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17 January, 2010

Silver Sunday and Mosaic/Metamorphosis Monday...or...Goodwill Hunting Trophies!

IMG_0288The new Goodwill Store near me had its grand opening Thursday…more about that in a moment…and here are some of my trophies! I scored an assortment of grapey, roostery, frenchy things…all the things I love! And…I am the last person on the planet to finally get one of those plates that you can write on! Bonjour!

IMG_0300 My favorites? These two! The Triple Play Plus! French is a really interesting computer program for teaching French that uses cute drawings and games. It even has a microphone that allows you to practices your pronunciation and tells you if you are correct! I must report that my nine-year-old grandson loves it…yaay! He is working on learning to speak French for a trip that we have planned in a year or so. But best of all, it was only $3.50…brand new, still in the wrapper! Price online? $242…yes, that’s two hundred forty two dollars! Woo hoo! Bargain of the day!

larousse2I also love my Larousse Gastronomique It’s is a first American edition (1961) of a very well-known French food and wine encyclopedia and is without doubt one of the most interesting books I have ever picked up! It not only defines every food and cooking term that you can imagine (plus a multitude that I have never heard of), it also gives the history of many dishes, mini-biographies of famous historical figures associated with food and needless to say, includes recipes for oodles of French dishes. The list of hors d’oeuvres alone take up 40 pages of this 1000 page book. Plus it has wonderful illustrations! If you want to know how to filet a fish or how to tell where a wine comes from just by the shape of the bottle, this book is for you! Oh, I have not even scratched the surface! This will be a fun book! The cost?…$2.50!

IMG_0337 Some silvery finds…a cute baby cup for 99 cents, a deer head candle snuffer and a nice, big sugar shaker. I’ve been wanting one of those for my cinnamon sugar and needed a candle snuffer to keep me from getting wax everywhere! As for the baby cup…well, I’ve got a new little grandson on the way who will make use of it!

IMG_0402 I also found these old volumes of American Educator Encyclopedia from 1956. Aren’t they pretty? They are serving as stands for my new rooster lamp thrifting find. More about lamps in another post!

IMG_0374 And finally, these wonderful little picture frames were also thrifting finds…$1.50 each…with professionally done double mats! I have been keeping my eye out for something like these for a little project I’ve had in mind ever since I saw the framed antique French documents at the Madison, Georgia Christmas Tour of Homes.

key Sooo…I got out my Le London stamp from Hobby Lobby and stamped a sheet of drawing paper…a little thicker than most kinds of paper...using waterproof ink. Next I used my left-over teabag….might as well recycle!…to stain it. I placed the paper under the glass that came with the frame and placed a heavy book on it while it dried. Then, I took a key (also from Hobby Lobby) and marked two little dots on either side where the key would be placed. (I have moved the key to the side so you can see.) I used a large needle and pliers to punch a hole through the paper and the cardboard backing so that I could wire the key in place.

IMG_0395 And…voilà! The key is actually held in place by the two wires. I didn’t reuse the glass, but left the frame open instead. Now all I have to do is finish the other one and decide where to hang them!

IMG_0285 As for the Goodwill Store grand opening…can you say craziness? This is the view of the checkout line…and it got worse…much worse! There were three police cars directing traffic! Hey!…how did all these people find out about my GW? lol I was one of the goofballs waiting out in the freezing temps for the doors to open! And inside, I managed to find my new bloggy friend Babs scoping out the household goods like me! Later, my fellow blogger, CC Catherine from Catherine de Thé Cups, joined me for more Goodwill hunting and lunch! What a fun day!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please head on over to Mary’s at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday to see one of her beautiful mosaics and to find a list of this week’s participants. You will be treated to some wonderful photos from some very talented people!

met mon Next, be sure to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday where you can get a peek at her gorgeous home and see what sorts of changes she is making, as well as find out who else is playing along! I can’t wait to see what everyone has going on!

silversunday2 I’m also joining Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal for Silver Sunday! It’s a new blog party and what a great idea! It will be fun to see the wonderful ideas our fellow bloggers have for using Grandma’s old silver in some new ways!

