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02 October, 2009

Thanks, Bonnie!...or...I'm Ms. October!

iz I am so honored to have been chosen by my blogger friend Bonnie as She’s All That at The Bhive Buzz for the month of October! I’m famous! If you don’t know Bonnie, you have a real treat in store for you! She describes herself as a former island girl living life in the Big City. She is one busy gal who maintains three blogs! The Bhive Buzz is her most recent undertaking, dedicated to the interests of women who have, ahem, let’s just say passed 40…and that’s definitely me!

001 Needless to say, her work has not been undertaken alone. She is assisted by her pal Kitty…

IMG_0175 …and her dear friend Sadie who are mainstays on her original blog, Diamonds & Daisies, which gives us a peek into her life as a transplant into the city. I feel as though she lives right around the corner from me, although we are a continent apart! She is a wonderful writer who makes her neighborhood seem so real to me that I can picture it in my head!

112 In addition, Kitty serves as the Literary Cat who helps Bonnie choose the next book she will read…which is very important, since Bonnie is also the San Diego Books Examiner for their online newspaper! Aren’t you impressed? I know I am! I have planned the books for my beach trip this Fall based on her reviews and can’t wait to hit the sun and sand and enjoy my new treasures! She is a big fan of chick lit and so am I…aren’t we all? If you would like to read some of Bonnie’s recommendations, click here!

Thanks again, Bonnie, for choosing me as Ms. October for The Bhive Buzz! Head on over to discover some little known facts about moi! lol Please be sure to also visit Bonnie at Diamonds & Daisies and at her corner book review stand, as she describes it, at The Examiner! You will be delighted that you did!


  1. Congratulations Debbie! She really did a great post. And thanks for pointing us to her blogs, they're alot of fun. Hugs, Kat

  2. Congrats Debbie on Miss October! Love the precious animals.

    Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
    ~Melissa :)

  3. Here she is, Miss October! Congrats to one of my favorite blogger friends! I'm heading over to read it, can't wait! Cindy

  4. Well, Ms. October - congratulations. I clicked over and read the fun interview. Have a great weekend. Sally

  5. Fabulous interview, Debbie and I am following the blog. Wow, how refreshing to read a blog all about the stuff we ladies love to talk about when we are all together!! Thank you Ms. October!!


  6. Oh. my. word. The kitty in the glasses made my night!!! :)

  7. Debbie, I so enjoyed her post about you, and I think you really are so interesting that she should post about you every month. You have so much to offer and have traveled and lived in France. I love your stories about your time there. Her blogs are a lot of fun too. Congratulations on being selected, it really is great. Hugs, Marty

  8. Debbi, I so enjoyed the spotlight on you. You know you and Susan were my very first blogging friends. Both of you gave me such encouragement and motivation to start my own blog. I greatly appreciate your friendship. When is the trip to France? ~ Sarah

  9. OMG!!! that first photo is just the best thing I have seen in ages!!!

  10. Congratulations Debbie Miss October.
    XO Regina

  11. Congratulations. Miss October how thrilling. I am going over to the other blog to see what she tells about you. Happy pink Saturday

  12. the sunglasses...

  13. Miss October!! Congratulations! That was a nice post she did on you. I had no idea you taught French. I always wondered why you seemed to be so fluent but always thought you had lived there or visted alot. Very cool!


  14. Ms. October! Way to go. Love those animal photos. I will have to go check out her blog. I don't think I've been there yet. Have a great weekend! Traci

  15. A pin up girl--what's next?!! I will check out this blog. I love to read (besided blogs)! Love the picture.

  16. Just visited the Bhive! What an honor and I loved getting to "know" you better. Now what's up with "Sweet Baby James"?

  17. Contratulations on your newest award, Love your new photo and of course the vintage chanel sunglasses are to die for...your on your way...Phyllis

  18. Love the cat picture. that is too cute.

    come see my give-a-way

  19. Oh how wonderful Debbie!!!

    I love all of the pics of the animals...adorable!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  20. Congrats, Debbie!!! And I must say that your friend has excellent taste with you as Ms. October!


    Sheila (who is so glad to finally be online again!) :)

  21. Hi Debbie! I so enjoyed working with your director of PR, Ms. Isabella. She was a delight!

    Sorry it's taken me awhile to visit but as you know I've had some family visiting. Been quite busy.

    A lot of your friends have visited the Bhive and left delightful messages. So happy to spotlight you Ms. October.

    Hope you're having a great Sunday,


  22. Wonderful fur-kid photos ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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