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06 June, 2010

A 50 Year Old Metamorphosis...or...Why I Love Mice!

IMG_1868 This week, I want to share with you some of my most precious possessions…my mouse family! They were by far my favorite paper dolls as a  child, as you can see by their well-worn condition and the fact that I have kept them for fifty years. However, they are only the beginning of the story!

pageAren’t they cute? I honestly can’t remember how I came to have them, but I do know that they came from a children’s magazine…more on that later. My mom had to hunt all over creation to find a set for my sister, too. We played with them for hours! Then one afternoon, I was at my neighbor’s house where I saw her mom making sock monkeys and an idea was born…

IMG_1869 …I asked her to create stuffed animals from my beloved paper dolls and, with my mom’s permission, she agreed. And here they are…my mice! I’d like to introduce you to my favorite toys…

IMG_1863 Tillie…

IMG_1864 Susie…

IMG_1865…and George!  And, yes…they won the blue ribbon at the Labor Day Doll Show in 1961! I was so proud! Didn’t my neighbor do a great job of copying the paper dolls?

IMG_1873 Baby Kitty, however, seems totally unimpressed with my mouse family. Mice? How could you love mice...other than as a snack, that is?

page They have all been safely stored away for many years, but I decided that it’s time to put them where I can enjoy seeing them. Soooo…I found a frame at Goodwill for under $2.00, painted it black and added a piece of vintage-looking scrap book paper as background for the paper dolls! And…voilĂ ! But in the process of framing them, I made a discovery…

IMG_1887 They came from the January, 1959 edition of Jack and Jill magazine! Of course! Do you remember it? It always had the best cut-outs…often wonderful copies of vintage paper dolls! So I was on the  hunt!

page1 And find it, I at a vintage magazine dealer…with a perfectly intact set of my beloved paper dolls still in the center! I discovered that they are copied from paper dolls that were sold around 1900 that can be found in the Chester County Historical Society's antique paper doll collection  in West Chester, Pennsylvania!  Notice that the original price of the magazine was 35 cents. I paid $5.99…for me…priceless!

IMG_1933 Now I have come full circle…back to the original magazine! And it only took fifty years! lol I have put them all together in a little vignette so that I can visit  them for a while.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them!

IMG_1911 And finally, Kitty would also like to give you a little peek at my one really interesting thrifting find this week…a sad looking foot stool from Bombay Company for about $3.50. She has adopted it as her new favorite spot. If  I can get her to surrender it long enough, I have plans for it which will be revealed soon!

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. I do remember Jack and Jill. Happy happy memories...loved that magazine.

    This post is fabulous, Debbie!

  2. Debbie, I love your adorable little mouse family. How wonderful to finally find what magazine they came from. I do remember that publication. Looked at it all the time. I remember them having those in doctor's waiting rooms. I have one of those little stools, too and you just reminded me that I need to spruce it up some. Have a great week and don't miss my $60 csn giveaway this week.

  3. I love seeing your mice family and that you were able to solve the mystery and get a copy of the original Jack and Jill magazine. I remember those very well.

  4. I LOVED paperdolls when I was a child. Mine were usually movies stars. Celeste Holmes was my favorite. My mother would bring home used paper from her office and my sister and I would spend hours designing clothes, coloring and cutting them out to make a full wardrobe for Celeste. Fun!
    If there is glass in that old frame you bought you might want to think about changing it out for archival quality glass. That's the only bad thing about old frames. The glass can really ruin old photos. Might be different in this case but I wouldn't want to take a chance.
    Love your posting!
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Debbie, this is adorable. I love what you did with the vignette. I was going to suggest archival glass also, for the same reasons that Karen mentioned. I'd hate to see those treasured paper dolls damaged. Any good frame shop should be able to sell you a sheet. It's not cheap, but hey you only paid 2.00 for the frame right :) And like you said, these really are priceless. Hugs, Kat

  6. Debbie they are adorable and I love how you framed the original paper dolls! The mice your neighbor made are so cute and then to find the original you said priceless! Thank you for sharing such a cute vignette!

  7. I love paper dolls. Nice use of your little bench too! What a great research project.

  8. Debbie,
    I love your little mice. So cute and adorable. Now, if the real things were as cute and adorable. :)

  9. now those are cute mice....not so keen on the real thing....

