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14 June, 2009

Mosaic Monday...or...Pink and Green Mosaics from Two Very Special Guests!

Welcome to another Mosaic Monday with our wonderful hostess, Mary at Little Red House! Be sure to drop by her beautiful blog to see one of her fabulous mosaics and to find a list of who is participating this week! Two of my dear friends have graciously agreed to appear on my blog as my special guests today!! Both of these very talented ladies decided to use pink and green as the theme of their mosaics.

The first one is from my friend Jeanette, whom some of you may know as jfell from Rate My Space! I will let her tell you about her beautiful mosaic:
Since I don't have any pink and green inside my house, I got to thinking that I have lots of it outside in the summer. I just love pink flowers, so I thought I would show you a few of them. I love pink geraniums. My grandma always had geraniums, so they remind me of her...gorgeous. This is the very first day lily bloom. We have lots of these in different colors from yellow to very dark copper. This is the very last bloom on the peonies and the azalea. I hate to see the season for them end already.

Here's another beautiful creation from Jeanette! You probably recognize her gorgeous kitchen. It is the all time number one most viewed space on Rate My Space! It was even featured as an inspiration space on the television version of RMS. Isn't that amazing? There is also an amazing lady behind this beautiful space!

This wonderful mosaic is from my friend Kathysue! As you may remember from a recent post, I had the pleasure of meeting her in person along with Barb at Grits and Glamour! It was one of the best experiences of my life! I will let this talented lady tell you about her mosaic:
It all started with coffee on the front porch. My miniature Calla lily had the tiniest dew drop on its tip. I looked at the combination of the pink and green and thought of how much I love that combination! So I thought I would take some pictures outside of some pink and green and then I went into the house and saw MORE pink and green sooooo...... I guess I really do like it. I noticed I had light pink to dark, almost red pinks. Hope you ladies don't mind me sharing my pink and green fetish.

Want to see more of Kathysue's creativity? I'll bet you recognize her beautiful spa-like master bathroom! It is also one of the highest rated spaces on Rate My Space and was even featured on the front page of RMS, as well as on the featured designer's page of MicasaStyle! You can also find her on Decorpad. I feel calm and peaceful just looking at it!

I am so blessed to be able to count theses two amazing and talented women among my friends! Thanks so much, Jeanette and Kathysue, for allowing me to post your gorgeous mosaics!

And I thank you for dropping by! Be sure to head on over to Mary's to see more wonderful examples of mosaics! I'll see you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. Hey, I get to be the first to comment! You know how much I love both of these mosaics, and more importantly how much I love these two special ladies! Their creativity is matched only by their wonderful souls! These are just beautiful and thank you so much for sharing them with everyone Debbie. Hugs, Kat

  2. Debbie, you are a dear friend. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a guest on your wonderful blog. This has been great fun anticipating my "debut". You are a very special person and you did a beautiful post, Thank you so much, Love ya, Jeanette

  3. Oh Yippee Debbie, I get to be one of the first to see this fabulous post. Jeanette and Kathysue are both just the most wonderful decorators and their homes are stunning. Now I see that they have mastered mosaics too. Both of their mosaics are so pretty. I so love these two ladies as well as you and how special that you are showing their beautiful mosaics and homes. All 3 of you are such special friends and I am truly blessed. Love ya, Hugs, Marty

  4. Nice mosaic's...I luv the music too! CHEERS! Michele

  5. It is wonderful to find talented people in a variety of different art forms....
    yes, they do have a most blessed eye!

    I am glad you are all life is always sweeter with one or two! LOL :)

  6. Debbie, quelles jolies la cuisine est magnifique! Et le lavabo dans la salle de bains est tellement chic! J'aime tout! Linda

  7. Wonderful rooms and wonderful mosaics!!

  8. Isn't it wonderful to have creative friends. I love it and they are so inspiring! It's lovely and I like your sweet babies and the Tablescape Thursday mosaic! How cute!!!
    Happy Twirls

  9. Debbie, you have very talented friends who not only share with you their art but their wonderful homes. Each mosaic has its own charm. BTW, thanks for your kind words about our Twyla. She is a rescued abused cat. We just had her for a month and she has regained her health. My daughter and I spoiled her so much. You've got quite a feline crew. Have a nice week!