See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. I amazed at your finds, Debbie! I can't believe such craziness was out for a GW opening...are they all bloggers who know what they can do with a good find? ;)

  2. Debbie wonderful finds. Hope it was worth the craziness! I know, I know, what in the world has happened to our secret place...the thrift store? Glad you found other bloggy friends and that made it even more fun. The French Lesson is wonderful! Oh and I guess now I'm the last one without one of those plates you write on! LOL!!

    Linda @ A La Carte

  3. Debbie you found some of the most wonderful things. I love your books and you make them sound so interesting. So glad your grandson is learning French. What a great find.. I really like the pretty frame with the key that you made. So pretty. You did find some really nice treasures. I need a candle snuffer too. I blow on the candle and then wax goes everywhere. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Hugs, marty

  4. Those frames are awesome and I love what you did with them. They look perfect, now. Those books are also very pretty and a perfect stand for your rooster lamp. Great buys!

  5. Who would have thought that a Goodwill opening would be so crazy!! I tell you my local Goodwill is usually busier than my local Target! I think that says a lot about how people feel about the economy.

    All great finds! I'm so envious of the French program! I've been wanting to learn French for years. Love what you did with the key - so chic!

    We might go to the Goodwill on Roswell Road next week (Piedmont & Roswell). Have you been there?


  6. Wow! I would have loved to join you too. What amazing finds, Debbie. Love the 2 red encyclopedia books...Christine

  7. oooo la la...tres your key.
    thanks for coming!...See you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  8. Oh Debbie, I love your finds! I have been looking for the Larrouse Gastrominque book, it is 47.50 on Amazon. I also have the grape napkin holders and the plate, found at thrift stores. I absolutely love your frame creations also. Way to score some good stuff. Blessings, Marla

  9. The trumpets sound and the race to find the treasure is on...
    And it looks as if you are in the lead...what bounty! lol
    And all of them whisper France!!
    (go figure)

    May today be a blessing for you and your family, on this Glorious day:)
    The Muse

  10. How fun! You made a killing. I can't decide what I like best. The French cooking book has amazing illustrations. What you did with the key is a whole other story. I love the napkin rings shown in your first photo. Just amazing.

    Yesterday I too had an opportunity to go thrifting with a fellow blogger. But our finds in NY are much fewer and MUCH pricier!

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Hi Debbie !! I had to pop over and say hello, especially since we share the French connection. I, too, love anything French !! And, like you, my mother is a retired French professor, and my sister currently teaches AP French. My brother-in-law is from Montpelier, which, as you know, is such a beautiful part of the country. Your home is beautiful ... love the framed keys! I look forward to following your blog. Stop by sometime, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  12. Debbie, You are getting so good at Goodwill hunting you could start a business ,shopping for others homes. I love all the treasures you found. The red books are amazing, I have a weakness for beautifully bound books,those are perfect for your home. The Key looks great, you are one very clever lady. Hugs Kathysue

  13. Amazing finds Debbie, I love the key.. great idea!! Sure wish we had a GW close to us I know that new grandson is going to love the cup.. what a treasure the shaker is!!... hugs ~lynne~

  14. I can't believe all your great finds from GW. I go there and find NOTHING! NO really, nothing. I had those S & P's one time...must have got rid of them...whatever!

