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13 February, 2009

A Flea Market Treasure Hunt!

This is a fantastic tale of adventure with hidden treasure, a fearless captain and wonderful pirate plunder...well, not exactly plunder. We did pay for it! You see this flea market called My Favorite Place? I drove by it every single day, twice a day, going to and from work for eleven years and never went in once! Not once! But then I retired and started blogging, then tablescaping, and I became curious. You need a lot of really great bargains to be able to tablescape for long! So one day when I was nearby, I went in alone...

Oh my! Now first I must tell you that I am easily visually over-stimulated. Ooooooh....already this was too much for me...

Oh much stuff I can't see anything...

...rows and rows and rows and rows.....

...and to my horror...dirt...lots of dirt! So I ran out the door! Then when my friend Linda at Nina's Nest suggested that we go there on one of our antiquing/flea market outings, I said..."It may be your favorite, but it's not my favorite place!" lol I thought that was funny! Finally, after several weeks of cajoling, Linda finally got me to agree, so...

...armed with a fresh supply of antibacterial washcloths...

...and with Linda as my fearless captian, we embarked on our treasure hunt! Come aboard, mateys!

A collection of items greeted us outside the door, including this little cabinet for $15...OK, not bad so far.

Linda immediately spotted this little oil painting in a gorgeous frame for $24...pretty good! we are getting warmer! This set of 25 dishes for $11.50....not bad at all!

I am not a pinky, rosy person, but I must say they are pretty! I didn't get the make.

Oh now, this is cute!! A pig pitcher for only $9! Look at the mouse in his pocket! I am starting to relax. Maybe this is OK after all!

These look familiar! Carpet balls/bowls at $3.50 each!

Here's a variety of blue and white thingys ranging from $3 to $15...cute!

This blue moon candle holder caught my eye...$9!

Woah! Blue and white toile chandelier shades at $1 each!! The chest behind them was $89. Is that a dead man's chest?? Yo ho ho!!

Now these are cute and very frenchy...boxes that say $3 each!

Here are some cute banks! The mouse is $10 and the doggie is $6!! They could hold a lot of gold dabloons!

A two-sided gravy boat...only $2...wish I had bought this one!

Here's Linda's favorite...a cute bunny tray for $5.75!

And here's a stack of Johnson Brothers dishes...25 for $39, but no dinner plates. Too bad!

You have to have imagination for this one...paint it cream and antique it...only $3.50! Hey....I'm starting to get the hang of this! It's actually fun!!!

Ohhh! Here's a cute plate! Do you see the bunnies??? Only $3.50!

Do you need a turkey tureen? It's $11.50!

Cute little ducky bowl...$3....hmmmm. It has a booboo on the neck, but if you turn that to the back....

Ohhh! I can't walk past this one! White ironstone with grapes...$8 plus they give a 10% discount if you $7.20! This baby is going home with me! Hmmm...can't read the mark....oh well, I like it no matter what! OK, Linda...I am not totally horrified! Maybe you are right! Let's purchase our and head out for lunch...after a thorough decontamination with numerous antibacterial wipes and a good scrubbing of hands, of course!!

As soon as I got home, I started cleaning up my treasure. Woah!!! What's this??? Does this say...?? Is it my imagination...?? I rush into the dining room and check the mark on my mom's soup tureen! I'm doing the happy dance!! Do you see?? Yes, it's Red Cliff ironstone! Just like my mom's soup tureen!!! Woooo hooo!!

See how wonderful it looks beside its new friend? Baby Kitty even agrees! I had to call my friend Linda and tell her immediately!! We looked on ebay....$24 plus $12 shipping! And I got mine for $7.20!!

Here it is in its new home on my hutch! What do you think of my treasure?? OK, can print this post and hold it over my head forever! You were right! Sooooooooo...when can we go back???


  1. OH MY!!!!! I want to come too!!! I need to move to GA. You guys have all the good stuff for the good prices. I'm in California . . . I rest my case!!
    Oh I so enjoyed going shopping with you. LOVE the tureen!!!! I cannot believe you drove by that place for 11 years. My gosh.
    Love the name of your blog. We are birds of a feather! I am such a dishaholic! Pretty scary!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Karen

  2. I have been once. Is this the one in chamblee? I think I have been to that one. Anyway, just have a min, but wanted to say hi and I'm looking forward to meeting you too.


  3. Okay...where is this joint. I don't mind a little dust and dirt..You do go to Scott's Yes??

  4. I didn't know about Red Cliff Ironstone, but ooh I love your new treasure and I LOVE your Mom's tureen... lovely stuff. Great treasure hunting! I am like you about dirty places, but I guess true pirate's treasure is usually buried! lol... Hugs, Cindy

  5. Debbie I know you have been trying to get on my blog. Thank you for trying. I never go to my blogger acc... but tonight I did and saw your comment.
    Oh how I wish I lived in the area. CC told me about the little get together. I used to live in Dunwoody years ago and now we are back home in Canada.
    I still come and see all your pretty things. Thanks for the tour.
    Love Claudie

  6. Oh my goodness Debbie, even if you have to wer gloves and a mask, they have some really great things, and the prices seem unreal. I think there were several things that would have had me doing the happy dance. I do really love your new candlestick. It is simply stunning and how neat that it is the same maker as your mom's tureen. I just love the way you narrate something. You are just too funny. Love ya, Marty

  7. Hey Debbie, wow, loot is right! I will be calling you the next time I vist my daughter!! We can go "shopping'! You got some great finds. Happy V-Day! Linda

  8. That's it, I have to go thrift shopping tomorrow! Great blog and great pictures!

  9. What great stuff they have, I wish I could go with you two!! I love your purchase, maybe it could also double as a vase for fresh cut flowers? I would have scooped up that set of 25 dishes for $11.50. I agree 100%, not bad at all!

    Have a great weekend, Nicole.

  10. You know, there is a similar kind of place near where I live. There is a ton of junk, most of it you don't want to really touch. But if you look closely, you can find some great things! You got such a great deal on that ironstone and it looks great on your hutch! I also really thought that white cabinet was cute. What a fun day :)

  11. I have this huge feeling that I would be sooooo in trouble in that store! I like what you found, and especially that it's marked! Happy Valentine's Day!



  13. Isn't it amazing what treasures you can find in the midst of a mess. Enjoyed the trip!

  14. Great shopping trip!!!! I luv places like this! I can hardly wait till the weather warms up a bit so I can go yard sales for treasures! CHEER! Michele

  15. I love places like that! You got a great treasure there! I was going to say booty but I thought you might take it the wrong way! LOL God bless you! lauralu

  16. Debbie, You are one lucky lady! That's a fantastic find and YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY!!! Please send your address & I'll try to mail Monday. ☺♥☺

  17. Hi Deb,
    What fabulous treasures you found! That was a great little shopping tour, you got me revved up ! I love your new find, looks perfect! Cindy

  18. Oh Debbie! That's a gorgeous candlestick holder. And how lucky to have the same markings as your mom's tureen!...Christine

  19. Yippee!! Debbie, you and Linda hit the jackpot.. well at least we know you did..:-) what great treasures did our Linda take home? I hope you and your little sweetie have a fantastic Valentine's evening..
    hugs ~lynne~

  20. Wow, great treasures at that thrift shop. What's a little dirt among friends, after all?

    You made a great choice and got a great bargain with the candleholder. Hmm... I sure liked that little bunny tray. Too bad NJ is so far from GA!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  21. I could NOT believe those prices! To my knowledge prices like that do not exist in Californa...anywhere. Goodwill? Maybe, IF they ever got things like that which they never seem to. At least not our Goodwill.
    YOU DID GOOD! Yes, you should definitely go back. Never let a bit of dust stop you..OR a lot of dust for that matter! Your candle stick looks fantastic where you put it. Very elegant!! Happy Valentines Day!

  22. P.S Debbie...I also want to thank you for visiting me. I am always so honored when you stop by. You always have such sweet things to say to me. So..we both have French ancestery. :)
    It is fun getting to know you!

  23. You found some great bargains! I'm like you, a place that big is just too much for me. I really like the two things that you found.


  25. Oh My Goodness Debbie! I want to go shopping with you and Linda! This definitely my kind of place! The dirtier and junker a place is, the better the bargains! I saw so many things I would have loved to buy. I cannot believe you didn't buy that blue and white plate with the bunnies. I do love your ironstone candleholder though, and how wonderful to find out what a deal you got on it. I am just a little green with envy! Happy Valentine's Day! laurie

  26. Debbie, this post is an absolute hoot. From the "ominous" music playing to the hand wipes... I'm laughing so hard I'm crying here! Oh, my friend, we have so much in common! LOL!

    Mr. Magpie absolutley refuses (even on the threat of death) to be led into any place that says "flea market" or even vaguely resembles one. LOL! I can go into certain places, but even I (intrepid person I am) have my limits. ;-)

    I'm glad you perservered and got that candleholder. It's neat! And how great that it matches your tureen. Yep, I think the treasure hunt was worth it.

    My treasure hunting this week consisted of looking through a catalog a designer friend has and picking out more Easter things (as if I need them!) LOL! They were too good a price to pass up, and of course many $ later, I had some good deals. ;-)

    Okay, I am signing out.

    Hope you and your grandson have a very special Valentine's Day together! Wishing you much, much love and happiness!


    Sheila :=)

  27. So glad you didn't pass up the candelabrum. I think it may be from the same line as your soup tureen based on the grape motif on both. Wonderful find. Think how much more it would have cost if they had already cleaned it.

    Hey, they also have McDonald's in China. So even if your GS decides on McD's instead of Chinese take out, your beautiful, thoughtful, and very engaging tablesetting will work just fine. Bon appetit!

  28. OMG Debbie I got my BIG purse and I want to go shopping with you and see I love places like that..even if I had to go home and shower your candle holder and how cool is that its matches your Mama tureen...Happy Valentine's day..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  29. That's what friends are for - to hold your hand and walk with you through the dirt and dust, the mountains of junk where, together, you can plunder to find treasures. See that's all you needed! I could tell you were having fun - I saw all those exclamations marks. lol!

    Glad you did find that treasure!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Deborah in NC

  30. Oh man! I hear you on the ickyness factor. I have an antiques market nearby, but the smell usually stops me cold. I long for the outdoor fleas they have in NYC and elsewhere. Guess Michigan's too cold to ever hope for one here. Do you think a clothespin is too obvious??

  31. What a treasure!! I'm so glad you braved it and went back, wipes in hand. It was certainly worth it.

    Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you have a fantastic day today.

  32. Debbie...LOVE THIS Place! When I get back in town (in PA at the moment), I wanna check this place out, with my disinfect cloths, of course! How funny...YOU WRITER you! ;) Hey, YES Ma~dame...we can ride together if you like on March! We can make it an entire day if you want dropping by any shops nearby there if you want! No problemo... ;) Thanks for the offer! Hey, about your little shopping spree found some really great items at SUPER prices! I definitely need to find this little nest! ;) ~CC Catherine... (I'm dining today with Ms. Kathleen Ellis for Valentine's Day. We're going antiquing very soon...can't wait) I'll take my camera with me and share what I find in the shops up North, eh? ;)

  33. Oooh I would have bought it all! Thank you for the tour and Happy Valentine's Day!

  34. Don't you just think sometimes things are meant to be....if your friend hadn't enticed you back there would have been no wonderful candle holder to go with your Mums soup tureen....wonderful. Really enjoyed this browsing. Thanks.

  35. What a fun time you had. It's always nice to shop with a friend - especially a friend with an eye for treasures. I love the ironstone candle holder. I did have to laugh at the antibacterial clothes because I keep them in my car, along with hand sanitizer. You never know when you'll need them.

  36. Hi Glenda! Yes, you are right about the McDonalds in China! I hadn't thought of that!!! lol So it can be authentic! Yes, now that I think I can recognize the mark, I am out to find other pieces of Red Cliff! Have a great weekend!...Debbie

  37. Cute stuff and a great find....Barb

  38. Lol about this one! Bacteria? Who cares if there is good stuff...(we do have an immune system : - ) ) I love that you found a piece of Red Cliff...the photo of Baby Kitty with the tureen and candleholder just made my day!