  10. That was a fun post, Deb. Ginny & I enjoyed looking at all the mice. I used to love paper dolls too. I had many but they were all humans and some were movie stars. I remember playing with them for hours. I found some for my kids over 20 years ago and again, played with for hours. I am so happy for you that you could complete your hunt. I like the foot-stool too and Kitty makes it even more beautiful. Leave it to a cat to 'own' every new thing that enters our home. Have a great week, Deb. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  11. Debbie,
    Your mouse family is so cute! I bet you were excited when you found the original magazine. I bought a few of my favorite childhood books on ebay and it was so fun to look at them and be flooded with memories.

    Baby Kitty :)

  12. Debbie, truly that is one of the most precious creations I've ever seen! I love the mice and the story that goes with them. Your neighbor did a great job! What sweet keepsakes they are and perfect on the new rocker.

  13. Oh Debbie, I love that you still have your paper dolls and your mice sock dolls are definitely copied perfectly. What a thrill to have them. I can't believe that you found the original magazine. Just the best find ever. Your cute little rocker that you found is just perfect for your mice. You've made the cutestest vignette. I love it and such wonderful memories you have of it. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  14. Absolutely fantastic to come full circle like that! Really enjoyed this post! and the dolls, amazing, too! What great memories to have :)

  15. I can't believe the mouse paperdolls survived for 50 years! Your neighbor did a great job recreating them out of socks.
    Beautiful Kitty looks so regal sitting on the little foot stool.
    Have a great week, Debbie!

  16. Debbie, I'm so impressed that you still have your sweet paper dolls. My sister and I spent hours playing with our paper dolls, and many of them were from magazines. Glad you found the original magazine and have these items all together. The little dolls are too cute for words. You're a girl after my own heart.
    Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for sharing these precious delights! ~ Sarah

  17. This is jusy the most darling post! I adore your little mice paper dolls and the dolls that your neighbor made are adorable!

    I can't believe you found another set...very lucky! The whole vignette you created is wonderful! I have so enjoyed the walk down memory lane!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

  18. What a wonderful, heartwarming post! I loved it and I loved the Jack and Jill magazine too when I was a child. I would go through it page by page by page!

    How special that you've kept the mice cut outs all these years and those dolls are amazing! Keepsakes for sure!

    Bombay store was great! I've bought so much stuff there over the years. It was so sad when they closed for good.

  19. Salut Debbie. That is! Honestly! I love the mice and so great to get that magazine. What a treasure! As is the stool - love it! You'll have to tell me what you're gonna do! Linda

  20. Yes! I remember Jack & Jill magazine - haven't thought about it in years. The mouse family is adorable! Dori

  21. That is the neatest story Debbie!
    Your neighbor did a fabulous job creating the mouse family! What treasures and I love how you have displayed them too.
    Getting the magazine was certainly a great find!
    Fun Post, love the kitties of course!

  22. Hi Debbie! Oh, I remember Jack and Jill! What darling little micey paper dolls! How precious you've kept them all these years! And your little stuffed ones! Oh, how cute and yes, your neighbor did a wonderful job and that was a lot of work, wasn't it? Love them all safe and sound in the frame!
    Kitty looks like your going to have a hard time getting to that little stool! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. What a special and memorable collection. I just adore how you have them diplayed. The mouse dolls are precious! Visiting from BNOTP - Hope you have a great week! Stephanie Lynn

  24. Debbie how precious is this adorable written post! I just adore the mice and of course the kitties stole the show. Give them a hug from me and Chestnut!

    Have a blessed evening sweet friend. ~Melissa :)

  25. Oh I loved this post! Those are irreplaceable treasures- you are so lucky to still have them!
    xoxo Pattie

  26. I love this post! Such a great story. The sock mice family is just adorable. Love it all. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you'll drop by to see the gorgeous kitchen JaneF posted for Met Monday, #1 Link. Don't forget to register for our giveaway if you haven't already!


  27. Oh boy, Debbie, this really takes me back. I remember Jack and Jill magazine and I can't tell you how many paper dolls I used to have. I used to make clothes and accessories for them with fabric. I had such fun!

    Thanks for a great story!