  15. What great finds! I have never had such luck at Goodwill. I love the Larousse Gastronomique book!

  16. BIG score Debbie and look what you did with that frame...just too awesome girl..Oh I love that the grandson is learning french...
    Oh girl I would be doing my Happy Dance at that GW store...I think I told you every one I have been in smeels like old dirty clothes to me ha ha!!
    Oh girl I meant to tell you also I loved seeing the pictures of the baby shower how fun that looked and now only what 6 weeks to go?? I have another one due also in June..Hey these kids are coming out of my ears...I make have to go back to work just to keep up at Christmas time ha ha!! Page looks just so happy Debbie and I loved seeing you both together...she's a doll and OMG that home Kate has is beautiful...Hope all is well on your side of the mountain my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  17. Debbie, I want to fly to Georgia and shop the GW there. I do find things on occasion, but nothing like your luck. Isn't it fun? Makes you wonder why some folks part with some of these treasures. The French lesson tape is fabulous. Maybe I could learn French if I used this program. Do you think???
    Thanks for sharing... Sarah

  18. Debbie, What great things you found at GW!! The sugar shaker is gorgeous and what a great piece the rooster pot is... Love,love the red books. You did really well. It was great meeting you and congratulations on that new grandson.

  19. wow...what good finds...can't believe Goodwill with so much Mom has some of the same material you have in the 1st photo...

  20. Wow! Your goodwill is packed! Great silver finds! I like your aged key plaque.

  21. Whoa, girl! I can't believe that haul. I know you told me, but it's even better than I thought! Yep, you're right, your rooster's twin is over at my house!Oh, the picture with the key is fabulous! Woohoo! Linda

  22. Wow!! Another successful day at Goodwill, Debbie!! I love all those goodies! That was one huge deal you got on the computer program, and for a great purpose!

    I love how you assembled the key picture! The set is going to be fabulous when you hang it. You are ingenious!

    I really hate lines but I would have gladly stood in one for a grand opening at the hottest store in town. And lunch with a fellow blogger later! Fun day!! :-)


  23. Debbie wonderful finds and beautiful creation with the key...

    but that last photo made me smile... Goodwill store grand opening... how rich is that!

  24. No, the burlap wreath wasn't mine, but I wish it was. ;)

  25. What a great haul! The photos are great.
    Don't forget to enter into the $50 shopping spree at Starting Over

  26. Bonne chance avec le francais! You've got me thinking if I have my mothers copy of that cook book!
    Probably mines in french! better at english then french.

  27. Oh what wonderful GW treasures -- I visit ours quite frequently and usually come home with a treasure or two -- or 10! I often find children's clothing for my grandgirls -- but the pricing people are really strange at times -- I recently found a cut glass antique goblet for 45 cents and often will see items with dollar tree labels marked $3.50....really? I guess that's all part of the "hunt"!

  28. Where do I begin.
    Glad you met CC. I bet you two had a blast. I can just hear you " LOOK WHAT I FOUND"... and CC.. " BUT LOOK DEB, LOOK WHAT I FOUND"... how I wish I could have been there with both of you. I on the other hand have French stuff all around me at my Good Will stores. It doesn't interest me, but I can see how you and CC would love it all. Lunch, oh my yes that would have been soooooo lovely.
    I should keep my eye out for some of those Triple Play Plus for your grandson. I'm sure I could find some Deb. Just let me know what to look for. I will bring it in March when I get to Savannah & Fla.
    Larousse was the first dictionary we ever used!
    Ok look at the lady to the left with her hand on her face " What the hell did I come here for" " This lineup is just ridiculous. Where am I going to put all this stuff in my cart, my husband will KILL me" lol
    As for another dog, yup a little tension growing between Randy and I. I want him away from my living space, since it's already small enough, and he want's to "BOND" with him. I told him to go bond in his garage lol.
    So nice to hear from you Deb. It seems I've been neglecting my "nice friends" lately. sorry. Blame it on the dog. lol or maybe it's the other 6!!
    Sending warm hugs your way.
    Love Claudie

  29. Hi Debbie! You did good at your new GW store! Wow what a crowd too! Love all your finds and love your super duper craft too. I love that idea. I'm such a dummy. I was thinking, now where did she put the hot glue?...until I read you'd used wire. You're so smart!
    Thanks for popping in to see me. I've sure missed Blogland!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Hey Debbie,
    You've got a GW like Marty's now, just full of fabulous treasures! Oh, am I jealous, our's have mostly junk or so out of style but not cool stuff. I love your creativity with the frame and key and stamp, that is just beautiful and looks so expensive! You are a smarty! Hugs, Cindy

  31. Now my Goodwill is good, I am there twice a week. But I can't imagine Police directing traffic. I want to go there. You had some good finds.

