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23 December, 2008

A Merry Christmas Tag!

I was tagged by Miss Janice at a Christmas meme. I am to answer the following questions:
1. What is/are your favorite Christmas movie(s)? A Charlie Brown Christmas
2. Favorite Christmas Song? The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) by Nat King Cole
3. Favorite holiday memory? My daughter's 2nd Christmas...paying more attention to wrapping paper and boxes than presents!
4. What is your favorite cookie/treat to make? Christmas sugar cookies with my grandson
5. Have you ever made an igloo? I tried as a child growing up in the success!
6. Do you love Starbucks? Oh, absolutely!
7. What makes the perfect snowman? Packed snow
8. Best gift you ever received? I could not name just one.
9. What is the snowman's name on Rudolph? There's a snowman???
10. Silver or gold? Gold
11. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? A set of nursery rhyme ornaments
12. What's your Christmas decorating style? Traditional
13. Do you hang stockings? Yes. I still have my childhood stocking.
14. How many days do you celebrate Christmas? Two--Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
15. What was your favorite ornament on the tree as a child? Glass birds
16. Where will you be spending this Christmas? At my daughter's new home
17. When do you open presents? Only on Christmas morning
18. Real tree or artificial? Artificial.
19. Is there any chance you will have a White Christmas? No way!
20. Does your Church do a special service on Christmas Eve? No.
21. Do you send thank-you notes for Christmas gifts received? Oops! I only receive gifts from my family, so no.
I am not tagging anyone since it is almost Christmas!!!
Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  2. Fun Tag! Hope you have a blessed and very Merry Christmas :) ♥ Hugs!

  3. This was such a fun tag
    From our home to yours
    Merry Christmas!
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Debbie, thanks for swinging by to see the tree and such..
    Merry Christmas my friend... enjoy your family and take lots of pictures...hugs ~lynne~

  5. Ho...Ho...Ho...& Merry Christmas!!!

    Hi Debbie,

    I'm so glad that you stopped by and took a peek at my "Old World Santas"'s always such a pleasure to have to visit!!!

    I enjoyed reading your answers to the Christmas tag...makes ya think, doesn't it! Ho...Ho!!!

    Well my friend, I'm sending you my very best Christmas wishes...and I pray that the Lord bless you and your family in the coming New Year!!! May it be filled with joy, peace, love, and good health!!! And...I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!!!

    Love ya,

  6. My gift exchanges are face to face, not long distance, so I always thank the giver in person.
    Hope you've had a wonderful day and the year looming ahead brings nothing but joy your way.

  7. Thanks Glenda...I hope your day has been wonderful, too! And Happy New Year! Will you be having collards and black eyed peas? I will!!! ...hugs...Debbie

  8. I cooked the collards about a month ago when I found some fresh, that looked really good. They are in the freezer biding their time. I have a ham bone left from Thanksgiving, also in the freezer, for the new years peas. I think we are all set. I even have the legendary hog jowl, if I decide I'd rather use that instead of the hambone.


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