  28. Sweet post! I loved playing with paper dolls! Happy Monday!

  29. Beautiful job and memories. Thanks for sharing both, made me stop and think about my own little paper dolls.

  30. What wonderful keepsakes! Your mice remind me of the mice from my daughter's books of Angelina Ballerina. Very sweet!

  31. Oh My Gosh! I love that you made a little vignette out of your childhood favs!! That is the cutest thing that your neighbor made the dolls for you. What a wonderful thing! :)


    P.S. I do find it ironic that you love kitties AND mice! My kitties would never be so tolerant! :)

  32. I used to get Jack and Jill!! No wonder those mice look familiar! I love little mice too and I have two cats. They do there job in my 150 year old house but if I hear any squeaking I have to run and save the little mouse. I just can't help myself!!!

  33. Debbie, Your little mice are adorable! I remember the magazine and the cut outs in it. How great you were able to find this specific issue. Sadly, I don't have any of my childhood toys. I guess mine would be antiques by now!

  34. I love your mice!!! And your neighbor did a fabulous job in making them almost real. What a fabulous post. I wish I had something from my childhood.

  35. What a fun post Debbie! I remember Jack and Jill magazine and I'm aamzed that you kept your paper mice dolls so many years ..what a sweet treasure! Your framed collage is so pretty and it's fantastic that you found the same magazine at such a good price for a vintage copy. The stuffed dolls are darling!
    Your handsome cat stole the show for me ..what a cutie!

  36. We had Jack and Jill up here too, but I don't remember the mice - they're so cute!

  37. That is an amazing journey & I think its wonderful that you still have the original mice to go along with those DARLING little dolls! How creative!

    You must write down the story of how the collection came to be & stick it to the back of the frame. Someday it may become very important to know such stuff.

    Have a great week!

  38. What a totally fun idea to make them into dolls. Such fun memories to cherish.

  39. Just PRICELESS Debbie these are the things when I see them that I just many fond memories that go with them...Loved this post...Have a wonderful week my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  40. I love that you still have your mouse family after 50 years! What a cute story and wonderful collection. Your neighbor did a beautiful job of turning them into sock mice :)

  41. Debbie, I LOVE this post! I remember these mice in the J&J Magazine! I love what you did with them, and I love what your neighbor made for you when you were a child. You have kept these treasures in such great shape. I'm sure none of my paper dolls survived my childhood! laurie

  42. Hi Debbie, Your little mouse paper doll family are adorable! I love that you have saved them for fifty years. You did a great job preserving them and also framing them. How cute that your neighbor made you stuffed mouse, love it!

  43. What a wonderful story with great things to remember your childhood by. I remember Jack & Jill magazine - I always read it when I visited the library. Enjoy your week. Sally

  44. Hi, very sweet post, love your kitty and thanks for the memories! I hope that you have a lovely new week!

  45. Those are just adorable! Baby Kitty is cracking me up!

    No I didn't go to the Perimeter opening. I've barely been to Goodwill this month. I'm going to have a garage sale this summer and I had so much stuff I had to rent a storage unit! So no more stuff for me until I get rid of some of my stuff!

    I did go and look today though LOL. I couldn't help it! But I put back everything I picked up!


    P.S. I've only hit the right color twice - the halltree was half price and the music stand oh and one time we bought books that were half off. But that's it!

  46. Deb, this IS! priceless, I love this so much. I do remember Jack and Jill and now you have all the pieces. I can not believe what an amazing job your neighbor did on the dolls. I love sweet memories like this. I think these are the things that make our home special. So glad you shared this story, Hugs Kathysue

  47. Hiya Debbie... seems like its been forever since i have stopped by and so very glad i did.

    I love your precious childhood mice. (even though i have an aversion to them :)

    I wish i had my childhood toys!

    Sometime stop by and join us on Friday ~~Finding Beauty... you would fit perfectly!