  32. You found some real treasures at your Goodwill. I must either shop at the wrong Goodwill or go at the worst possible times because I rarely find anything at all.

  33. Well that just looks like fun! You found some great treasures. I love what you did with your frame...I would never think of such a thing. It turned out great!


  34. Wow, the GW here probably have empty parking lots. You did find some great treasures.

  35. Wow, what a haul you got!!!!
    I don't have any thrift stores like that around here but I MUST start looking harder for them.
    Hubby went to Salvation Army yesterday and got 2 new tennis rackets for $2.50....

  36. I have said and will continue to say - your junk is better than our junk. LOL Between you and Marty I am so jealous of your GW's. I don;t even bother at ours anymore. sigh! What great finds. And can I tell you how much I heart your craft project? You did know I had a thing for keys didn't you? (is it strange I am in real estate and sell homes?) I can't wait to see where you hang them. Hope you're having a great weekend. Hugs, Barb

  37. Awesome Awesome finds Debbie!!! LOVE the framed key! LOVE that! And the silver? And those books!

    Our GW is NOT of that caliber! Sadly...

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda

  38. I need to get me out to these things. Look at that stash! Love that rooster pot? Whatever it is I want one.

  39. Wow, Debbie you found some amazing things. I love the candlesnuffer. And you know I love that book. Chris & I spent most of Saturday hitting GW and thrift stores, and didn't find a thing! I love what you did with the frames, what a great idea. I'm so happy for you that you got a great GW so close! Hugs, Kat

  40. Wonderful finds, Debbie! I wouldn't find them here in Alabama. Most of the GW offerings here are not nearly so nice. Thanks a bunch for the idea with the key. My husband brought home a whole key ring of huge, old looking keys and I've kept them but didn't have a clue what to do with them. This might be a good way to use some of them. Just curious as to why you didn't just glue the key on the paper. May try it myself. Have a great week and hope you find some more goodies at the GW. The traffic will surely decrease with time.

  41. Debbie, I am soooo jealous of your stores, and I'm afraid this new GW store will turn me completely green. What amazing finds! I cannot believe the brand new French-teaching computer game! And of course, I am in love with that rooster bowl. Your book sounds so interesting, and those under your lamp are so pretty (they make a perfect prop for the lamp). Your framed key is absolutely wonderful. What a fantastic idea, and you put it together beautifully. I'm serious - when it gets warm, I'm heading in your direction to do some junkin' (but you will probably have found all of the good stuff before I get ther)! laurie

  42. You had a great day at Goodwill. Kudos to you that you could see all the wonderful possibilities in other peoples give-aways.
    Your key project is truely beautiful. I can think of so many places I could put this in my house!

  43. You did get some great deals! That must be one great GW.

  44. Wow, Debbie, you did well!
    And what you did with the frame was fabulous!
    I am the mystery blogger The Tablescaper went shopping with! I posted what I found..but NOTHING like yours.
    I am SO impressed!
    Great post!

  45. Wow, you found some great things - even with a crowd ! I love those red books - very cool indeed !

  46. Debbie, I want to come to your find the most interesting treasures! Love all the silver...cute pitcher...but I love the rooster flowerpot and the rooster lamp, that you tried not to show! What are you going to make with the pretty yellow and blue fabric?
    The framed key is really cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  47. I love the reindeer candle snuffer, oh my gosh it is just so cool, I will have to go huntin for somethin like that, wish me luck

  48. I love your framed key idea. I may have to copy it =) if you don't mind. But your frame is just the right size for it.

