06 January, 2024

My Seven Secrets for a Cozy Home

Christmas season is over and it's time to transition to January. I have to admit that I am a big fan of winter (Yes...strange, I know) but that's mostly because I love the feeling of a warm and welcoming home! And now more than ever we need that cozy feeling! Sooo...I am going to share with you my best secrets for creating that cozy feeling...just in time!

1. Start at the door
Nothing says Welcome! like a pretty wreath at the front door! Add a warm feel by wrapping it in a thrift store sweater...instant coziness! And...this sweater wreath is easy to make and requires no sewing!  

2. Add wintery d├ęcor
My house always looks so empty after the Christmas decorations come down, so I love to add some bits of wintery decorations to fill in the gap until spring. Pine cones, sweater snowballs and bits of pine gathered in a bowl are a perfect fit!

3. Perk up the indoors with simmering potpourri
With colder temperatures, it's impossible to open the windows to freshen up the air in your home, so try a pot of spiced apple simmering potpourri on the stove to give it the wonderful scent of an apple pie baking in the oven!

Or if you prefer, lemon and lavender add an instant fresh, clean welcome in a stuffy winter home!

4. Add lots of cozy pillows
Something about throw pillows just warms up a home, adding lots of texture and coziness! And nothing could be much cozier than a sweater pillow! Ready-made sweater pillows can be expensive, but a trip to the thrift store or an old favorite ready for a new life can yield all that you need to make your own!

5. Serve something warm to drink
Hot tea and cocoa are always the perfect winter beverages, complete with all the fixings and little snacks! can even add a personal touch with your own DIY Sharpie mugs!

6. Cook up some comfort food
OK...I'm just going to say it...there is something so cozy about comfort food! However, it doesn't have to mean that it is high in calories! With a few substitutions, you can create lighter versions of your favorite winter recipes. One of mine is Weight Watchers chicken pot  pie...and my family loves it, too!

7. Build a fire 
And finally, and probably the best, is to use the fireplace as much as possible! For me, a fire in the fireplace is the ultimate in coziness! And, as you can see, even the cats agree! And I have to add here that we even used the Yule Log option on our cable channel all through the Christmas season...a crackling fire with beautiful music and no ashes to clean up!

I hope these little tips help you stay warm and cozy this winter! 
Do you have any favorites of your own?

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