  48. oh so cute, but kitties and mice together....oh la la

  49. What a wonderful story and such precious memories! Poor kitties, having to compete with paper mice:-)

  50. Debbie,
    These are just the cutest little paper dolls from our childhood days...thanks sooooo much for sharing them:) Your neighbor did an outstanding job making the three dolls...they are priceless! Thanks for coming to NTT and also for the sweet blogs friends are so awesome:)


  51. I have a few mice you could adopt Deb LOL
    How sweet and creative you are. To hang on to something so precious is what life is all about. Now if we could just do that to ourselves?
    Love ya Deb
    Happy Everything.
    Love Claudie

  52. Well, well , well!!! I love it all! I so remember playing with all kinds of paper dolls as a child , but I did not have those, nor did I get the Jack and Jill mag!!! I did have a set of Mother Goose ones when I had the mumps! We had sock monkeys as a kid---but my brother has our old monkey. I have a sock monkey blog with their travel stories. I mad sock monkey's for everyone in our immediate family. But I have to admit....I love LOVE those meeeeeeces to pieces! They are so cute!! What a great story. Come see my sock girl doll I have featured on my spindlecottage blog. she is over 60 years old. Here:

  53. Isn't it great to discover your past anew! We had Jack and Jill in England too. I loved it but I don't remember the mice. I love what you did with them.
    Blessings, Star

  54. WOW! What a moment of serendipity! I love, not to eat because "she" says "NO MICE". And I have to admit mice in general are pretty cute. And YOUR mice are way beyond cute - too precious! I most certainly wouldn't even be tempted to eat them!


    Romeo and "her"

  55. How neat! I love the dolls...and so glad you could get the orig mag.
    Your cat staring at the mice reminds me of Snowbell in Stuart Little thinking about eating Stuart!

  56. What a great story of mice and childhood and the circle of life. That magazine is such a find. There is something about things we had as little people that we yearn for. Life wasn't as complicated and we only thought of fun and games. Who wouldn't yearn for that. Memories make you smile inside.

    Thanks for sharing.


  57. Just popping in for the first time...Now *I* am in love with your mice!!

    Oh, vintage graphics! Be still my heart! <3 <3 <3

  58. I remember Jack and Jill and I loved Betsy McCall! $5.99 is a small price to pay for such a treasured childhood memory! These sock mice are the cutest things ever! Your neighbor was very talented and must have been a special person to take a little girl's fantasy and make it real! I love that they have all been reunited!

  59. Thanks for your very sweet visit -- oh how I love your mice! They are just darling and I remember how much you love animals dressed up so mouse paperdolls must have been perfect! How wonderful to have them preserved under glass - they just look precious!

  60. Wow! Those are priceless, Debbie. I can't believe you kept them for 50 years..Christine

  61. Oh, Debbie! Those are SO precious! There are no words to say how cute I think they are, and you know I love those sock mice!!! But how neat to find a copy of that magazine. Love the way you framed your collection, too.

    Me thinks we would have been very good friends as children. I did not, however, have the paper doll mice, but I love them much and am glad you still have them to enjoy!!!



  62. What a! I posted about Paper Dolls today, also. You have a darling collection of little mice paperdolls. And I, too, remember Jack and Jill magazine! Darling post. :) Nancy

  63. Thank you Debbie for a wonderful post. I played with a little paper doll when I used to visit my Grandmother. We stayed at her cottage on the lake. I still have the little doll somewhere in my keepsakes. It has stirred some precious memories. Have a great day!

  64. Hi Debbie,
    Just popped in from Laurie's Saturday meme to admire your wonderful mice family.
    What a great tail(!) sorry.
    Maggie @QCI

  65. Oh Debbie, I'm so glad you linked this post to Favorite Things Sat., since it is one of my favorite posts! Thank you. laurie

  66. I remember Jack and Jill, but not their paper dolls. I know I had Betsy McCall paper dolls. I like the way you framed them.
    Such adorable kitties. :D

  67. These are adorable and yes, your neighbor did a fabulous job of interpreting those cute mice. Thank you for sharing a fond memory...

  68. Omigosh, how wonderful!!! I just love your mosaic, Debbie! Thanks so much for playing along. :)

  69. What a sweet story! Isn't it funny how much we cherish toys from our childhood? I wish my mom had kept some of my favorite toys, I would love to pass them down to my son. I'll be on the look out for them now. Enjoy your new mice magazine!

  70. I'm seeing visions of scanning those J&J pages and then blowing up the paper dolls and mounting on foam core! A little Mod Podge and you could stand them up in lots of vignettes or have them standing on a window sill! Don't you just laugh when we find a toy from our childhood that makes you even happier as a grownup???


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie