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06 May, 2009

Tablescape Thursday...or...Le Château de ma Mère

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday with our hostess with the mostest, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to drop by her amazing blog to see one of her beautiful tablescapes and to find a list of this week's participants!

I am calling this week's tablescape Le Château de ma Mère, in honor of the French novel by Marcel Pagnol and the film by the same name...My Mother's Castle...because I am using my Old Britain Castles china for Mothers Day! We will be having a special lunch in my sunny dining room.

Our co-host today is Baby Kitty, who is very excited, because, as some of you may know, he considers me his mother, since I bottle fed the little rascal from the day he was born! He is taking particular interest in seeing that the table is set just so!

To add a little interest, I am using the Old Britain Castles in combination with my Spode plates from the Archive Collection of the Georgian Series. I used two different shapes of salad plates as well.

Two of the places are set with the round plates...

...and two of the places are set with the square! I really like these! I think they add a little something unexpected.

I am also using four different Spode plates to add even more interest. This one is called "Girl at Well."

This one is called "Woodman."

This is my favorite. It's called "Rome."

And finally, this one is called "Botanical."

I love the creamer and sugar from the Castles pattern...especially the sugar bowl. It looks like a little tureen!

I found these salt and pepper shakers at a little antique store near me. Aren't they cute? I can't resist anything with grapes on it!

I am also using my mom's Kings Crown goblets. The wine glasses were Goodwill finds.

The center piece is my favorite frenchy pitcher from Marshalls filled with faux hydrangeas. The flatware was my mom's...Towle's Silver Flutes.

And there you have it Mothers Day tablescape...le Château de ma Mère! I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to head on over to Susan's to continue your tour de tablescapes! A la prochaine...see you next time!


  1. Oh this table is just fabulous! I love your dishes the table and the whole room!

  2. Your mother's day table is so pretty in pink and white.

  3. Am I first? YAY

    I love it Debbie. the Woodman plate and the grapes salt and pepper shakers are my favourites...and of course sweet Miss Kitty :0))

    My Sweetie-pie kitty is helping me type ;)

    Hope all is well.


  4. Debbie, I love your dishes. I really love the mix of the different plates, and the serving pieces are just wonderful. I also really like the placemats, they are so pretty. Everything is just wonderful. I hope you have a very special and Happy Mother's Day. Hugs, Marty

  5. oops, my computer hiccupped, and is very slow. I will delete the extra comments.


  6. Hi Debbie, you always have such lovely tablescapes and I am in love with the grape salt and pepper shakers.

    Baby Kitty is a lovely dinner companion. May I sit next to him?


    PS - Love your new look!

  7. Oh my friend - when I saw the grape S&P's I just smiled. I know you could not leave without bringing them home with you. This is so pretty and you know the pink and white pulls at my heartstrings. I have the same little "tureen" and although it is not a vintage piece, I still love it. (I want a set of six to serve soup in at each placesetting. ohhhh!)

    We also hand-fed our two oldest furr babies, so that comment made me tear. :-( Hugs to Baby Lily...and to you, too.

    See you in a FEW DAYS!!!! ~Barb

  8. So pretty, love all the matching combinations ! Lovely lace placemats too.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  9. The botanical plate would be my favorite. The lace placemats are a real bonus. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.


  10. Debbie, this is just so pretty. What a wonderful Mother's Day table. I love the mix of dishes you used, the botanical is my favorite. Love the S & P shakers, what a great find. And those placemates are just perfection. Baby Kitty did a wonderful job supervising! Hugs, Kat

  11. Deb... first... I forgot to tell you I love your new banner... I personally like changing my banner frequently... it's that restlessness in me from being a Naby brat I suppose!

    I love your red transferware... you do the most wonderful tablescapes... you and susan are welcome to come and decorate tables at French Lique any time...

    and I love those battenburg lace placemats... they make any table setting special!

    have a happy mothers day...

    blessings,. Dixie

  12. Oh how I heart that white soup tureen on your hutch. What a beauty!

  13. Oh you do have such pretty treasures! I do love the pink and white. Just perfect!

  14. I have a few pieces of Britain's castles, too, and it's the next best thing to being there! I adore your collection!

  15. This is absolutely beautiful.


  16. Evening, Dear Debbie! You never disappoint! This table is so beautiful and how I love that expression on Baby Kitty's little face! I would be proud to sit at your table!
    bE a sweetie,
    shelia :0

  17. Deb, Pink and White aaaaah! nothing prettier and for Mother's day absolutely lovely.You have a way of making your tables simple and elegant, always perfectly edited.The grape S&P is just so "Debbie". Have a wonderful Mothers day with your family.I will be at the Biltmore and in 1 week, well you know!!! Hugs kathysue

  18. Le Château de ma mère - je l'adore! et le couvert - je'l'adore aussi! Très joli malgrès la lumiè j'espère que le diner avec les amies était délicieux. Linda

  19. Beautiful tablescape, Debbie! The s&p's are adorable, good score.

    Baby Kitty, be sure to give Mom lots of kisses Sunday! ♥ Diane

  20. Debbie, Your table is a depiction of everything I love! The battenburg placemats are lovely beneath the red transferware. I love it all! I also own a pair of s&p shakers just like yours. They are fun, aren't they?

  21. Just beautiful, Debbie. I adore those plates and set on top of the battenburg lace really frames them so pretty. Tres jolie!

  22. Love your dinnerware, Debbie. Everything looks so nice on the table and the salt and pepper shakers are marvelous....Christine

  23. Beautiful Frenchy table as usual...Happy Mother's Day and I'll miss not seeing you next Wednesday.....Sue.

  24. Debbie, that little kitty cat is looking at you with love and trust in his eyes. Your table is lovely as always. I love the mix and those square plates really add to the layering. I hope you enjoy a happy and blessed Mother's Day.
    Happy Twirls

  25. Baby Kitty makes the whole thing perfect...and the salt & pepper too! I always love what you choose. Liz

  26. This is so beautiful! Your plates are just wonderful. The color and design...everything looks perfect. I like your hutch with the white Love it all.

  27. Debbie, those are some gorgeous plates! Wow!!! I want the Spode "Aesop's Fable" in either green or pink. I've seen the Rome one at Tuesday Morning. It is beautiful!

  28. Hi Debbie,
    This is such a pretty table for Mother's Day! I love that pattern, I have for the longest time. I love how you mix it up and the placemats are just divine! Cute Baby Kitty loves his MAMA! Happy Mothers Day to you too, Cindy

  29. Beautiful tablescape, as always! I have some mix and match pink Spode plates as well, and have the same ones you do.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  30. I'm seeing more pink and white transfer which I've always turned my nose up at because my love is blue and white. Perhaps I shouldn't -- it sets a lovely table and I think mixing the patterns make for an interesting table. I have the same Spode as you only in blue and white -- very very lovely.

    A great table -- now to see if I can find that creamer and sugar in blue and white!

  31. What a beautiful tablescape. I love the red and white spode and the way you have paired it with lace placments. Very inviting table! Thanks for sharing, Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  32. First of all I think you have a whole new look on your I right? Very pretty.
    Tell Baby Kitty he did a great job. Every detail is complete.
    My favorite Spode plate is the Botanical. And your mom's Kings Crown goblets look like the same ones in my deck table.

    Happy MOM day to you,

  33. I LOVE your Mother's Day table setting! I am drooling over all of your wonderful red transferware--I LOVE how you mixed the patterns. The grapes S/P is beautiful and so are your mom's goblets! I know B.Kitty appreciated his human mom for being so kind as to bottle feed him! We did that with a little kitten my son found (we named her Hillary Kitten!) several years ago. She never did appreciate my efforts. Some kitties are like humans, I guess, but most aren't. :)
    Happy Thursday! Dana

  34. wonderful table! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  35. Debbie, I wanta be at the table with baby kitten. What a find on the salt and pepper shakers; so cute. And mom's glassware, so beautiful. Thank you for stopping over. I have some dishes from mother and someday I will post them

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I haven't had much time since I started working to read everyones blogs or even write much that's new, and I miss that the most. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  37. Ok. I'm comin' to suppa'! I'll bring the strawberry torte! Yes you can get the coasters wet. I relly love mine, cause they really drink the condensation. I have mine on an antique table, but sample yours first to see how they do. Chocolate milk, soda, has over-lapped onto mine. The spill makes them even look great, before I wipe clean them up! OH Yeah. If you like, "A Good Year", you are gonna love the next post!

  38. Il me conduisit à la porte du château ....
    Nous sommes arrivés juste à temps ...
    Je remercie le ciel ...
    Nous n'avons pas été trop tard!
    Ils ont servi du vin ...
    La viande et le pain ...
    Le raisin est allé vite ...
    Pour ma naïveté tête!
    Nous avons dansé et chanté ...
    Et mordaient cerises ...
    Peu scrupuleux, que chevalier ...
    Il offre me marier!
    Alors là, il m'a embrassée ...
    A cette date le dîner ...
    Dont la table nous avons aimé ...
    Car il n'est jamais trop tard!

    La Muse

  39. Debbie it's all so gorgeous and cheerful! Love the botanical plate and the S/P shackers are precious.

    Baby Kitty just loves you so. You can tell by the look in those pretty green eyes he adores his Mama.

    Thanks for reminding me about the deer repellent. I forgot they sell that at Lowes.

    Have a blessed and beautiful Mother's Day!
    ~Melissa :)

    PS Your blog dress is stunning!

  40. That's a gorgeous tablescape! You know I LOVE it! I only have two Old Britain Castles plates, one in red and one is multicolored, but I do have those Spode dishes. They look great with the plated with the fluted edge! I also love that you used the square plates! The salt and pepper shaker is just too cute!


  41. Beautifully coordinated and well thought out tablescape for Mothers day! I also love that photo in your header! I wanna be there!

    ~Really Rainey~

  42. Your tablescape is fabulous. I have always loved Spode's Castles and those salt and pepper shakers are adorable.

    Happy Mother's Day....

  43. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohhhh Darlin'...your Mother's Day table is so grand!!! Of course, you know that I'm a lover of all pretty red transferware!!! I really enjoyed looking at all of your different plates...I love the one you called "Girl at the Well" pretty!!! Love your pretty white lace placemats too...the placesettings look beautiful on the white!!! And of course, the pretty french pitcher full of hydrangaes is just perfect for this tablescape! It's lovely, my friend!!!

    Sending you my very best wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day!!!
    Love ya,

  44. Oh, I am in instant love with your Spode plates! I must look for some. Especially the botanical one, as I love gardening so. You have set a table worthy of a magazine cover. Really!

  45. Debbie,
    Oh this is sooo beautiful!!! I adore the Spode!!! All of your special touches just make the table. What a wonderful Mother's day table!!!

    The pic of your precious kitty looking on is just adorable!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  46. Beautiful tablescape! Have a blessed Mother's Day! Michele

  47. Magnifique! Is that how you say "mannificent" in French??? It would be "magnifico" in Spanish. No matter the language, I think you get the sentiment. Love it!


    Sheila... who sends her regards to Baby Kitty and his mother! :-)

  48. uh.... "magnicent" I need new glasses! LOL!

  49. Bonjour! Je suis la mere pour mon chat aussie!

    Your table is beautiful, as are all your kitties!

  50. This tablscape is so delightful!, soft and sweet and Oh so frenchy and the same time!!
    Love your dining set and buffet also!!
    This whole setting looks so inviting! I would love to join you and your kitties any time!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  51. Your guests are going to love dining at the beautiful table.

    Happy Mother's Day!


  52. Your tables always look fabulous - I really like the looks of this one with the different chaped dishes! The 'grape' s&p are so whimsical... what a conversation piece!

