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21 April, 2009

What's on Your Wall and Wordless Wednesday: French Children...and...Recycling Ideas

It's Wednesday and I'm doing a twofer with two of my dear blogger friends! First, I'm participating in What's on Your Wall Wednesday with the multi-talented Barb at Grits and Glamour! Be sure to pay her a visit to see a sample of her decorating panache and to see who is playing along this week!

Ooooooh noooooo!! The French teacher in me is coming out!!!! Warning! Warning! Turn back if you don't want to hear me blab, because I want to show you some of my French stuff!!
I have a small collection of pictures of French children in provincial costumes and I am going to show you two of them. First, this one is from Alsace and is actually a reproduction of a post card by the French-Alsatian artist, J.J. Waltz, better known as Hansi. He is best known for his drawings of the children of German occupied Alsace during World War I. For a peek at more of his art work, visit here. The site is in French, but I think you will enjoy it just the same. Scroll down and click on cartes postales to see more drawings like this one!

This picture is actually a brochure that came in a tin of Traou Mad butter cookies that I found...strangely TJ Maxx!! Traou Mad means good things in Breton! The biscuiterie (cookie company) is located in Bretagne (Brittany) in Pont-Aven, which is known as one of the favorite haunts of the French artist Paul Gauguin. The brochure features one of his paintings, Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven. If you would like to learn more about Gauguin and see more of his work, click here! For more information about Traou Mad, click here. There is a button that allows the site to be displayed in English.
You're still here?? Thanks so much!

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday with our hostess Dixie from way down there in French Lique, Texas! Be sure to drop by her wonderful blog to see who is participating this week and to find out how to get in on the wordless fun!! This week our theme is...

...Earth Day!!

Don't forget to mosey on over to Miss Dixie's to get in on Wordless Wednesday!
Thanks so much for stopping by!! See you next time!


  1. Debbie your french pictures are just wonderful. You always show the neatest things. Now for the light bulbs. They are just about the most interesting things I have ever seen. Someone has way more imagination that I will ever have to dream up all these uses. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I really enjoyed your frenchy pictues and how cool that you found one in a Tj Maxx Cookie tin! Those lightbulb pics sure are a creative use of them. I hope all is well with you my friend, Cindy

  3. Debbie... first.. let me say that I love all your things "French"... thanks for the link... I'm going there next.

    Love the lightbulb ideas for Earth Day... wonderful photos too.

    and I love-love-love your new header and Wallpaper... is the wallpaper new or does it just look new with the beautiful green pear in my favorite blue and white plate? Gotta get my camera out for some new still lifes... you've inspired me once again!

    hugs... Dixie

    ps... Precious is cleaner now, but I feel it's a temporary situation for her... LOL... she makes me smile everyday... and little Roxy too... much like your Kitty staff... ;)

  4. Oh My Debbie I just love your Frenchy prints here and in a cookie tin how cool was that girl..Now the lights bulbs..someone must of had a light goes off in their head one day ha ha!! thanks great post as your new blog header girl...may you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Hi Friend - first, let me say I absolutely adore your new header. That picture is simple and perfect! The lighting could not have been better placed.
    Superb! <-- said w/ a Frenchy accent! LOL

    I love your Frenchy artwork, especially the cookie tin. I love artwork like that. I have a large chocolat poster I need to frame.

    Also, where did you get those wacky lightbulb pics. What great "ideas." ha!

    Thanks for sharing in this week's WOYWW! Blessings, Barb

  6. I love your pictures and I'm crazy about the uses of the light bulbs!!! NOW if we could just figure out how to safely dispose of the "green" bulbs we've been encouraged to use--I heard they are very hazardous in landfills!

    Happy Wednesday!! Dana

  7. Love your french sweet!
    the lightbulbs...hmmm...quite a few uses they've found...hmmmm?!

  8. Hi Debbie, loved the light bulb ideas! But the pictures of French children remind me of the songs we used to sing in French class as a 4th or 5th grader. My favorite is the song about the bridge in Avignon...sur la pont d'Avignon, on y danse, on y danse...memories! I can still sing that song!

    Hope you have a great week. Still waiting on that blog about the vacuum cleaner!


  9. Wonderful post. Great art! I wish I had more knowledge about all things French, but I so enjoy your blog. I supposed I will just have to live all things French through your blog; it is just beautiful. Hope you have a great evening!

  10. Oh my goodness--I've never seen light bulbs recycled so cleverly!

    The top French picture reminds me a bit of Mary Englebright's work.

    Have a fine WW☺

  11. Debbie, I LOVE the french children! The first piece especially is just beautiful. And what fun uses for the old light bulbs, the salt and pepper in particular just make me grin. Love your new blog dress - the green of the pear against the blue is just stunning. Hugs, Kat

  12. Hi Debbie - I was able to visit "The French Impressionists" exhibit in Houston - it just took my breath away. Love you French kids...and the lightbulbs as hanging vases - very cool. Happy Earth Day - Nancy

  13. Hi Debbie, I love all those lightbulb pictures!
    Happy Earth Day!

  14. Your French pictures are lovely, Debbie! I think they will look good next to my French armoire. Cool earth day pictures! Thanks again for your help on the French translation..LOL!

  15. I love the little french kids! They are so colorful and sweet.

  16. Debbie,
    Your prints are tres sad attempt at french!!! I love all things french or french inspired and they are sooo pretty!!!

    I have never participated in a Wordless Wednesday post...I will give it a try next week. I love your photos of all the re-used light bulbs...great ideas!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!!!

  17. What adorable pictures these are and so many different looking light bulbs....Debbie

  18. Such a beautiful plate ,oh and I love those French children.If they go missing they'll be back they are only on a little visit :)
    The lightbulbs are just brilliant !
    Happy blessed Wednesday to you.

  19. Debbie, I am just utterly impressed! French lesson and awesome ways to recycle clear bulbs! Unbelievably clever!

  20. Those light bulbs are amazing...LOL Go go back and look again... :)
    Ah..and French...aren't we all a bit least I am! I love anything French. I even used French script on my blog..yes, yes, and I like to decorate in French Country...
    I love your new blog dress by the way..SO SPRINGTIME! :)

  21. Miss Debbie~ I'm gonna start looking at my light bulbs in a different light (pun intended);D

    I love the simple elegance of your new banner. It reminds me of what I have to look forward to once the cold and rain are gone!

    Have I got a post for you....

    Sweet wishes,

  22. Morning Debbie, This is my first visit to your blog and it is great. I love your Wordless Wednesday pictures. Will See you again soon.

  23. I enjoyed all your photos, but particularly that first French children piece. So beautiful! And who knew you could do so much with lightbulbs? LOL Thanks for sharing.

  24. What lovely pictures and the plant in the lightbulb is so clever.

    Roberta Anne, the Raggedy Girl

  25. Debbie, I love your french pictures. I adore that fact that you are so crazy about french stuff. It makes you unique.

    I also love the stuff made out the the light bulbs. Very clever!
    Hugs, Terrie

  26. Deb, I adore the little french children and how interesting about Gaughin, You always educate us and inspire at the same time. Great use of light bulbs, how perfect for being green. kathysue

  27. Those lightbulb pictures --- AWESOME!!! :)

  28. The prints are neat, and I love these lightbulb uses! (especially as oil lamps-lol)

  29. talk about MY pics?????????these are awesome,where in the WORLD did you find these?
    i guess i wasn't paying attention.i thought the world was know,that can be about anything,right?i came over here and saw EARTH DAY.oops~!!!!!!!!!
    so i changed reallllllllllllll quick.but yours is awesome.i think you win invisible throphy is your my dear.congrats...ann

  30. Debbie your pictures are all so gorgeous!

    Have a blessed week my friend.
    ~Melissa :)

  31. Hi Debbie,
    I certainly can understand why you want to be outside, I hope we get pics of your lovely flowers and gardens. It's in the 60's today and sunny but tomorrow and Fri. close to 80! Then, as is typical in Wi. back into the upper 50's and low 60's. Take care, Cindy

  32. Great French prints. I really like how you framed a brochure. And the light bulbs!!! Some people are just too creative. I would have never have thought of any of them.


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