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09 May, 2009

Wooo hooo....or...I'm a winner!

I came home the other day to a wonderful surprise...a package on my porch! know what that means. Yes, I get to do a package-opening post! My new blogger friend Lisa at Livin' Louisana way down there in Cajun country was having a give-away and I was lucky enough to win, along with my friend Dixie at French Lique, Texas!

Now a package-opening post at my house is a job which requires a great deal of supervision. Today, Miss Isabella decided that she would take on that responsibility. Can you guess what it is?

Hmmm...there's frenchy writing....

...and it's all tied up with a pretty bow!

It's frenchy coasters that Lisa made herself! Aren't they gorgeous? I have been needing coasters and haven't been able to find any that I really like...until now!

I am putting them on my coffee table in a special place...right next to my favorite Charles Faudree book! I am going to really enjoy using them! Thanks, Lisa!

And merci beaucoup from our CEO Ozzie! Oui, elle parle fran├žais! Yes, she speaks French! She is captured here in a rare playful moment, enjoying a ball of packing paper! Be sure to drop by Lisa's blog Livin' Louisana and become a follower because you are in for a treat! She has wonderful photos, fascinating stories, terrific recipes, Cajun music and a generous helping of Cajun life!! And thanks again, Lisa, for the beautiful coasters!


  1. Congratulations on your win. I love your new coasters. Tres chic!

  2. Ooooooo, it is SO much fun to find gifts in the mail. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. You & Dixie were the perfect gals to win them! If anything ever happens to one of them, let me know, & I'll make you another. However, they have survived 2 boys, & one husband here! They look perfect on your table!

  4. I KNEW immediately when I saw Ozzie that she was French..and was probably fluent! :) Look how she is able to look so enticing! Yep..she is French alright!!

    I..wasn't sure about Miss Isabella..if she was wanting to "help" or... :) if she was hoping it was for her!

    What sweet babies they are!
    Your coasters are so nice and perfect on your coffee table.


  5. WoWee! Fine lookin' coasters, they are!!!!!!CHEERS! Michele

  6. Congrats on your new coasters! They look so pretty on the table. Ozzie directed the photo shoot beautifully too! Happy Mother's Day, Debbie! ♥ Diane

  7. Debbie,
    Congrats my friend, those are so perfect for you! They look so pretty on your coffee table. Happy Mothers Day and love the new blog look. Hugs, Cindy

  8. Hi Debbie, love the coasters! Hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day with your loved ones. It was lovely meeting Miss Isabella and Ozzie since it's usually Baby Kitty that's featured in your blogs!

    Have a great day, Bonnie

    PS - there's a surprise on my Krazy Kitty blog - you'll see!

  9. Congratulations Debbie! Those are perfect for you! (Of course, they would have been perfect for me too!) Have Ozzie, Baby Kitty, Isabella, and Kitty all wished you a Happy Mother's Day this morning? In case they are sleeping in, I'll say it for them. Happy Mother's Day. laurie

  10. Are we two lucky old gals or what! I love the coasters... though I must admit I'm using mine as an art object... LOL

    Happy Mom's day... I'm the cute one on the arm of the sofa... I was about 17 months old in the photo... born Dec 1954... my sister was born a year later, Dec 1955...

    have a great week... My youngest is getting married May 30th.. so I'll be semi missing in blogland for the next couple of weeks...

    blessings & Hugs... Dixie

  11. How wonderful!!! You are a kucky girl!!!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  12. Happy Mother's Day. And, an award! I just love that you write all about plates. I too love plates, and where else could I get my fix? So at, if you like, you will find your Queen of ALLLL Things award. Congrats .

  13. Congratulations on the win!! Those coasters are fabulous!!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Nicole

  14. What a generous win! I love Lisa's lavender products. Every summer I pick several bunches of lavender from our yard and create all kinds of fun things to put the lavender in.
    The Feur De Lis coaster are wonderful! I like the french text(stamped) in the background.
    You and Dixie are lucky girls!

    I hope you can come by and see the gift ideas I posted. I'm going to leave it up till Monday.

    Sweet wishes,

  15. Oh Congratulations Debbie, handmade french coasters, how pretty and yes tres chic. The fleur de lis is on Quebec's provincial flag :)

    It's good your kitties are bilingual, you never know when it may come in handy for them. ;) You taught them well Miss Debbie.

  16. She MADE them herself? I'm going to make a b-line right over to her blog and see if she explains how. Congrats on your win.

  17. Those are wonderful coasters, Debbie, and I think they are perfect for you!


    Sheila :-)

  18. Congratulations on your win Debbie! How "Francais et Chic" are they? I love them! ;) ~CC


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