    I am truly jealous of the computer French program. I need to learn French since my D & SIL are living in a Fr. speaking country, and that is their common language now. So it is my goal!

  49. I absolutely love the repurposed frame with the key!! It is so cute!
    Looks like you were able to find lots of goodies!
    Suzanne :)

  50. You found lots of goodies. Thought I would let you know
    Just thought I would let you know.
    We are having a just because giveaway
    $50 gift certificate.
    No need to folllow or twiiter, or blog, just say what you think you might like and leave a comment.

  51. Hi Debbie, you must have had so much fun with all your finds. And all these people in your goodwill store, ythey must have known that this was a good one.
    Have a great day

  52. Your finds are absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad it finally opened!!!! I LOVE that cooking book and what you did with the frame/your stamp (I have the exact same one!!!) are JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, Lana

  53. Wow, so many finds here! What a great shopping experience..I love the keys...I wonder where they will end up!

  54. Wow, you had some fabulous finds, you came away with great things considering how crowded it was! I love that Sugar shaker! Cool mosaic of the Larousse cookbook!

  55. Those big sugar shakers are so useful - I keep a mixture of cinnamon and sugar in one to have handy for cinnamon toast. They work equally well for parmesan cheese if the holes are big enough.

  56. What wonderful finds! I really love what you did with the script stamp, key, and frame-very creative! I might have to try that myself:).



  57. You did great! That book looks AMAZING!! And I love what you did with the key!

  58. What an amazing day! I think they must have saved the best stuff from the other Goodwill stores and sent it all there! You really got some neat stuff and great deals. Loved your key/frame project!

    Glad you got to see my Pet Follies. The kitten was actutally trying to nurse in that one photo. I was at the computer and heard a wierd sound. I turned around to find it sucking Sunny's "armpit". The funnier thing is that Sunny just layed there and let him do it. Not only was Mickey in the wrong spot, Sunny is a boy so there was no possibility of milk! When people say Labs are good natured they aren't kidding!

    Have a great week,

  59. Wow, that line is crazy. You did find some wonderful things though. I love the key in the frame, you did a beautiful job.
    Thank you for your kind comment on Casey's passing, I really do appreciate it.

  60. You will enjoy the Larousse -- I got one as a young bride, and actually used to try to cook from it! I think it cost about $25.00, an absolute fortune to me at the time for a book! I still use it as a reference all these years later.


  61. What a super day at The Goodwill!!
    The old motherlode! Love what you did with the tea stained and stamped picture! So creative and what a BIG impact!
    You are one talented lady!

  62. Hi Debbie :)

    Our goodwill is awful here, so I'm in shock over the craziness at yours! Jealous too! LOL


  63. Love it when people openly admit to shopping at Goodwill and thrift shops. I've shopped these type of shops for over thirty years and can proudly say that just about every item in my house (with the exception once in a while when you purchase mattresses, etc.) has been used by someone else. I love to recycle and it's the best way to find a good thing. Just keep hunting. We have a good Disabled Veterans shop in my hometown - I always find neat stuff there. When I travel - I seek out the thrift shops prior to checking in at the hotel. How dedicated is that? Happy shopping to all

  64. Debbie, I love your goodies! Those pics with the keys are neat-o. You did a super job!

    Checking in with you. I'm taking a break from the ball and shackle to say, "Hi!"


    Sheila :-)

  65. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly find any more good stuff at the GW they go and open up a brand new one and what do you find....better stuff then at the old GW...You are Amazing...and i love what you did with the little picture frame and keys.....see you soon!

  66. oh Debbie, I want to have a Goodwill here in Chile.... every blog I visit from USa thère`s always something acquired from Goodwill!!!! You have got so many lovely treasures!!!!
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  67. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing at MM. :)

    The thrift store I go to is so tiny, all those people would not fit in it at once! :)

  68. See now, when I go to these type of stores, I don't find anything! Now, I must check out my Goodwill store! Love your loot!


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate my wonderful readers!... Debbie