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16 December, 2008

Holy Cow!...or...Let's Go Antiquing!

My friend Linda, who is also a retired French teacher and avid plate addict, has invited me to go antiquing with her at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Georgia. Would you like to come, too? I just happened to bring my camera. Now there's just one rule...this is a virtual shopping trip, so you have to buy whatever you want! OK? Ohhh...look at all of these cute cow creamers! I like the blue one.

Now, this is what we really came to antique French vaisselier or hutch. Linda is thinking about buying it for her dining room. It's $1100 and I'm saying...are you crazy? That would so be in my trunk! I'm really good at spending other people's money! The fact that it's full of blue and white plates helps, I think!

Ohhhh! Right across from it is this baby...another vaisselier from the 1700's priced at $2850. Now this would look great in my dining room, don't you think? Remember we've got lots of virtual money!

I love English tea kettle from the 1920's for $90 and a botanical print with a burled walnut frame from the 1880's for $249. I bet that kettle made a lot of tea for a little lady named Mrs. Crosspatch who lived in the Cotswolds.

Oh oh!! Stop!!'s not a coat's a goat rack! lol I want know I do! Look at his little face! Hmmm...$145.

And...look! The little hooks for the coats are hooves! Isn't this just the cutest thing? I will come back and visit this later. This one may have to go home in my trunk...and not virtually!

Oh my goodness! This is for all of you shoppers with little daughters or granddaughters. This child's hand painted cupboard is $249. Did I hear someone say sold?

Now just in case you are having a hard time spending your virtual money in this economy, here's a teapot for $24.95. Very pretty, isn't it?

And here's a metal footed tray for $29.99. Not bad, huh?

Ohhh...this thing is gorgeous! It's a French settee from the 1800's for $695. Love the toile!

They must have known I was coming today! Look at this rocking ram! Have you ever seen anything like it? I love it!

Look at his face! I think I have to buy him...virtually, of course! He's $225...not bad.

Here's a wreath for all of you ladies whose hubbies are hunters...or maybe an idea for decorating that annoying deer head that you already have...$80. Hmmmm....

This is for you tablescapers. Can you read the tag?...ten teapot napkin rings...$30. That's $3 each...a pretty good deal, don't you think?

This isn't an antique, but I like it...a French chest for $2800.

This is unusual...a corner drop leaf table for $249.

Do you know what this is? Guess....

It's a pencil holder for your desk...$98. You could put paper clips in the milkmaid's pail.

Here's one for all the cat lovers like me...a bird feeder!

Just look at that hungry little face!

And did you see this sign? Although I don't think it's necessarily true.... I have two who wouldn't be quiet! I was standing next to the owner of the booth and didn't get the price of these for fear that I would buy them...and not virtually!

We have to give equal time to the dog lovers, so here's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pillow for $65. This is my favorite virtual breed because my cats would mutiny if I brought home the real thing!

I have saved the best for last! OK all you fellow dish/china/plate addicts...hold on to your hats because you are about to go for a ride... Ohhhhhhh!!!



Ahhhhhh!!! OK can breathe now! If you need china, this is the place to find it. Remember that you can click on any photo to enlarge it. Have you ever in your life seen so much beautiful china?
Well...that's the end of our shopping spree. How did you do? I hope that you bought everything that you even thought you wanted! The good thing is that you can spend a lot of virtual money on yourself right here at Christmas time and not be naughty! Merry Christmas!


  1. Debbie you crack me up. I love the goat rack! But me thinks its little hoof hooks is kinda creppy. Call me crazy! LOL I just about had a virtual heart attack when I saw those shelves and shelves of plates. So who is the crazy lady who can stand to collect and part/sell all of them? She is offically out of the plate addicts club! Oy! :-)

  2. How can this be???? I didn't think places like this existed except in dreams. What a thrill!

  3. Debbie that was a kick girl!! the one thing I really like was that Mc Coy little red riding hood cookie jar...but girl I am still cleaning the droll off my key boeard over those dishes...WOW OH WOW!! would I have a great time in there..I bring my firend Lynne with me so she can spend her money..this was just great but some of the pieces were pricey on those hutchs but sure just send me the blue and white napkins rings girl..wonderful trip..have a great day Hugs and smiles Gloria

  4. What a fun trip!!! I enjoyed every bit of it. Do you ever check Craigslist for French furniture? Sometimes they have fantastic deals!! I luv antique shopping!!!! CHEERS! Michele

  5. What a fun trip,we got to go on! Did you buy me those napkin ring? Love the sette. Oh my Oh my where is this shop! I have never,never, never, never seen so many wonderful, lovely dishes for sale! Oh my I do want to go! Can you tell? Or is the shop a secret, for you to get all the dishes! lol

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  7. The footed metal tray!!! Love it!
    What a wonderful idea for a post. This was really fun to see. :)

    If Chestnut could talk...he would.
    He is a LOUD meower and frequent.
    I always call him my big talker. LOL! :)

  8. WOW!!! This was so much fun.. I was in dish heaven..Gloria, I'm ready lets go back.. I'd love to have the rocking horse, the beautiful blue platter.. I'll make room for that gorgeous settee...oh gosh. we have to move some things around in the truck. Good thing this was just a virtual shopping hugs ~lynne~

  9. What a great trip! This was so much fun... I had to have the dog pillow, the red teapot & I'm still deciding on how many sets of dishes I can fit in my car! ☺♥☺ diane

  10. Debbie you MUST get the coaty goaty rack!! It's so fabulously quirky!! If I could get my hands on that baby it'd be coming home with me...But I think you're the bigger goat lover so go ahead! Lol!! And I'm buying that second vaisselier!! Ooohhh that's a pretty piece!! And I'll take ALL the transferware!! Sorry to be a hog but I'm starting from behind on the plate collecting thing so you understand....Debbie?....You understand right?....Debbie? *winks* Vanna

  11. Oh Oh loving the tapestry cushion of the Cavi....loving all the plates. When I go to our local market can hardly ever find complete sets...just oddments.....thanks for the virtual tour.

  12. What a great trip! Don't you love virtual money? Must take the footed tray and I have to have the bird feeder, Sax gets the same expression looking out the dining room window lol. And you have to get the "goat rack", it's perfect. Thanks for such a great shopping trip.

  13. Ok, you know I'm just now getting the dish addict thing going and really need all those dishes. Maybe I'll share a few, but most are What a fun shopping trip and the cutest things. I enjoyed the trip. Hugs, Marty

  14. Sorry Debbie and all of your readers...I BOUGHT the entire shop out...remember it was virtual money and I made the owner an offer they couldn't refuse...(in my dreams)...;-) Bo

  15. Goodness Sakes Alive! I don't think I've ever run across a store quite like that! Okay, I chose the red teapot, the cat bird feeder (LOVE THAT), the sweet little drop leaf table, and oh yes one of both of those coat hooks. Fun tour!

  16. Good morning Debbie, back for more virtual shopping. lol.. I forgot to mention I "love" the cocker spaniel pillow.. would work perfectly here.. Miss Scooter would love it. Hope you're having a superb day...hugs ~lynne~

  17. Hi Debbie, Thanks for your nice compliments!! What a great tour! I love antique shopping. You never know what your gonna find! Looks like you had a great time with Susan. How great that you got to meet her. Great picture of you and her cat Max! Kristen

  18. Hello Debbie...

    Girl...thank you so much for taking me shopping with you...hehe! Oooh...I'll take one of each pleaseeee!!! Seriously, I love all of that red very pretty and that red toile's sooooo MINE!!!

    It's still just too cold at my house (it's only getting up to 20 today) so I'm staying in by my warm sure was nice getting out on a "Virtual Shopping Trip" though!!! Hehe!!!

    Warmest wishes...Chari

  19. Thanks for the name of the shop! I heart skipped a beat when I opened up your page, again! I did travel all over Georgia and neighboring states. I going to the map and see if I ever was close to it. Thanks

  20. Loved the tour, Debbie, and LOL about "If cat's could talk, they wouldn't." How true!

    I spied several things I could easily adopt on this shopping trip. You are dangerous! ;-)



  21. Hi Debbie, thank you for another lovely tour,there are so many wonderful pieces on this shopping trip, I loved all the china and the cupboards they were displayed in are so gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  22. dear santa
    this entire post is on my list...

    I FOUND A CROWN!!! come see

  23. Hi Debbie! I'm just picking myself off the floor from passing out by looking at all of those dishes! What a wonderful place. I love those hutches, I know they have fancy names, but they were wonderful too. If only I were the richest one, I could do some damage in that store.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. I spent all my Christmas money, Debbie! That last little bit was almost more than I could bear! Oh is indeed a dish addict''s dream!

  25. OK, I'm definitely coming to GA. You and Susan just find the best places to shop! I'm not taking you shopping with me though! I'd buy WAAAY too much with your encouragement! I loved my virtual shopping trip. Thank you so much. My husband loved it too, because I didn't spend any of that real money! laurie

  26. Hi Debbie,
    I'm very familiar with Queen of Hearts...that's where the knobs for the hutch on my screened in porch came from. It's so far away though...I don't get there often...guess that's a good thing for my bank account, huh? I'll post the Champagne punch in the next week or so. I forgot to take pics and a friend is coming over this Saturday for the day...and we are going to make another batch...this time I'll get pics! :-)

  27. What a beautiful blog you have. I enjoyed my visit. Merry CHRISTmas...m.

  28. Oh, wouldn't I LOVE to go shopping with you!

    Love all those plates, that teapot, that child's cupboard...wonderful! ...Oh! and that cat sign and the bird feeder!!!! Have mercy!



  30. AHHH.... I so NEED to be at that shop with you! I HAVE TO HAVE that settee and some of the red transferware esp. the teapot. I've never seen such a big selection in one place before. Now I know I need to come to Georgia!! Who knew??

  31. I have stayed the night in Madison at least 5 or 6 different times, but never got to go shopping! Wish I would have known, I had a crew of 20 people with me and the President of company. We all ways stayed in Madison, after going through Alanta, when going to east coast.

  32. Wish i could have gone shopping with you for real...and bought some of the items you shared!

    Please click on the link below. You have been tagged…hope you’ll participate.

  33. Oh Debbie, I sure hope you got the goat rack.I think he so special and unique a piece like that will haunt you if you don't buy it because I doubt that you will ever find another.How fun!I ooohed and aaahed at all the transferware, I can always use a few more for my kitchen in black,red,blue OH MY!What a fun post My husband loves when I spend virtual money,go figure. Kathysue

  34. Oh, my!! What a beautiful shop. I couldn't even make up my mind with virtual money. There were so many great choices. I love going shopping with you. Hugs, Terrie

  35. Michele, nobody knew until a couple of "big mouthed" :-) bloggers spilled the beans. However,everyone is welcome in Georgia, there's plenty to go around for everybody.
    Speaking of plenty, Debbie, all the treasures I chose will require that I buy a virtual house to properly display everything that is being delivered. It wouldn't all fit in my car. I had to hire a truck. I had a wonderful time. You and Susan continue to take us on these trips. Blog and I will follow.

  36. Have them load up the French cabinet, the French settee & that sweet little teapot. ;o)

  37. Hi Glenda...Thanks for dropping by! You are too funny! I hope you are having a great weekend. It's too warm here, so you must be 5 or 10 degrees warmer there. I want snow! Where's Christmas? Will you see Susan over the holidays? I am enjoying getting to know you two sweet sisters!...Debbie

  38. Susan hasn't told me yet if or when she might be down. I imagine a lot depends on Chip's plans. Can't fault her for that. Hate that the onus is on her to make the trip, in the first place. When she lived in Macon, it was pretty much quid pro quo.
    The temps are about the same in the Metro and Macon area right now. Don't ever count on snow at any time in Georgia. When we do have it, it's always a fluke. In the early seventies we had a freak snowstorm and had 16 inches of snow in Middle Georgia. Mostly if we get snow it ranges from a dusting to about 1 inch or a little over. Just enough to bring a state of paralysis to the city and a state of stupidity to the drivers.

  39. Debbie, oh Debbie :) LOL....
    Our trunks and back seats are full!
    I am calling the hubby to bring his pick~up! :)

    ***Just love the virtual shopping!


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