  53. My favorite thing here is all the different plates, different designs with the same color theme. They all come together so beautifully to make for a wonderful dining experience! The little sugar bowl is adorable! :)

  54. Fabulous table. I only have a few of the Old Britain Castles plates. I would love to have an entire set. Maybe someday. I love your tablescape & how you mixed the Spode plates with the Johnson Brothers. And I love how the rest of the room coordinates with the table.

  55. Your tablesetting is exquisite...i enjoyed seeing how you put all the elements together. I smiled at the Spode Blue Room plates. i have botanical in blue for my blue and white teacup collection, and Rome also in blue for my b&w collection of plates of places I've visited.

  56. Looks like your lil' helper know how to set a grand table. I loved the combination of the red Spode with the white battenburg lace placements. I've got red accents in my kitchen and living room. I was always intimidated by red for decorating. Now that I have it throughout my home I can't imagine it without.

    The little grape S&P shakers were the pièce de résistance.
    Your moms day table was a sweet way to share your mom with us.

    I hope you can come by and see my Mothers Day gift ideas.
    Sweet wishes,

  57. Yes, I enjoyed your Mother's Day tablescape! I love your collection of china!


  58. Perfect Mother's Day tablescape! Those little s/p shakers are the cutest things! Your Battenburg place mats are so feminine and pretty, and of course, the dishes are wonderful. I hope Baby Kitty gets you a great Mother's Day gift, because you deserve it. laurie

  59. What a beautiful tablescape ♥ I really like how you put the square and round plates together. The salt and pepper shakers are so unusual and pretty. You always put together the most lovely tablescapes. I also like your new background. Very pretty....

  60. How very pretty! I call my set like that Irish Castles, as it is an Irish castle on the plate..:)( and I am Irish)
    I like how you mixed the Spode in with it..
    Happy Mother's Day, Debbie!

  61. Hey Miss Debbie! I'm late making the rounds...but I'm here! ;) This is a lovely tablescape. I started buying some of the Castle pieces in this same color combination for my motherinlaw a few years back...she loves it! Very stunning! ;) ~CC Catherine

  62. Just beautiful. Love the salt and pepper shakers - they are so unique. Your little baby is very lucky.

  63. It is
    a lovely tablescape for any ocassion. Especially for mothers. I hope your Mothers Day is one of the best yet.

    I need to let my husband just listen to your gorgeous soft and romantic music... Anything French with him works:)

    Loved all the different pictures and the your Marshall'spicture in the center.

  64. Hi Debbie,

    Here I am, late as usual! I am going blind trying to visit everyone! LOL!!

    I just love this tablescape, so elegant and pulled together. I want the salt & pepper set! I have so much blue & white (I have 4 Spode Botanical plates In blue!!) and I am starting to look for red & white. Believe it or not, I was out & about yesterday and picked up 3 Old Btitain Castle bowls. I wish there was a fourth, but there wasn't. But at least I am off to a start~a small one, but a start!! :-)

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Debbie.


  65. Oh, I LOVE THE COLORS! It's so soft and perfect for Mother's Day! I am in love with the grape s&p holders! Aren't they FANTASTIC!!
    This is the perfect table!

  66. Debbie, I absolutely adore this tablescape! I have a set of Churchill dishes that I have wanted to post, and had it in my mind to do something very similar to this. I love your little sugar bowl, it does look like a little tureen. This is just beautiful!!

    I have a very similar salt & pepper shaker set, except my grapes are purple. My grandmother got it in Germany a very long time ago. She gave it to me since it was just sitting in her cabinet. Where did you get your battenberg placemats? I have two that I purchased about ten years ago, and I need four more.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Nicole

  67. Good thing you had that beautiful supervisor to help you!!! Those plates are just beautiful girl. I am sorry that I have not been around commenting much the last while. Life has a way of making you quiet once and a while...I do plan to get my poop in a group and start moving around blog land a little more
    happy mother's day!

  68. May you have a wonderful Mother's day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  69. This is just so pretty! I love the dishes and colors and how you have everything arranged!

    Your sweet kitty is adorable!



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