22 October, 2022

Easy Magnolia Inspired Charcuterie Serving Board

With the holidays ahead (and perhaps a few small gatherings in my future) I have been eyeing the beautiful charcuterie boards filled with artfully arranged snacks. Sooo...I think it's time to pull out the serving board that I created and used as a centerpiece last year! I had spotted Joanna Gaines' farmhouse version at Magnolia Market and was immediately smitten. My problem...the size that I needed was very expensive at $88. :-( But I knew that even though I have zero woodworking skills, I was going to have to attempt to make it! 

So I did a little googling and, with my very basic wood shop skills, I came up with a plan.

Here is what you will need:
  • 1 in. x 12 in. x 4 foot common pine board (about $8.00) I asked Home Depot to cut it down to 38 inches. I actually used the rest to test the finishes I had on hand.
  • 1 in. x 3 in. x 8 foot common pine board (about $3.50) I asked Home Depot to cut it down to 4 inches and saved the rest for another project.
  • 100 to 150 grit sandpaper (I had that in my stash)
  • Wood glue (about $4.00)
  • Wood filler (about $3.50...not pictured) Be sure to get the kind that can be sanded and stained!
  • Two clamps @ $3.50 each
  • This is important! How you finish it will depend on whether or not you plan to place food directly on the board. You can use stain only if yours will be purely decorative and do NOT plan to place food directly on the board. If you DO plan to place food directly on the board, check out the possible food-safe finishes you can use HERE. (Mine will be purely decorative so I used golden oak stain and already had it in my stash.)
  • Paper towels to apply the finish.
Are you adding that up? I only spent $26 instead of $88...a savings of $62...and I can use the clamps, glue and filler again because I feel another fun woodworking project coming on!

First let me say that you are reading the directions of a woodworking newbie here! lol I just know that it worked and was pretty easy so I am good with it! If you have access to an expert, you might ask them for advice.

Step One
Thoroughly sand the surfaces and the edges of the boards. You will want to do this one outside because it's very messy. Watch out if your board has knots like mine! The rough-hewn parts of the board really soak up the finish so be sure to give them a really good sanding or they will be very dark.  I was surprised at what a difference the sanding made! Honestly, I had been worried because it was looking like I was going to just slap some boards down on my table and expect them to look good. People, let me say that sanding made all the difference! It started looking like the real serving board I was imagining!

Step Two
Measure your board to center the handle and make small marks so you will know where to place it.

Step Three
Apply wood glue to both parts, center the handle between the marks you have made and secure with the clamps. (It took some muscles to get those clamps on there. I'm not going to lie.)  Allow to dry overnight.

Step Four
Once it has dried, use your fingers to add wood filler in the crack between the handle and the board all the way around and then smooth it with a putty knife. I learned a big lesson...I put too much. It's a little hard to sand once it dries so don't put as much as you see in the photo!

Here is how it looks once it is sanded. Once it is stained, the joint will hardly show.

Step Five
Now it's time to finish it! Important...remember to use one of the natural oils or finishes listed HERE if you plan to put food directly on it! Do NOT use a stain unless you plan to use it for decorative purposes only. If I do use it for food service, I will place the food on plates. Next I just dipped the paper towels in the stain and wiped it in small sections. You can add more if you want it darker. Let it dry thoroughly.

And here it is! It's just speaking to me...piled with pumpkins for fall or pine boughs and candles for Christmas! And it was so fun and easy to make that I have a feeling I'll be trying other shapes very soon! And at only $26 it was such a bargain! As soon as I set my table and get my serving board all styled for fall, I will share it with you! I can't wait!

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