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31 March, 2009

A Bunny on a Stick Party... and...Wordless Wednesday

Tonight I am doing a twofer...Barb's Bunny on a Stick Show 'n Tell and Dixie's Wordless Wednesday!

First, I am showing you my tricks with the ever popular Pier 1 bunny on a stick. Be sure to swing by Grits and Glamour to see what the bunnies are doing and to take a peek at Barb's wonderful blog! Now, if you follow my blog, you may be wondering what else is left to do because...

I showed you how I made my bunny...

...and I featured it in my Spring tablescape...

....and also on my Spring mantel! So I was thinking...what else can I do with the bunnies...?? Then, it dawned on me...

I can make bunny on a stick cookies!! So, I stopped by Walmart to pick up the ingredients and to hunt a leaping bunny cookie cutter! Success!

Soooo... I let the cookie dough soften a little and then rolled it out. I suppose I could have made homemade cookie dough...but, I like this kind...even better than the Pillsbury brand. Ohh...I see a few little extra edges looking too tiny to bother to roll out again. Better eat those. Mmmm...I love cookie dough!

Next, I sprinkled the cookies with green sugar and followed the directions on the package to bake them. Hey...these are looking pretty cute, huh? So far, so good!

When they were done, I quickly put a pretzel stick in the soft cookies to be the "stick." Wow! I am surprised...this part actually worked, but I had to work fast!

And here they bunny on a stick cookies for our show 'n tell party! Would you like one?

Soooo....what do you think? maybe they do look more like trees! lol Did you have a bite yet? Hey, these aren't bad!...snarf, snarf, snarf!!
Be sure to stop by Barb's to join the party and see what the bunnies are doing!

Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday with our hostess with the mostest, Miss Dixie from way down there in French Lique, Texas! Be sure to visit her wonderful blog to see what she's up to this week and to get a list of who's playing! And while you are at it, find out how to join in the fun!
Today is April first, and in honor of the occasion, a mysterious tall, dark and handsome stranger is taking me out for dinner.....

April Fool!!!
Baby Kitty thought that was a good one!
Be sure to stop by Dixie's to see some more April Fool jokes and enjoy a little laugh!

29 March, 2009

Metamorphisis Monday...or...Tricks with a Bunny on a Stick

Welcome to another Metamorphosis Monday with our hostess with the mostest, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to drop by her beautiful blog to see some amazing before and after projects in her gorgeous home and to find the list of this week's participants!

Today I am showing you a very simple project using those bunnies on a stick that are popping up all over Blogland. For this, you will need a bunny from Pier 1 ($2.00), a pot (I used one I already, free), a floral arranger or oasis from Dollar Tree ($1.00 for a pack of 4) biggest expense, but very important...Super Moss (actually preserved reindeer moss) from Michael's (about $ use your 40% off coupon to make it about $3.60).

I used a steak knife to cut the oasis a little so that it would fit in the pot. Save the leftover bits to be used in a moment.

The bunny was actually a little taller than I wanted it to be, so I pushed the "stick" through the top of the oasis and bent it at the bottom, or small end, of the oasis. The stick is actually a covered wire. You wouldn't have to do this if you are satisfied with it as is.

Next, I put the oasis in the pot and then took the leftover bits and pushed them in around the oasis to help stabilize the bunny.

Finally, I added enough of the moss to hide the oasis. I have worlds of it left over for another project!

And...voilà!!...a bunny on a stick in a pot! lol

I actually made two of them because I had two cute pots that were a gift from a friend. Here they are in my Spring tablescape!

Here's a closer look...I love the way they turned out! However, in my house they can't stay within reach of my staff, since Isabella would steal the moss and drag it around the house. Sooo... they are in their new Spring mantel! I love the fresh look of the green with my blue and white!

In fact, I love my bunnies so much that I am also flaunting them along with half of Blogland at Barb's Bunny on a Stick Show 'n Tell! Go on over to Grits and Glamour to get the details if you want to flaunt your bunnies and to see what tricks the bunnies are doing!
Now...who is going to sponsor a Target Birdies Salt & Pepper Shakers Show 'n Tell??? lol
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to hop on over to Susan's to continue your tour of Blogland's before and after projects!

25 March, 2009

Tablescape Thursday...or...A Sunny Spring Tablescape

 Welcome to Tablescape Thursday with our hostess with the mostest Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to stop by her blog to see one of her beautiful tablescapes and to find a list of this week's participants!

 This week I am trying something a little different...I am mixing some apple green with my usual blue and white plates to add a little feeling of Spring!

