottery Barn candle holder... however, I didn't find the awesome deal you found at GW! Don't you just adore GW?!

  19. I featured your French eggs on my top ten fav picks! Thank you for sharing them on Masterpiece Monday. I LOVE your French candles and what a great bargain at GW! What would we do without GW?! You sounds like your going to have a very fun time. I hope you have a blessed Easter, Mary :O)

  20. Oooo la la... I love the candles. I had made the "music inspired" ones a few weeks ago when you showed them, now I want to make ones like this too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. What beautiful eggs, Have a Happy Easter ;)

  22. Hi Debbie, Your candles are wonderful and I love the mercury glass. You scored on the PB candle holder! I still haven't replaced all my mercury glass that shattered at xmas. You and your grandson will have such a fun trip. I hope you will have time for a Brocante. Thanks for joining my Open House party.

    Happy Easter

  23. The candles look great and I love the eggs. I made similar using old French music sheets.

    Joyeuses Paques....

    Leeann x

  24. Tres magnifique!!! They look beautiful.
    How exciting for you and your grandson to go to Paris together! We live 5 hours from Paris, but I don't get to go there often enough. It is truly the most beautiful city I've ever been to. Indy loves it there (he's been 3 times) and I hope one day to take Han Solo and show him the City of Lights. I hope you two have a wonderful trip!

  25. What a fabulous trip to plan with your grandson, Debbie. You will be making wonderful memories!

  26. I love your Paris inspired candles. What a wonderful trip! Have fun.


  27. i love goodwill for those kinds of finds! i always wonder with using the paper on the candles, how they will do as they burn and if the paper would set fire lol.

  28. such a nice candle and easter egg..

  29. Nice project & post,thank you for sharing.

  30. I love that you are a former French teacher and a plate addict. I am a current French teacher and all-table addict. This is a great project!
    Merci mille fois! I'm your newest follower.


  31. I'm always thinking of Paris!!! LOVE that paper!!!

  32. Debbie, your candles are so charming. Much prettier than you could find at the store and a much better price, I'm sure!

    A true steal on that Pottery Barn candleholder. local Goodwil would have charged $9.99 because of the original price tag!

    I just posted a little pair of salt and pepper shakers that you might like. Come visit!

  33. How exciting, Debbie! What a fun trip you sure will will have with your grandson. It's just the perfect age. I think AJ was around 10 too when we took her to Paris. She really enjoy the River cruise.....Christine

  34. Look at all that blue and still my heart. I love it too!

    Romantic Domestic

  35. Think of me when you go to Paris. I didn't have the best of experiences there. I fell down the TOP flight of stairs on the Eiffel Tower and BROKE my tailbone. LOL!It is permanently broken, and I reminded of that wonerful trip each and everytime I sit down ;-). That happened the first night I was there. But I didn't let it slow me down.

    Love your blog. I will be back :-)

  36. I took my daughters to Paris Spring Break! WOW! I want to go back....7 nights is not long enough! Filming the gargoyles is fun!...see my post @ The pic of the pelican/bldg. with clock was a favorite of the family...Enjoy your trip!

  37. Debbie, I am loving those candles...and those eggs and everything else you put your hands on! :)Gee, you are going to win a best Grandma award! How fortunate you can travel to Paris with your grandson. Such memories you will make.
    Looks like I've missed out on some posts! I thought you were baby sitting~~~ LOL! I'll go check them out. :)


  38. Debbie,
    These candles look so the idea you had and thanks for sharing them at my NTT party. Hope you have a wonderful trip:)


  39. The candles are super cute, Debbie! I am so excited about your trip. Your grandson is going to just love it!!


  40. That candles look fabulous! I love them. How exciting to be getting ready to take such a wonderful trip! I am so excited for you!

  41. I am in awwww. I think I will try that trick myself. What a beautiful job you did. Have a WONDERFUL adventure in Paris!

  42. Your candles are beau! And how wonderful you are taking gson to France. I have a 10 yo gdau, maybe she could go too! :)
    We take her every year to the Island. Long Island, with her 3 little bros, LOL! That's all I can afford!
    Have a wonderful time, a memory for sure!

  43. I love these! :-) I'd love for you to link these up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday blog party if you can. Great blog! Going to look around some more.

  44. Love the candles. I know you are excited about the trip with your grandson. I have been fortunate to travel with my grandsons to Europe, GB, and exciting places in our hemisphere. I treasure those memories.
    How fortunate you were to have lived in Paris. It is a beautiful city. My oldest daughter and I are planning a return in April, 2012. I may have to make some of those beautiful candles for her. Love your GW bargain. Our GW is the pits.
    Ginger :)

  45. your candles are wonderful!!! Just beautiful! they are just... oh wow! I love Paris. I've been there once. loved it! One of my favorite cities

  46. Fabulous candles and stunning table!
    Did I tell you am in love with Paris too?:):)


  47. Debbie, I love what you have done with all of your wrapping and decoupaging. You grandson is so lucky to be able to experience this trip with you. :-)
    xo Sue

  48. I love this...and does not get any better than this! Wow....what a find and then what a lovely creation. YOu did an amazing job. You always do things over the top! I love it!

  49. Debbie,
    What wonderful candles. I love how the wrapping paper transformed them. Such a cute idea. Have a great time in Paris. Thanks for linking it up!

  50. These are great, love the wrapping paper! Oh how I'd love to be heading to Paris. Have a wonderful time, seeing it thru the eyes of your grandson! xo Debra

  51. Oh Debbie, every time I come to visit your blog, you have gotten smarter! These candles are just so pretty, and so clever of you to make snap up that paper and make these. Of course, I am again envious of your GW Store. I do think Pottery Barn would happily stock your pretty candles to go with their mercury glass holders. You and your grandson are going to make so many life-long memories on this trip! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  52. What darling Parisian inspired candles! I love how they turned out and love that mercury glass candle holder too!! What a great deal! Oh how lovely Paris sounds... I would love to go someday! Thanks for sharing at FNF :)


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