  10. beautiful mosaics... love that glass sink too! what adventure are you off to now Miss Debbie...

  11. Great mosaics and narrative, Debbie! I love that kitchen!
    I think my gkids would break that sink though! :)

  12. Oh Debbie...these ar so lovely!!! Your friends are wonderful!!! What a gorgeous kitchen!!!

    Happy MM!!!

  13. Your mosiac is lovely. I wish I knew how to do it. Perhaps one day..but in the meantime I can enjoy yours. Just beautiful!
    Your entire blog is fantastic!

  14. Oh how gorgeous Debbie!
    Amazing talent from these two
    sweethearts. Thanks for sharing.

    I've missed you my friend! Our computer has been a mess and I'm just now getting back to posting.

    Have a wonderful day.
    ~Melissa :)

    PS Chestnut says Hi to the staff...

  15. Wow, what beautiful mosaics & lovely friends to contribute them! ☺ diane

  16. Fun post, beautiful mosaic, gorgeous rooms. I'd rate the whole post with a number one!

  17. Wow, Debbie, please thank Jeannette and KathySue for their wonderful mosaics. I do remember both those rooms on RMS -- gorgeous. And I love pink and green, too. I have a bunch of pink and green on my back porch, waiting to be potted up for the deck... ;)

    Thanks so much for joining the fun at Mosaic Monday. :)

  18. How nice to have friends to contribute in so many ways. I love pink and green myself and the mosaics are wonderful.

  19. As an old RMSer myself, I do remember these two nice ladies and their lovely spaces! It looks like they are just as talented at creating beautiful mosaics as they are at creating beautiful interiors. Pink & green is probably my favorite color combo and I use it in the 4 main rooms of my house.

  20. Gorgeous post, all the way through, Debbie. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely images!!!

  21. Hi Debbie, pink, coral and light shades of lavender are my favorite colors for my potted garden. I love impatiens for their simplicity and color. Have a great Monday! PS - love the bathroom

  22. I can see why her kitchen is so popular!

  23. Your friends mosaics are very pretty! If I had that kitchen or bathroom I'd never want to come out of either one!, they're just gorgeous!!

    Happy MM!

  24. Just beautiful Debbie...I love both these gals you featured here...even if its been almost a year since my RMS days...Love the pictures...May you have a great Monday...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed seeing both their spaces and mosaics!


  26. you are one lucky lady to have these friends.

  27. wonderful mosaics and spaces. and kitty cats. : )
    thank you for visiting me.
    ; )

  28. Hey Debbie,

    What gorgeous photos. Loving that bathroom. Yes, I do find lots of loot over at Feathers & Twigs. The two ladies that own it are all the time going to yard & estate sales, thrift shops etc. I wish you lived closer. Anyway, thanks for the blog love, sweets!

  29. Oh goodness... all I had to do was read pink & green, my favorite color combo! Is it possible to have too much? I think I do!! Jeanette's flowers are just beautiful, they look lovely together in the mosaic. And I can see why her kitchen is so popular on RMS, she is a very talented decorator.

    I love the green and white in Kathysue's home. The bath is to die for!!

    You have two very sweet and talented friends, Debbie. Thank you and them for sharing the inspirations! :-)


  30. Pink and green -- magic. Love the mosaics, how nice to have such creative friends! And that kitchen is fabulous.

  31. Your mosaics are so pretty.... Love the colors! And I love that green bathroom too! Wow.... so calm and serene...Have a great week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  32. so great to have creative friends, I find that in blogs, a nice way to find things others are good at


  33. Hi Deb, how fun to see Jeanette's and My pink mosaic together on your blog. Thank you so much for featuring us, you make us feel like a celebrity. You are the best ever. hugs Kathysue


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