I am also showing you my tablescape at a different time of day! My dining room has a huge palladian window that faces west and lets the sun pour in on my table... when the shadows started creeping across the tablescape, I decided to take advantage of it!

Unfortunately, my co-host Baby Kitty was too busy enjoying the beautiful afternoon to come indoors, so I am left to host alone!

First, I am sure you have noticed that some of those Pier 1 bunnies on a stick have jumped onto the table to enjoy the sunshine! They have been very busy hopping from blog to blog and leaving a trail of little bunnies as they go!! It seems that my blog is no exception! They are nesting in some little pots that were a gift from a friend!

I also found these wonderful green bubble glass goblets at Pier 1 in the clearance aisle for only $2.00 each! I love the way the sun shines through them and leaves a sparkly green shadow on the table!

I am using my mom's Silver Flutes flatware from Towle once again. I love its simplicity!

I found the blue and white plates at a little shop in Duluth, Georgia, several years ago. I love the fact that they don't match. There are actually four different patterns, but they all have the same lacy shape.

Here's another one! Each plate has a little white circle in the center that seemed to be begging for a bright green pear!

And still another...this one is my favorite!

And finally the last one. Don't you love the effect of the afternoon sun pouring in across the pear and the plate?

Here's a better look at the bunny and his little pot. Can you see the sweet blue birds in the design? I was never quite sure what to do with the pots, but now I believe they have found their calling!

At the center of the table is this unusual pumpkin-shaped tureen that I found in a little restaurant called Blue Luna Café in Grayton Beach, Florida. I was having breakfast at a table right next to the tureen and it was for sale!! Needless to say, it left the restaurant with me! I am really glad that it did, because, sadly, the restaurant has since closed.

You have probably already noticed that I have two pairs of the famous blogger birdie salt and pepper shakers from Target...only $5.00 a pair! Someone should be getting a commission on the sale of these to bloggers!!! They are perched next to their nest, which is full of malted milk ball eggs. The eggs never made it to the hatching stage...yum! The little plate is a lace doily plate from Pier 1 also!

I carried my blue, white and green color scheme over to the hutch as well by adding fresh Granny Smith apples...a decorator's best friend... and some Lindt Lindor truffles in spring green wrappers! The beautiful basket is another gift from my dear friend Marty at A Stroll through Life who sent me a whole box full of wonderful surprises!

Coffee and dessert will be served from the buffet. There's my coffee butler that I resurrected from the thrift shop and my Wedgwood Queensware china.

This blue and white bunny decided to rest on the cake plate until the cake arrives! The plate was another flea market find.

So there you have sunny Spring tablescape in blue, white and green! I hope you like it! Be sure to visit Susan to continue your tour de tablescapes and to have a look at her beautiful blog! See you next time!

24 March, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...or...Sleepover at Granny's House

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday with our hostess with the mostest Miss Dixie from way down there where the stars at night are big and bright...French Lique, Texas! Please be sure to visit her wonderful blog to see what she's up to and to find the list of this week's participants! This week's word is blogger's choice, so I am choosing....

...sleepover at Granny's house starring my granddog Paco!Be sure to drop by Dixie's so you can see who's playing along this week...and get in on the fun yourself!!

22 March, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday...or...A Triple!!

Welcome to another Metamorphosis Monday with our hostess with the mostest, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to visit her blog to see some wonderful before and after projects from Susan's beautiful home and to check the list of this weeks' participants!

Do you see this ugly duckling? This is a find from a recent trip Goodwill hunting with my friend Linda at Nina's Nest. I love anything with grapes, but that color...!!

However, for $2.92, I'll see what I can do! You can't really see it here, but the pitcher is marked Lelia Ceramics May 1969...almost exactly 40 years old!

So....a few coats of white spray paint (just $1.00 a can at Walmart) and...

...voilà!! Can you even recognize it?? See how nice it looks with my blue and white Spode?

Or even with my Red Cliff ironstone!

And...taaa is the picture that is in the center of my header! It has become a star! lol

You will have to use your imagination for transformation number two! I found this coffee butler at a thrift shop all black and tarnished and immediately remembered a recent post by Savvy City Farmer in which she had rescued one of these lovelies and asked us to help save them from the landfill! How could I refuse? I polished this baby up so fast that I forgot to take any before pictures! Isn't it amazing?

And here is number three! Where? are asking. It's me!...after treating myself to breakfast this morning with my Lunéville china and my new silver coffee butler! I feel like a new woman...pampered and special!! lol I hope you are doing the same for yourself!
Thanks for dropping by! Please be sure to head on over to Susan's to continue your visits and to see some wonderful transformations!!