  39. You know you've ruined me! I can't get over your blue and white carpet balls on the candlesticks...and now you're showing more! LOL I love all the blue and white "stuff" even more now! :-)
    Thanks for the fabulous trip! L~

  40. Wipes was so funny!!! Wish Hubby could see this! I go with them everywhere! How wonderful the grape candle holder is the same as your Mom's soup tureen! Yeah! Now I want those pink rose dishes! So Bad!!! Love the Johnson Bro. too, things sure are great deals in GA, I went to an aauction tonight. First real outing in a long time!! I bought for $1 a Johnson Bro. Rose Chintz creamer. Then a set of wheat dishes and servers for $20, They may go to the attic. I was bidding without thinking. lol I have two boxes full! Who knows make a great fall setting, lol Or maybe some lovely person will beat my door down for them. lol Happy Valentine's Day

  41. Debbie, what a great post. Love the music! And the picture of the handwipes - you are too funny! I'm the same way about going into marginal looking places, but they usually have the greatest things. Love the candlestick, how neat that it matches your mom's piece. Thanks for the shopping trip. Kat

  42. Je dois te dire, "Je te l'ai dit". Je ne sais pas si cette expression idiomatique était bien traduit....mais quand même...bien fait, mon amie, bien fait. à la prochaine?! Linda

  43. You found some awesome things. I love piggy collectibles and I am a plate collector myself.
    I love the soup toureen you picked up too.

  44. Hey Girlfriend...

    Just spending a leisurely Sunday afternoon visiting with my wanted to stop by to say hello!

    Girl, I loved our shopping trip...and you really found a treasure in that pretty Red Cliff Ironstone candleholder...I just adore it!!! If I had seen it, I would have scooped it up for did great!!! You know, the Red Cliff Ironstone is my favorite...I keep looking for pieces and it's very expensive! You made off like a bandit with that pretty piece! Congrats Sweetie, I'm so happy for you!

    Well my friend, I hope that you're having a super with you later,
    Love ya,

  45. Hello My Matey, Deb this is too perfect music included. you read like a good book.I love your post.Do we have a new Erma Bombeck coming up the ranks?Great finds and I know all about treasure hunting.I have wipes in my car all the time and I even put a few little ziploc bags in case I want to have them in my purse because I can't stand dirty hands and then I rewipe when I get back to the car.Ewwwy! Great Post. I will keep my eye open for The iron stone in my neck of the woods ,for you. xoxo Kathysue

  46. Wonderful find Debbie! A good eye... is a good eye... ya know!

    I have to admit, I am frequently overwhelmed by cluttered, dusty treasure troves... maybe I'll start keeping some of those anti-bacterial thingies with me too!

  47. Your favorite place is now My Favorite Place! Hi Debbie, thanks for picking me up, I enjoyed our little "junking" trip. And I was thrilled to find your comment the other day, my very first one! Oh, and no worries about Mr. Darcy, I will wrangle with him again next year!

    Enjoy your day, Bonnie

  48. Miss Debbie~I've thoroughly enjoyed your shopping venture. We're not so fortunate to have Antique Markets locally. You definitely have a keen eye to have found the Red Cliff ironstone candle holder.
    I'll have to remember the *wipes* tip, whenever I have opportunity to exercise my Antiquing muscles. I'm hoping to take a trip home to Southern California, the mecca of Antiques/Flea Markets. My credit card will be left with smoldering skid marks,LOL!
    Sweet Wishes,

  49. I haven't been there in about a year! That place is such a wonderful mess. I'm always afraid I'm going to knock something over and my husband refuses to come inside. But I've found some wonderful treasures there!


  50. Oh wow, I feel like I've been shopping! That was so fun, like tagging along. Have a good one.

  51. Ooohhh I love these shopping trips! I would have taken that one home in a red hot second Debbie! And my ironstone soup tureen is RC also! But like you, if I see too much at once it can become overwhelming. You cracka me up with your antibacterial wipes!...Great idea by the way! *winks* Vanna


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie